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Dear 2nd Amendment Community: Stop Being Dumb

Fudds gonna Fudd

It is 2021 and the gun community at large still thinks it is 1951. 

The main weapon being used as a pretext for gun control is gun violence. We get the whole “won’t someone think of the children?” crap all the time. The Left never says what they are really scared of, gun owners with the means and will to use those 400 million guns that we own. No, they always fall back on “the epidemic of gun violence” or some other slogan that always, always, ALWAYS, ignores the truth of the “gun violence epidemic”. 
What is worse, a lot of supposed “Second Amendment” champions are always trying to avoid talking about the jogger elephant in the room. Like this guy, Tom Knighton, trying to blame the wild escalation in gun violence on lockdowns: Roanoke Leaders May Have Hit On Why Violence Is Surging
We spent the better part of a year locked in our homes. Our only interactions with people outside our families were via a computer screen where it’s easier to spout off without consequence.

Now, we’re back to seeing folks face to face, and a lot of people simply don’t remember how to function.

People forgot coping skills. They have shorter tempers after a year of ongoing stress that reset their defaults to a much shorter fuse. As a result, people are losing their crap a whole lot easier. For some, that means they’re more likely to become violent.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not excusing anything. People still have to keep themselves in check before they become violent, after all. Further, I believe those who have committed acts of violence are people who were likely to carry out such an act before the lockdown.

The issue is that now it’s more likely to explode outward with little provocation, creating an environment where violence seems to be everywhere.
As I pointed out to Tom, we were all locked down but only one group seems to have responded with an increase in violence:
That is making excuses because all of us were cooped up for a year but only one racial group has decided to “cope” with that by gunning each other down by the thousands. White people have been locked up, Asians have been locked up, but we aren’t committing mass shootings. The real root cause is that the cops have backed down from enforcing the law, and who can blame them, and a significant chunk of the black population is responding by pulling out guns at every provocation. Look at the areas where gun violence is skyrocketing and then look at the demographics of those areas and you will see the same thing over and over. People in the 2A community need to wake up and stop tip-toeing around the facts.
Is Tom suggesting that only blacks lack the coping mechanism to not respond to frustration by shooting each other? That sounds kinda racist.
The insistence of far too many people and groups who claim to be defenders of the 2nd Amendment to pretend that the 2A and gun control debates can be had in a vacuum without recognizing the impact of other issues like immigration and race is the great weakness of the movement. 
There can be no discussion of gun rights apart from the issue of demographics, race and immigration.
Sure the 2nd Amendment applies to all citizens of the United States, regardless of race, and further the natural human right to defend yourself, your family and your property is inherent to all people everywhere. I support blacks and mestizos and Asians arming themselves to defend their families.
And sure there are a handful of black pro-gun guys like Maj Toure and Collins Iyare Idehen Jr., aka Colin Noir, who are solid guys on the 2A but in general this is the truth:
When the Second Amendment is finally destroyed, it won’t be because of White liberals but because of demographic displacement. 
The Constitution as a whole and the 2nd Amendment in particular are pretty unique in the world and are the product of a European intellectual tradition. In general terms the idea of gun rights isn’t really all that high on the priority list of people of non-European backgrounds. Yes there are exceptions as I mentioned but gun rights are like the pro-life movement, mostly of concern to White people. Even though abortion claims the lives of a huge number of black children, there really aren’t that many outspoken black clergy opposing abortion. Black clergy talking about “black lives matter” because of a handful of sketchy police shootings? They come out of the woodwork because that is where the money is. Millions of black babies murdered in the womb? Nah, no one gives them money for that.
You would think blacks would be big supporters of the right to keep and bear arms for a couple of reasons.
First, they are only in this country because the government that established America was to some extent OK with chattel slavery for the first century it existed and blacks are convinced the current government (that gives them free money and preferential treatment) is based on “White supremacy”. If I thought the government was actively working to oppress and commit violence against my people, I would want to be armed. As it just so happens, I do think that and I am.
Second, most blacks live in black neighborhoods and those are the most violent areas in America. That is not a coincidence. If you are black in America you are in a lot of danger, all the time, and mostly from other black people you choose to live near. I would guess that most blacks own guns. Whether they bought those guns through legal means or even if they are legally permitted to own them doesn’t seem all that important. Again, I am speaking using broad strokes here and “Well I know this guy….” doesn’t change that. 
The fact of the matter is this. People in America, in our Republic, express what is important to them by the way they vote. As I outlined in some detail in a prior post, The Single Issue Focus Of The Gun Rights Lobby: Both Their Greatest Strength And A Fatal Flaw, it is clear from the voting patterns of blacks and mestizos, as well as Asians and Jews, that gun rights are just not a priority to them as they vote consistently and overwhelmingly for the political party that champions banning guns and restricting the 2nd Amendment while the party that at least pays lip-service to gun rights only wins on the strength of White votes. You express your opinion for real in two ways, how you spend your money and how you vote and based on the latter, gun rights are not that critical to non-White voters as a whole.
So please stop with the excuses. Violent crime in places like Roanoke and everywhere else it is on the rise is not the result of lockdowns and people forgetting over the last year that we shouldn’t shoot each other, because only one group of people in America are driving the meteoric rise of gun violence. Essays like the one from Tom Knighton are just dumb, written by someone who apparently is either dumb or cowardly or both and in the fight we are in, we don’t need “allies” who are dumb and/or cowardly. No one is impressed with your virtue signaling or pretending to be “color blind” in the middle of a race-based tribal Cold War.
Stop being dumb. 


  1. John Wilder

    Sometimes it's amazing the lengths people will go to in order so they can avoid the truth. Doesn't matter what the actual solution is, they just can't stand to hear the truth.

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