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Another Gotta Share

A shooting on Memorial Day left three people dead, including 18 month old Ja’tyri “JT” Brown. Five people have been arrested for these murders, stemming from the old “fight turned into shooting” scenario. That is just a shitty situation all around but I did want to share a picture of those arrested.

The lady on the left is Latoya Coleman, and she is the mama of two of the alleged killers, David Williams, the guy in the middle picture above and LeDarrius Coleman who is 15 and not pictured. But check out mom’s pic a little closer….


She is accused of driving her sons to Texas to escape the police and frankly I am concerned about her ability to drive given her obvious blind spot. 
You can’t really blame her sons for their legal trouble, they clear were spawned in the very shallowest end of the gene pool.


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