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This upcoming weekend is the long Memorial Day holiday weekend that traditionally kicks off Murder Season in our cities, so I am going to see who among my handful of readers can come the closest to the actual number for Chicago in the categories of:

1. Total Shootings
2. Murders
I am going to say 87 total shootings and 17 murders. That is a pretty lofty goal. 
In the spirit of full information, here is the current weekend forecast for the Windy City for Memorial Day weekend…

Not great weather for large gatherings on Friday and Saturday but better on Sunday and Monday. 
Sure this seems macabre but what else are we going to do? Thoughts and prayers that they won’t shoot each other? 
What are your guesses, the winner gets….well nothing other than being right.


  1. LGC

    101 shootings
    21 deaths (lucky 21)

    do we have to guess the race too or is that pretty much a given? also is it price is right rules (closest without going over) or just closest?

  2. Anonymous

    Positing 70 as my estimate for total shot, seeing as how it's predicted to be 70 degrees Sunday and Monday, and 70 is about the average IQ of the contestants in this game. And only 14 dead, unless the EMTs pull up a little on the response efficiency.

    Yeah, on the low side, but I'd rather not get my hopes up too high.

    The Barbarian Contrarian

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