Friday, May 21, 2021

Staying Ahead Of The Stasi

I sense a wave of massive censorship is on the horizons. The sudden red box warnings many of our blogs recently had was a harbinger of things to come. Most blogs, mine included, are on the Google Blogger platform or the Wordpress platform. Google is infamous as being unfriendly to /ourside/ and Wordpress isn't much better, having nuked Western Rifle Shooters back in June of last year (see: Free Speech Is Cancelled) Even though I have my own domain, it is owned through Google and that makes it vulnerable. I would love to move to a different host that I could just transfer the whole site to with the same format, if anyone has any expertise let me know!

Seeing that Facebook has not only suspended me for a month but long ago blocked sharing any links from my domain, and the blog itself might not be long for this world, I have started to mirror most of my posts on Substack, a kind of stripped down blog platform. You can make people pay to see your stuff but I just have mine for free. You can check out my posts on my Substack site here

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