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Have To Share This One

There was a mass shooting in Miami over the weekend I mentioned earlier but police in Miami-Dade arrested a trio of teens who were apparently thinking about shooting up the same party where the mass shooting occurred but elected not to, only to end up shooting up a car with people from the party after the shooting occurred. 

Think about that, the party where a mass shooting happened almost had a different group of yoofs shoot it up. That isn’t what prompted me to share it though, this did:
Police detectives have arrested three teens who are believed to be part of the South Miami-Dade gang feud that led to a mass shooting at a graduation party in Kendall.

The three teens, Yahtayvius McCutcheon, 17, Quantayvius McCutcheon, 19, and Keyshad Richardson, 19….
Yahtayvius, Quantayvius and Keyshad.
When your name is Keyshad and you have the least ghetto name out of three people, you might be hanging around the wrong crowd.
I wonder if Yahtayvius and Quantayvius are Irish or Swdish? 


  1. jl

    I did some really dumb and reckless things between the ages of 17-19, but this kind of stuff would have never, ever crossed my mind. So many broken people these days, and most sadly beyond repair. Certainly no shortage of fertilizer walking around in meat sacks. We are seriously overdue for a major clean-up job.

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