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It’s Like They Want More Crime Or Something

Of those who are set to be released, nearly 20,000 are serving life sentences. Another 10,000 inmates were convicted for serious nonviolent offenses who have served half of their initial sentence.
Oh good, safer prisons! 

St. Louis is consistently at or near the top of per capita murder rates. So clearly less money should be spent on police and more on, not kidding, funding litigation. 
Why would they want more violent crime in our cities?


  1. Anonymous

    I live in a northwest state that is fond of the potato. Up until a couple of years ago, real estate prices were stable and somewhat in relation to the prevailing wages of the area. It was a place where the local young people actually had a reasonable chance to buy a small starter home in their early twenties. Now we are being inundated with California cockroaches and east coast libs. Real estate prices have more than doubled. More traffic, more crime, crowded schools, higher property taxes, political changes soon to follow. Local kids now forced to pay more to rent a one bedroom apartment than what a monthly payment on their own house would have been just a few years ago.

  2. Arthur Sido

    Steve Sailer tweeted something about Coeur d'Alene being the hottest real estate market in America right now. These knuckleheads flee from the shit they created and will vote the same way in their new home and expect the results to be different.

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