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Happy Juneteenth!

Yes indeed we have us a brand spankin’ new national holiday! Juneteenth!

The actual event is a goofy, muddled and irrelevant side-note in American history that was only celebrated or heard of in one region. As recently as a few years ago, the vast majority of American had never heard of it but it gained traction and all of a sudden we find ourselves with a new day for government employees to get a paid day off under the pretense of celebrating the end of slavery.

The end of slavery, whatever day you choose, is laudable enough although the name of the holiday is dumb and sounds like something an illiterate person would say. My issue with this new holiday has to do with the reason for making a national holiday, now in 2021. This holiday isn’t really about celebrating the end of slavery, it is actually just another way to remind Americans for the umpteenth time that Africans used to be slaves, America’s “original sin”, as if America was unique in having slaves. Mention Arab slavery or slavery in South America or even the simple fact that Africans enslaved other Africans, and you get a blank stare. Nope, there was slavery in America and that is all that matters. In fact, all of Western history boils down to two things:

That is it, nothing else has happened for the last 500 years.
Makes you wonder what new holiday will be mandated next. George Floyd’s birthday? The day Michael “Gentle Giant” Brown died after robbing a store owner and then attacking a cop? Who knows, the possibilities are endless!
What is really ironic is that Juneteenth is supposed to be a day for blacks to celebrate but while humanity has always had (and still does in many places) slavery, only White Americans fought a bloody civil war to (in part) end the practice.
Yes, I know there is a lot more to the Civil War, no need for “well ackshuly” in the comments.
Really “Juneteenth” is a day that we should recognize the sacrifice of White Americans to free the African slaves in the United States. I think that a hearty “thank you!” and perhaps some act of service in gratitude would be appropriate for all Africans living in America on this day. Not only did Whites free you, we have been subsidizing you for the last 150 years and providing a far better life for you than you would have had if your ancestors had not been enslaved by your fellow Africans and sold to slave traders.
So to all my many, many African readers: go thank a White person today!


  1. Anonymous

    Gratitude from blacks. You are quite the joker there, Arthur. I'd sooner expect spontaneous generosity from a joo.

    I am curious as to whether or not my employer, one of the Big Three in defense, will include this new kwanzaa-inspired 'holiday' among our paid days off going forward. The lone black employee at the facility where I work will certainly appreciate putting down his broom for the day and taking a respite from wiping down the urinals that we Badwhites piss in.

    My beloved benefactor pulled Good Friday from us ages ago for mlk's birthday. As they are not in the business of losing money, I am sure we will have to sacrifice something else to accommodate juneteenth. July 4th, perhaps? How about Christmas?

  2. Arthur Sido

    That is exactly what is coming, holidays important to White people, iow to Americans, will be slowly eliminated and replaced with woke holidays aimed at placating the least useful among us.

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