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An Ominous Trend Line

While newly emboldened White supremacists plotting terror attacks now that they are free from mask mandates are the focus of the Department of Homeland Security, the carnage in our cities keeps escalating even as the media studiously ignores it.

98 people were shot last week in #Chicago, 13 fatally.

Same week last year: 77 shot, 13 fatally.

2021 YTD: 227 killed, 1,025 wounded
2020 YTD: 198 killed, 772 wounded

— (@w_h_thompson) May 17, 2021

Already in 2021, Chicago has had 1,252 people shot versus 970 during the same stretch last year. That is a difference of  282 additional shooting or about a 30% increase. We are only halfway through May and are already seeing an additional 50 shooting YoY in Chicago per month.
Last weekend included a 13 year old kid shot and killed…
Police said the boy was on the sidewalk riding his bike in the 3700 block of South Wood Street just before 7:55 a.m. when he was approached by an unknown car, and an occupant inside opened fire.
We read that and think “how horrible!” but my 13 year old kid is not the same as a 13 year old yoof in Chicago who has likely been committing crimes for years. Maybe this kid was a random shooting but a 13 year old on a bike at 7:55 AM? That sounds like he was the target.
The long hot summer is just weeks away….


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