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Cash Gernon. Say His Name.

A four year old boy named Cash Gernon in Dallas was kidnapped from his home in the middle of the night, then stabbed to death and left for dead on a street.

An 18 year old man named Darriynn Brown has been arrested in for his murder.

Brown was already wearing an ankle monitoring device, apparently that didn’t stop him from entering a house, kidnapping a 4 year old and stabbing him to death with an “edged weapon”. 
Will this story get much traction nationally? Unlikely and you know damn well why not, just as you know that an 18 year old White man accused of stabbing a 4 year old black kid to death would be headline news from coast to coast.


  1. Anonymous

    As much as I loathe orcs and wish the world was rid of them, there is no way in hell I could do what this savage did. I don't want any 4 year old nogs breathing my air and surviving to become 18 year old remorseless killers, but I could not murder one or harm any innocent, sentient creature that early in its life. The grief that poor child's family must be suffering is unimaginable. It makes me question the existence of God to witness such horrible atrocities. But I sure do pray there is a fiery hell for such devils as this negroid cockroach with the typical Medusa hair.

  2. Arthur Sido

    Yep. They call me dangerous and a White supremacist but all I want is to be left alone. They claim to be the victims but seem to always be the ones victimizing us.

  3. Anonymous

    Other news reports say they’re awaiting ‘forensic returns’ to possibly upgrade the charges… so, it’s even worse.

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