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A Wild Bison Appears!

A new missive from Bison Prepper is up today!


  1. Anonymous


    I enjoy the missives from Bison. He can be a prophetic writer, and find the inexpensive path to prepping. I don't think he is right on every detail, but I would enjoy being his neighbor. (yours, also.) It's funny that he talks about the ammo situation. In the early part of February 2020, PSA was having a sale on Federal green tip. I got 3 cases then, for $930.87 out the door. (with tax and free shipping)

    Ahh! the good ol' days.
    Like he say's, "they ain't coming back."
    So… if ya see something that ya can use and put back, DO IT NOW!

    You won't find it now.

    Enjoy the weekend, and thanks for what you do, to keep us thinking.

  2. Arthur Sido

    Always a good read, I don't really agree with him on the specifics this time but still thought provoking. In the heat of the moment I can see myself fumbling to work the bolt on a bolt action rifle and in a SHTF situation there is going to be lots of ammo to scavenge in .223/5.56. In .303? Not so much. But it is a good reminder to practice trigger discipline even when target shooting because when the next shortage comes, it won't have an end.

  3. Anonymous

    Up here north of the border 303 is fairly common. Most people who have a bolt action have and old lee enfield kicking around.

    Still not common but its easier to find than your side of the border.


  4. Arthur Sido

    I have some not so nice things to say about your countrymen in an upcoming post, just got back a few minutes ago from picking some Amish up at the border in Sarnia/Port Huron and their experience was atrocious.

  5. Anonymous

    Not that I would likely disagree with you but thats Ontario and it and Quebec went full on Stasi during the last year. The rest of our provinces went 3/4 stasi.

    Either way we are hooped and about to get it in the shorts. Plus our federal government voted back on May 25th 2021 to suspend federal elections until the emergency is over.


  6. Anonymous

    I signed the petition last year to put it to a vote in Alberta. Sadly too many other Albertains think we can still hold the nation together and pull away from the iceberg.

    Personally we are screwed, no chance of getting out of this without a lot of blood shed.


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