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Be Sure To Keep Voting G.O.P.

WATCH: The Senate unanimously passes a bill establishing Juneteenth as a national holiday. The bill now heads to the House.

— ABC News (@ABC) June 15, 2021

Unanimous in a Senate split 50-50 means that every Republican who was present voted in favor of making a bullshit “holiday” where blacks celebrate the “achievement” won by Whites into another national holiday. I am sure that now no one will call Republican racist ever again. The comments on that tweet are completely predictable, they aren’t happy with this, it is simply an incentive to demand more and more and more. 

What a worthless pack of assholes the Republican party is revealing itself to be. No more support of a party that is this stupid/evil.


  1. One Coin, Two Sides

    Since we had Shrub as president, I just call it the Uni-party.
    In a very red area, and the sheeple just bleet that the republicans will make things better.

    Ya can't fix stupid.

  2. Anonymous

    Our local conservative MP (I'm in Canada) recently voted to suspend all federal elections until the "pandemic" is over. That helps the ruling shit head liberals and effectively makes us a dictatorship.


  3. jl

    I first heard of "Juneteenth" in 1992 – about a month after the Rodney King riots in LA. I was playing with a production company, backing up 3 different musical acts that were hired to play the event in the Bay Area. Being curious I took a walk around the event to check things out – it was a typical "Fair" type event – and the seething hatred that radiated from the crowd toward me was palpable. There were about 5,000 people there and maybe half a dozen whites, two of which were musicians and one was running the sound system. My tour of the event lasted less than 10 minutes and I high tailed to backstage, lest I get my head bashed in for simply existing. I played my 3 sets, packed my gear and gtfo'd. Since that day you couldn't pay me to get within a mile of Juneteenth celebration.
    I wondered if that was what it was like for a black to be in a predominantly white crowd, but I doubt it. Big groups of whites don't seem so angry and menacing, especially at a supposed celebration.

  4. Arthur Sido

    blacks around here are mostly looked at with curiosity as they are so rare and a little caution. Have you ever seen blacks walk to the other side of the street or lock their car doors when they see Whites? I still don't really get why contemporary blacks would celebrate that event, I might just have a post on the day itself for my own commemoration.

  5. Anonymous

    Let's see June is Pride month, Black Music month (at least according to a Walmart ad I heard on Spotify) and now has the Juneteenth holiday. I think it is time for Normie to get in on the fun and take the whole month off to celebrate. Imagine a month without YT. Who would object to the observance of such sacred holidays?

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