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Another Solid Podcast

Back up to the U.S./Canada border yesterday for the return trip, and a post about that is upcoming, meant another long drive alone through the Mad Max-esque wasteland of Detroit where some of the very worst drivers in America call home. I listened to another Zman podcast I wanted to recommend to you: Dissident Economics.

Listen to “EP 191 Dissident Economics” on Spreaker.

A couple of quick notes. He did a good job in showing that a lot of what Marx wanted is already reality in America, but the best part was Zman saying something that reflects where I have landed, namely that for political dissidents the economy should serve the general good of the people, not that the people should serve the economy. For the many faults of National Socialism, at least it aimed to have the economic system work to the advantage of the German people, rather than for globalist oligarchs. Whether it accomplished those goals isn’t a topic for today but that was the plan. The system we have now is mostly just a fight to see whether government oligarchs or corporate oligarchs have the upper hand in looting the productivity of the American people. A real America First, nationalist populist political movement would look very different and that is why they will never allow it to happen.
Anyway, good podcast and well worth your hour of time. It certainly has me thinking and that is the most important thing a podcast should accomplish.


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