Friday, May 14, 2021

I Am Sure This Won't Encourage Them

From American Partisan:

With zero repercussions, why wouldn't they just keep doing this? Maybe next time they will screw something serious up somewhere like a nuclear power plant.

You have to admit, from an accelerationist position Biden is the perfect "president". There isn't a crisis minor enough for him to be qualified to handle it and every crisis is worse than it needs to be.

Look out below! 


  1. Just imagine taking the EBT/SNAP system hostage? That would make the lines (and fights) for gas look like child's play. Every major city in the CONUS would explode in 48hrs or less. If the intent of the blackhats is chaos over financial reward, I can think of nothing that would kick it off faster. Not enough BitCoin in existence to put that fire out!

    1. That happened a few years ago, not a hacker but a glitch caused the EBT system to go down and the people you would expect completely chimped out. That was just a few hours.

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      Just like Vox Day

  2. Hmmm, only some people go to jail for funding terrorists?