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Oops I Did It Again

With apologies to Ms. Spears.

I ran afoul of the blue haired gender non-binary freaks at Facebook High Command and got suspended again. 

As you can see, I seem to upset them on a regular basis. This time I seem to have forgotten that you can’t say anything naughty about the Holocaust, even in jest.
Seriously though, it seems that every Jewish person in America is a direct descendent of Holocaust survivors so I kinda wonder if someone isn’t being totally truthful about something somewhere regarding that whole thing. 
The only reason I have a Facebook account under a fake name is to run a business page and to troll and trigger leftists but that doesn’t appear to have much of a future.
I am starting to think they have it out for me…..


  1. Anonymous

    And apparently, the children of all those 'survivors' made it to Woodstock in '69, where 6 million claim to have attended. Hell, what's a few added zeroes when the need to feel a part of something is at stake? If AOC "almost died" in the January 6th capitol panty raid, I can claim to have escaped Auschwitz and hitchhiked to Yasgur's Farm. Fact-checking is raycissss.

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