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Domesticated To Dangerous Is A Short Walk

Big Country Expat did another taste test of MREs, this time from Putin’s people: More Russian with a Stove Test and Steaks
Interesting and all but he said something at the end that I think bears repeating again and again. 
OPSEC: Smell.  That’s a issue.  Keep it in mind Aye?
Starvation makes people into dangerous people.
THIS more than anything is why worry.
We live in a very tame world. As long as you stay clear of blacks and mestizos, you are living in as safe of conditions as any humans have lived in for all of our existence. Everything is designed to keep you “safe”. You don’t have to worry about water. You don’t have to worry about food. You don’t have to worry about dangerous animals (unless you live in the swamp we call the American south). There are no pirates attacking our local shipping, no bandits attacking caravans, no desperados robbing stagecoaches or trains. Life is overly easy and absent any challenge, people have become soft. Look around in public, especially in suburban areas, and see how many men in their 30s and 40s are fat and meek. They wear superhero or Star Wars t-shirts and seem terrified of their women, if they have one around. They are disgusting.
They are also very dangerous. 
In an extended SHTF scenario, once it is apparent that the authority structures have collapsed, people are going to very quickly revert to their baser nature. I am a law abiding guy, never been in trouble with the police other than a few traffic citations. I haven’t hit anyone in anger since high school. However, if the choice was between someone hurting or stealing food from my family and me shooting them dead? I shoot them dead. For that matter, if I had to feed my kids and wife because they were starving, there isn’t anything off the table. Nothing
That overweight, pasty 36 year old White guy wearing the Captain America t-shirt over his fat gut? If things got desperate you will be shocked to see how quickly he turns feral. Most of them won’t live long but a lot of them will and the thin veneer of civilization that keeps us in check will wear off pretty quickly. For men right now, when they have a wife and then a kid, their focus is on good schools and saving for college and a trip to Disney. Change that focus to feeding their child and protecting their wife and the old man will start to emerge for many of them. Again, not all or even most, but a lot. A few generations ago men like these were still building America, and a few generations before that they were winning the Wild West and conquering the globe. Those genes are still inside them, trapped under layers of soy and carb based fat, but there nonetheless. 
It will be a fatal mistake to assume that the way people act now is how they will act if things go sideways. How well do you really know the people around you? Bob the guy down the road who you wave to casually if you see him mowing the lawn might be fine as long as the lights are on, but if they go off and stay off are you confident Bob won’t be thinking about the canned food he suspects you have squirreled away?
In a lot of ways, the urban areas are less dangerous because we know damn well that the diverse populations will chimp out at any provocation so we stay clear of them. The dumb White people who stubbornly keep living in the cities will be raped, dead and probably eaten very quickly and then Daquandro and Jose will devour each other. Your neighbor, the nice White guy who votes Republican and attends a generic evangelical church? You might not realize who he really is until he is coming through your door. As is usually the case, the obvious danger is less dangerous than the threat you don’t see until it is too late.
This is why it is important to build relationships now. Figure out who you can rely on and who is prepared for something bad. We have a neighbor that is better prepped than we are, he isn’t going to run out of food in 72 hours and come looking for ours. Some others in the area, I am not as sure about. 
Don’t make the mistake of assuming that a lifetime of conditioning will mean much if things really get crazy. A suburban guy wearing cargo shorts and a polo shirt with starving kids is every bit as dangerous as some thug with his pants falling down.


  1. Anonymous

    Just one small quibble with your analysis, Arthur…

    As you allude to in your post, a preponderance of today's nu males are fat, soy-filled nancyboys. Yeah, they may go feral when the SHTF, but they are still fat, squishy-soft pushovers, many of whom never even learned how to ride a bike. I don't fear them at all.

    Why? Because I've been 'prepping', physically, my whole damned life, without even knowing it. I took up weightlifting as a kid and I've been at it for over 40 years now without a break. Back at the start there was never even a mild concern about any sort of Mad Max scenario. I just liked being big, burly, muscular. It's come in handy more times than I can count.

    Being able to fall, hard, and get back up unbroken. Being capable of throwing an improvised weapon with accuracy and deadly force. Being able to sprint, fast enough to save myself or come to the aid of another. These are invaluable gifts that one can give himself with a little dedicated effort, at any age.

    A fully-stocked larder is a great thing. So is a loaded rifle. But never, ever skimp on General Physical Preparedness (GPP) for your very life DOES depend on it. Fight or flight, either way, you must be prepared.

  2. Arthur Sido

    I don't disagree with any of that but no matter how buff and fit you might be, a fat soyboy shooting you in the back will still kill you. I am not saying these guys are going to turn into the mohawk guy from The Road Warrior, but they can be dangerous just the same. Like the antifa noodle wristed fags, they aren't a threat face to face but they can still set your house on fire while you sleep.

  3. jl

    This is important work here Arthur. I think a lot of people are in for the shock of their lives, and sooner rather than later. General civility is already at the lowest ebb Ive seen in my lifetime after the year of lockdowns and uncertainty, and there is still more than plenty on the shelves. As the cracks in the JIT inventory systems get worse – and they will – things could turn ugly real fast.
    I also agree with Anon above -PT is more important than ever. I'm no spring chicken at 53, but the gym is an important part of my preps too. I didnt realize how out of shape i really was until I started taking excersize (esp weight lifting) seriously. I'm far from burly, but a damn lot stronger than I was 8 months ago!

  4. Anonymous

    Agreed. I wouldn't turn my back on anyone in an all-out war situation. But these Antifa types scatter like cockroaches when the kitchen light is turned on, unless the po-leeze are right there under orders to protect their thin skins. Individually, it's difficult to take them seriously as a real threat.

    So yes, indeed. Community. Family. Vigilance. But don't skip leg day, either.

  5. Arthur Sido

    I really need to get in better shape, not that I plan on wrestling anyone to death but just because I think times are going to get lean and I better be that way before it is forced on me.

  6. Mike_C

    It's not just that these idiots might personally turn on you in late stages post-SHTF. In the earlier stages (when S has not yet visibly HTF in smaller towns and wealthy suburbs) I could easily see groups of these fools doing things such as, oh, inviting "poor displaced urban refugees" to shelter in the local church, the school gymnasium, or the condo association clubhouse, etc. Bringing in exactly the people who need to be kept OUT, and then complaining to them about the deplorable "bad people" in the neighborhood, who have guns, and preps, and opposed bringing in the poor urban refugees. Basically it'd be oral transmission of a target list.

  7. Anonymous

    Wow Mike, how to make things even less happy, not that your wrong. In our community we have two do-gooders who are constantly giving food to the drunks that walk to our town from the local rez. It's bad enough they lay on the sidewalk passed out looking for handouts.
    A few years back most of them had stopped coming as no one fed them or gave them hand outs, now there is a group of nearly 30 of them making visits to town problematic.

    The other weekend at church one of the do-gooders (59 years old, has gout, bad back and prays at church for a communist revolution) came up to me and was complaining about the increase in grocery prices, he then said he had driven past my place a couple times and noticed the size of my garden. He said if the prices at the store got any worse he'd be coming over to share in my bounty.
    I didn't say anything, but it really drove it home that I am right about this idiot being one of the first to turn to looting and it made me aware that he really thinks that what he said is ok.


  8. Anonymous

    My quibble is that while individually one on one they are not a threat, they will just as likely send the cops after you if you chase them off. In the initial stages they will use police and every other thing at their disposal to separate you from your supplies. They will likely even justify it on the basis of racism or some garbage. Once things go hot you may need to be aware that they will be feral and in numbers.


  9. Anonymous

    three says without food and people will start to die. i have seen a group of males beat a kid half to death for some c rats we gave him, and we where told to stand down and do nothing. people are really big on the idea of "I coming over to your place" shit. there no law that says we have to share.
    spend your money on having preps instead of gong to some damn theme park. and smell travels far.
    cooking food when others are starving will bring unwanted "guests" think about the noise gunfire makes as well- unwanted guests might be time to look into crossbows and other things that work quietly as well. things are no looking good for us here. there the always stay away from crowds
    or e well away from the have nots.

  10. Anonymous

    I had times of money and no food and others where i had food but no money. the later is better one.
    and for years i told people that stuff was better than money. you can't eat a ben franklin and feel
    full. don't have much in the bank, but i have a lot of stuff to live on. people need to read
    history and LEARN from it. there is a reason why our grandparents kept root cellars and tools.
    we as a country would be better if we had learned those painful lessons they taught in the 1930's
    but, we don't teach history anymore in this country, just bullshit, feel good nonsense that defeats the purpose of history in the first place. get out of the bigger towns and cities, and uphill if you can. people by and large, are lazy likewise stay away from big roads and rail tracks as well.
    i do believe in kindness, but take care of your own as no one else will.

  11. Mike_C

    Entitlement and resentment are a bad combination. I'm guessing that Gouty Two-Shoes is full of both. Of course that doesn't hold a candle to our Crypto-Reptiloid owners, who are largely driven by paranoid psychopathy.

    Some days (not so much around here, but IRL) I feel that the "C" in my handle stands for "Cassandra".

  12. Anonymous

    thank you, not many people realize just how stupid today is. the stories our grandparents told where
    done for a reason. so we would not repeat the mistakes of the past.

  13. Sean

    What the man said about PT, ditto and keep at it. PT and other training will be an ongoing thing and important AFTER "it" happens or goes sideways as the man says. It will always be better to be strong than weak, and it will always be better to be always thinking and planning than to not. As far as trusting anyone, no. If I don't know you now, I won't know you later. Trust will be something very precious, and expensive. And anyone can kill you. Anyone.

  14. Anonymous

    trust is a lot like toilet paper works very well for what it is intended, but if you ripped it to shreds it not good for shit. I figured that out after the divorce. a hard lesson learned.

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