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Life Under The Occupation

As an engaged observer and participant in American elections for the better part of four decades, it is not an exaggeration to say that the last five years have been unique and bizarre. Of all the weird stuff, one seems particularly noteworthy today. Perhaps it is just because of where we live but there are an awful lot of people still flying Trump 2020 flags and with Trump signs in their yard. In May 2021, six months after the 2020 election, people still have Trump paraphernalia flying. Winter took it’s toll but until recently there were a lot of Trump signs, flags and banners around.
Some of this might be just defiance. I understand that show of defiance as someone who rejects the election results of 2020 and the subsequent Georgia Senate runoffs as fraudulent and therefore illegitimate. The implications of that stance are that I consider dictates from The Usurper Joe to be unlawful and the same is true for all of his lackeys and the actions of Congress. How that looks from a practical standpoint is still forming but commands from former Vice President Biden are about as meaningful to me as executive orders from Daniel Risch, the Prime Minister of Liechtenstein. 
I don’t think that is all of it though. Many people are still clinging to the hope that Trump briefly represented and get excited all over when a new election audit is announced. Some think he is still going to be vindicated and be declared President while many others think Trump will run in 2024 and somehow manage to win in spite of the Left’s success in rigging the election in 2016 and the simple math that 2024 will be eight years removed from Trump’s first win, eight years of demographic change as older White voters die and newly minted non-White voters turn 18. In other words, there simply isn’t a realistic path to a second Trump term.
When Trump “lost” in 2020, the tide of this long Cold War 2.0 changed irrevocably. We have been engaged in a fighting retreat but now the game is over. The globalists won and the American people and our brethren in Western Europe lost. Across the nations that once ruled the globe, a new power has risen and controls every institution and especially the governments of the West. This new power doesn’t even pretend to represent the people of American and Europe, instead they openly despise us and the society we built and have declared their intent to replace not just our culture but our people themselves. 
We are living under an occupation government, installed without our consent and without legitimacy but in place nevertheless. They are in control of all of our institutions and with a near monopoly on the lethal force of the state to enforce their dictates. Most of the flunkies working for the government, the mid level mandarins in D.C. and in local offices around the country, don’t really know what is going on. They think they are advancing the cause of “justice” or “equity” or some other mutated bullshit concept. The people at the top know exactly what they are doing and what the end goal is, a goal that is likely to be pretty horrific for everyone outside of the elite class.
What does that mean for us, and by us I mean heritage Americans who are not on board with globalist neo-Marxism?
A common theme here and elsewhere consists of two main elements:
No one is coming to save us

We aren’t voting our way out of this
That means that we need to come to understand something that is very painful for most of us. This country that many of us have loved all of our lives is lost. It isn’t our country anymore. 
The Zman said something on an audio piece for his Subscribestar members that I thought was fascinating. An article of faith in our culture is that the good guys always eventually win. In the real world that is not only not always the case but more often the opposite is true. Not to go all nerdy on you but one of the reasons why The Empire Strikes Back is for me the best Star Wars film is that the “bad guys” win. The Rebels are crushed on Hoth and are forced to flee the Empire. Han Solo is captured and taken by Fett. Luke gets suckered into quitting his training and running off to face Vader unprepared and gets his hand chopped off for his trouble. Everything pretty much goes wrong but it seems to me to be more “realistic” in that sense.
In the story of America we can see the end of the book from where we currently stand but in this story there isn’t a redemption arc where Vader sees the error of his evil ways. The “good guys” aren’t going to win, at least not in the near future. Indeed we have already lost. Lincoln’s famous Gettysburg Address ends with these words:
“…we here highly resolve that these dead shall not have died in vain — that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom — and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.”
150 years later and that government of the people, by the people and for the people has indeed perished.
We are faced with a choice. 
We can pretend that we can somehow operate under the new rules dictated to us by the occupational authorities and still find a way back to what we have lost or we can recognize that we are political dissidents and enemies of the ruling class in a country that has been subverted and is now occupied by a hostile authority at war with the American people. 
Of course there is a third option: becoming a collaborator. Can’t beat ’em, join ’em! That is tempting but it should be tempered by remembering what happens to collaborators after the occupation is over. Philippe Pétain was the head of Vichy France and after the war was sentenced to death but eventually was given life in prison because of his prior war record. Not so fortunate was Vidkun Quisling, he was the head of the puppet government of Finland in World War II and within months of the end of the war he was executed by firing squad. Those who knowingly collaborate with the occupation government will have no excuse.
Without Fedpoasting it is clear that people who cherish the culture of heritage America are going to need to change our expectations and tactics, transitioning from gears in the machine that make it run to the sand that causes the gears to grind to a halt. Our avenues for participation in the public accepted means of society are rapidly being closed off, from legitimate elections to the financial system. Our methods going forward can be copied from other out-of-power dissidents, from the Solidarity movement in Poland under Communism to the French resistance under the Third Reich, the Irish Republican Army during The Troubles to the Palestinians. What is most important is realizing that we must adjust how we resist the prevailing powers and stop thinking in terms of “We’ll get ’em next election!”. 
Another significant change in mindset. We are used to peaceful transitions of power under the rule of law. That is no longer the case. The violent fantasies of the Left are getting more graphic and now have the backing of the state. What we saw in Waco and Ruby Ridge is just a taste. I don’t expect most small town cops and local county sheriffs to go along but in large city police departments and at the Federal law enforcement level you should plan on things like civil liberties and due process going by the wayside. The roll call of political prisoners is getting longer and promises to swell dramatically in the coming days. That means we have to be smart and stay out of jail. You aren’t doing anyone any good locked up with the animals.

In practical terms, somewhat ironically, that means that online relationships are automatically suspect. Make real life contacts. They don’t have to be people who are geared up with the tactical stuff, people who you can rely on in a pinch and who will keep their mouth shut are going to be worth more than an upgraded trigger on your AR.
We don’t have much officially going for us. The government, media, education establishment and now increasingly the military and even churches are all lined up against us. What we do have are tens of millions of people who have had enough, people with more firepower than all of the infantry combatants in World War II combined who are quickly finding themselves with nothing to lose. The very reason they want to get rid of us, our general cussedness and rebellious streak, are what will give us what we need for the shadow war that we find ourselves in.
Do what you need to do to get your mind right. Get rid of obsolete notions like patriotism and the naïve reinterpretation of “all men are created equal”. Reject and mock the Conservative Inc. grifters who claim that we can vote our way out of this if we pander to sexual degenerates and non-Whites just a little bit harder. Prepare yourself for a long and dangerous struggle that you very likely won’t live long enough to see the victory. 
Our country is occupied, our people marked for extermination and our culture under siege at every corner but what they know and we must remember is that as long as we draw breath and refuse to bend the knee, they will fear us. It is time to remember why they have always been terrified of us.


  1. jl

    "transitioning from gears in the machine that make it run to the sand that causes the gears to grind to a halt."

    ^this x100!

    This is EXACTLY where my head is at this morning. Just rec'd the "offical" notice from our company prez this morning, confirming the rumor that "the jab" is now mandatory for all employees. We have until Aug 1 to comply or we will be involuntarily resigned. Not only that, but they're mandating the Flu shot too. Ive never in my life taken a flu shot and haven't had the flu since about 2012, but now if I want to keep my job Im compelled to take "medicine" I don't want or need?

    Going Galt isnt enough, we need to help the idiots along so it all crashes down sooner, rather than later.

    Clownworld, indeed.

  2. Arthur Sido

    So are you going to find a new job? Even if I didn't object to the jab, I can't see working somewhere that would make it mandatory. Accelerationism is the way.

  3. jl

    I'll be polishing up the ol' resume this week… Hoped to hold on to this gig til relocating out of Cali, but it looks like it isn't meant to be.

    My most sincere hope is this comes round to bite them in the ass! Lots of employees are really pissed off today, which I take as a good sign for /our/ side. Jobs are plentiful in my AO, I hope to see a mass exodus from this joint. Yes, our company in engaged in "health care" – 100% of our residents are vaccinated and about 80% of the staff and we didnt have a single death from the "plague" despite dozens of "positive" test results, but thats just not good enough for our Corporate Overlords. I guess that's what I get for taking a job with a company thats HQ'd in Chicago. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

    My personal clock just started ticking loud and clear this morning… much to prepare.

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