Thursday, May 13, 2021

I Choose Option Three

Former Vice-President Biden or whoever runs his social media account tweeted this:

What a bizarre tweet. I wasn't aware that Joe Biden tweeting something now constitutes a "rule" that I am obligated to obey. Anyway, Joe's binary choice here seems to have forgotten the third option:

Not getting the jab, not wearing the mask.


  1. Agreed, I refuse to do what he says.
    I've not worn a mask at all except for a few airline flights.
    We are not good at doing what we are told.

    1. That is why they plan to replace us. Just not compliant enough.

  2. Option 3! YESSSSSSSS!!!

    I've been doing it all along, but now it feels even better, knowing that I'm coloring outside the lines laid down by Dementia Joe.

    Seeing the fun you have on Twitter almost makes me want an account.

    Almost. But not quite.