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Mass Shooting Alert: Miami Vice Edition

A big one went down in Miami….

While most reports describe it as a shooting at a banquet hall or “a “scheduled event” at an establishment”, the Miami Herald said what we all assumed….
A rap concert you say? This is the photo gracing the front page of the Herald website as of now:

The family and friends all seem to have something in common, can’t quite put my finger on it….
The rap concert took place at the El Mula Banquet Hall and this ain’t your grandpa’s VFW hall….

Hookah, billiards and fat assed black chicks wearing skimpy outfits. That sounds like my kinda place! It also sounds safe as they brag ’bout they “armed security”

I guess the guys who shot into the crowd indiscriminately weren’t deterred by the armed security.
That wasn’t the only mass shooting so far this weekend in Miami. On Friday….
I should have done a pool for number of shootings in Miami instead of Chicago. One shooting in Miami has them ahead of Chitown with a measly 15 wounded and 2 dead this weekend….


  1. Great Scott

    The first shooting took place in one of the highest crime areas in Florida.
    Guess the clientele. I would venture a guess that the Winwood shooting also was the same.

  2. Arthur Sido

    Based on the pictures from their facebook page, I didn't see a single White person. It is a dead giveaway when they are cagey about the lack of suspects. Has there been a single mass shooting in the last decade with a White suspect who wasn't caught?

  3. Anonymous

    Another genteel recital of negro spirituals rudely interrupted by marauding White supremacists in blackface, undoubtedly. Why they put up with us ruffians in the country they built, I just don't know. Sooner or later, their patience is going to wear thin, and won't WE be in trouble then, by golly!

    Okay, before my tongue bores a hole through my cheek, so firmly have I wedged it there, riddle me this: With so many phat black asses in the kill zone, how on earth do they ever MISS when gunmen spray the place like feral tomcats? Seems to me one would be hard-pressed to NOT pierce hog-flesh even with the pistol held sideways and eyes closed. Credit modern [White] medicine for the high survival rate, but it seems impossible that there are so many more casings than entry wounds totted up at such events.

    And could it be that Miami is challenging Chicago for the shoot-'em-up crown this Memorial Day weekend? The competition is so exciting, its like watching Biden/Harris pulling out a come-from-way-behind-victory after hours on election night!

  4. Arthur Sido

    Three shooters. THREE. And only two dead? I am admittedly not the greatest pistol shooter in the world but if I opened up with 15 rounds on a crowd, you are planting at least half of them even if I was 50 yards away. One shooter supposedly had an "assault rifle" and you give me a halfway decent AR and the ratio goes up to 75% dead.

  5. Jim Wetzel

    Re: Chicongo vs. Miami, let's not be unfair. Miami has a big temperature advantage. Give our neighbors in northeast Illinois a few more weeks of warming, and they'll close that gap wit' a quickness. The homies won't let Mayor Beetlejuice down.

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