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In a completely shocking twist, the 17 year old arrested for the mass shooting in Austin, Texas turns out to look nothing like the description of a skinny black male with “locs”….


His name is Jeremiah Roshaun Leland James Tabb and he looks like he had a bright future as a physicist or perhaps brain surgery. In fact he is such a scholar that he was taking extra classes to get ahead in school….

Teen Jeremiah Tabb Arrested While In Summer School In Connection To Downtown Austin Shooting

BCE, we know about Three Name Guy but what about Five Name Guy?
One person died as a result of the mass shooting, so far, a 25 year old White man named Douglas John Kantor. Kantor was apparently a graduate of the University of Michigan-Dearborn, worked in IT and was engaged to marry his high school sweetheart. 

One dimwitted African who at 17 is now likely to go to jail forever.
One apparently decent White man who had a bright future is now dead.
Still very few are willing to name the real violent crime issue in America. 
How many more of us must die to appease the woke racialist Left?


  1. Anonymous

    Dead eyes, appearing to be 30 degrees out of parallel. Thoroughly empty skull (aside from a few rocks rattling around, mebbe). This "child" was undoubtedly weaned on Hate-YT by his single mama and can now look forward to being a guest of the state for a substantial portion of his worthless life to come. Three hots and a cot, Internet, TV, gym, better medical and dental care and counseling than his homies get on the outside. In a sense, this brown clown won the lottery.

  2. jl

    What is it lately with these animals? They all seem cross eyed and/or slack jawed and completely devoid of cognition. Who would have thought the collective DNA was so degraded? The ONLY thing these oxygen wasters have accomplished is to help turn a metric shit-ton of citizens that didnt give a shit about them one way or another, into citizens actively rooting for their complete and utter demise from the face of the earth. At this rate I dont see us (US) making it through August without a MAJOR dust up. YT is fed up and the patience tank is on "E"… Some moronic meat sack is gonna push it with the wrong guy and the game is gonna change, as in the rule book tossed out the window at 100 mph. It only takes one domino falling to start an unstoppable cascade.

  3. Arthur Sido

    We are seeing the generation resulting from black women knocked up by even dumber black guys 15-20 years ago starting to get old enough to shoot each other. We are going to get a steady stream of these imbeciles.

  4. Anonymous

    I agree that many formerly race-indifferent people are becoming aware. And very very angry.
    But I blame the criminal negro less than the people who have enabled him on multiple fronts, legal, cultural, financially, etc. Even the relatively innocuous-sounding NAACP turns out not to have been a purely negro/Yankee creation as I had naively thought. Nope, of course not. Guess who? (Zero points for getting it right, it's the same as every other damn thing.)

    So far as genetics (or dysgenics) goes, I have seriously wondered about cosanguinity (inbreeding) in the inner city ghetto, though I have no idea how it works. Is it a Pareto distribution sort of thing where 10% of the males are fathering (sperm donoring) 50% of the offspring? The guys with the money/dope/violent "cred" do the bulk of the procreation? Or is it essentially random mating? If it's a Pareto-type distribution, then you have the opportunity for real inbreeding in only a few generations. And bear in mind we're looking at 15-year generational cycles.


  5. Arthur Sido

    There likely is some of that, when you start seeing women with 6-8 kids all with different names, I assume the same "playas" are getting all of the action. On the other hand I think we see the same thing a generation or two behind with Whites where guys who are losers are now knocking chicks up because the chicks now they have a safety net.

    Oh and absolutely, there is plenty of blame to go around but the white hot rage should be reserved for those pulling the levers behind the curtain. They know what they are doing.

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