Monday, May 31, 2021

Miami Mass Shooting Update

The Miami po-leece have a brief video showing the villains who shot up the El Mula rap concert in Miami. Looks like it might be the same guys who attacked Jussie Smollett....

If you ever wondered why there are so many random wounded people and so few killed in these black on black shootings, according to the time stamp these fellas got out of the car at 10:05:30 and ten seconds later were back in the car so they were just randomly spraying into the crowd. 

Obviously a significant black on black mass shooting is counter-narrative so the news roundup I get about the phrase "mass shooting" had more stories this morning about this clown in Texas thinking about committing a mass shooting than the two mass shootings in Miami over the weekend that actually happened. (BCE note the three names again: Coleman Thomas Blevins!)

Wow that is some good police work! Or was it. Check out the photo:

As usual, the various flags all are wrinkled and still have the fold marks from where they were taken out of the package, probably by the cops/Feds minutes before the picture was taken. I recognize the Confederate stars and bars of course and the Sonnenrad/Schwarze Sonne on the flag on the left, plus completely at random the green flag of Saudi Arabia in the middle. The banner in front I have no idea about nor the red and black flag on the right. Maybe somebody can help me out? I guess the cops didn't know which flags to use so they used them all. (update, someone else on Twitter identified the small flag as being the Falange flag, a Spanish fascist group and the one in front as some sort of Russian Orthodox church flag?). Anyway, check out this totally believable, not at all bullshit, story:

Coleman Thomas Blevins, 28, popped up on the KCSO radar last week, so the office reached out to Blevins. According to the KCSO, it confirmed Blevins was planning a mass shooting after speaking with him.

In a message KCSO intercepted, Blevins allegedly threatened to shoot up a Walmart, which location was not released.

Blevins was arrested Friday on a Terroristic Threat warrant, then officials got to work on a search warrant at his home.

There, deputies say they found firearms, ammo, electronic evidence, concentrated THC and “radical ideology paraphernalia,” which they said included books, flags and handwritten documents.

We are told Blevins is on active felony probation, which means he is prohibited from having guns. He remains in jail.

Alrighty, so three name guy is on felony probation but somehow the cops got him to "confirm" he was planning a mass shooting at a Wal-Mart. The guy has more flags than guns, what kind of Texan only has two firearms? I also liked the "radical ideology paraphernalia" which I am pretty sure possessing isn't against the law. I recognized 'The Turner Diaries' on the table and Julius Evola's 'Revolt Against The Modern World'. I don't recognize the other books but I did especially like the legal pad hand written note in giant letters which probably says "I am going to shoot up a Wal-Mart" or something, in a cops handwriting. 

This screams set-up. Maybe he had the guns in the house but the flags and books look like something from the Fed entrapment starter kit. I am sure this just happened to hit the news right after a black on black mass shooting. Totally unconnected.

Come on.

Update: Early Tuesday morning and checking the local news where I see this story not once but twice. Why is WANE 15, a local news station in Fort Wayne, Indiana, carrying the story about a guy in Texas thinking about committing a crime? Figure that out and you are well on your way to understanding the media in 2021.

Memorial Musings

Just another long weekend, right Kneepads? 

A lot of people living in America don't know the difference between Memorial Day and Veterans Day. They also don't care. It is another day where they don't have to work and get to drink some beer and grill out with family. I would cautiously say most of the men who died in the various wars would be happy that people spent the day with family and friends, even if they didn't know for sure why. We spent the day mostly working, gotta make hay while the sun is shining as the saying goes.

As Memorial Day winds down, I saw something interesting from the New York Post:

A lot of that is likely historical ignorance, I doubt you could find many Americans on the street that could locate WW II on a timeline within a decade, much less give more specific dates like Pearl Harbor and D-Day. On the other hand, what exactly did we "win" in WW II?

Almost 300,000 U.S. soldiers and sailors killed in action, mostly in Europe.

As soon as the war ended, the Soviets took over half of Europe and enslaved tens of millions of people for almost 50 years.

Five years after WW II ended, we were fighting communists in Korea and then a few years later in Vietnam. Another 80,000 killed in action and millions wounded physically and emotionally. 

In the aftermath of the Allied "victory", Western Europe seems to have lost any will or desire to survive and they are slowing surrendering their freedom through mass migration, a refusal to have children and growing degeneracy. 

The United States had a few decades as the leader of the free world but within two decades of the end of the war, our culture was collapsing and at a mere 75 years after WW II we are on the verge of complete collapse and ruin. 

By the time we reach the 100th anniversary of the end of WW II in 2045, there likely won't be a West around to commemorate it.

Let me be clear that by no means is any of that to brush over the terrible things the Nazis did, or to deny the things that actually happened (as opposed to the cartoonish Hollywood villainy). My father's people in Poland and the rest of the Slavs were marked for replacement in favor of Germans as part of Generalplan Ost. There was plenty of tyranny under the Reich but there has always been and always will be bad people in the world. 

On the other hand, Hitler rose to power in no small measure because the U.S. entered the First World War and tipped the balance, and that was definitely a war we had no business fighting in. In fact, you will be hard pressed to find a war since 1812 that was waged for a legitimate U.S. national interest with the notable exception of the Pacific theater of World War II. After all the Japs actually attacked us, after we goaded them into it of course so FDR could get his pretext to declare war. We couldn't really let that go. 

I still maintain that if the boys in the landing craft on D-Day could have seen what would become of America and Europe in 2021, they would have forced the drivers of those craft to turn around. None of them would have wanted to die for what the West has become.

Maybe people are starting to wake up and realize that most of the wars we have fought have been about something other than what was best for the American people. We can honor the memory of those who nobly made the ultimate sacrifice while questioning the motivations of those who sent them to die.

Sunday, May 30, 2021

Mass Shooting Alert: Miami Vice Edition

A big one went down in Miami....

While most reports describe it as a shooting at a banquet hall or "a "scheduled event" at an establishment", the Miami Herald said what we all assumed....

A rap concert you say? This is the photo gracing the front page of the Herald website as of now:

The family and friends all seem to have something in common, can't quite put my finger on it....

The rap concert took place at the El Mula Banquet Hall and this ain't your grandpa's VFW hall....

Hookah, billiards and fat assed black chicks wearing skimpy outfits. That sounds like my kinda place! It also sounds safe as they brag 'bout they "armed security"

I guess the guys who shot into the crowd indiscriminately weren't deterred by the armed security.

That wasn't the only mass shooting so far this weekend in Miami. On Friday....

I should have done a pool for number of shootings in Miami instead of Chicago. One shooting in Miami has them ahead of Chitown with a measly 15 wounded and 2 dead this weekend....

Our Kobayashi Maru

The second Star Trek movie, The Wrath Of Khan, was by far the best Star Trek film and should have been the last. It was a natural progression from the original series with the main characters having aged and been promoted. Kirk was an admiral, Spock was a captain. Even the protagonist, Khan Noonien Singh, was linked to the original series. TWoK did something pretty spectacular in killing off a beloved character, Captain Spock, in one of the most gut-wrenching scenes in cinema. I was 11 when I saw TWoK in the theater, having grown up watching the original series on TV and reading all of the available books and it was like a punch in the stomach. 

Anyway, the movie starts out with a young Vulcan cadet facing the dreaded Kobayashi Maru scenario, a command exercise designed to test how Star Fleet cadets would deal with a non-win scenario. It is billed as something every commander might face. We find out later that Kirk, when a cadet at Starfleet Academy, had taken the test three times and finally beat the scenario. His solution was "unique"

Saavik: Admiral, may I ask you a question?

Kirk: What's on your mind, Lieutenant?

Saavik: The Kobayashi Maru, sir.

Kirk: Are you asking me if we're playing out that scenario now?

Saavik: On the test, sir... will you tell me what you did? I would really like to know.

McCoy: Lieutenant, you are looking at the only Starfleet cadet who ever beat the no-win scenario.

Saavik: How?

Kirk: I reprogrammed the simulation so it was possible to rescue the ship.

Saavik: What?

David Marcus: He cheated.

Kirk: I changed the conditions of the test; got a commendation for original thinking. I don't like to lose.

Saavik: Then you never faced that situation... faced death.

Kirk: I don't believe in the no-win scenario.

That was perfect Kirk, the arrogant commander who never had to face death. Of course later he does and that makes this exchange so excellent.

That brings me to this country of ours, in the midst of a Captain Kirk solution to our own Kobayashi Maru. What got me thinking about Wrath of Khan and the U.S. was a post from John Wilder that you should read this Memorial Day weekend: The Way The Constitution Dies

Like John, when I was growing up we thought highly of the Founding Fathers and the Constitution was held with an almost creepy reverence as our founding document. We were taught it had near magical powers to restrain evil-doers and protect us from Communism. It was an article of faith that it was the best system of government ever put on paper and that because this was so self-evident, it would never fail  us. We could worship (or not) as we saw fit, our press would be free, those damn British soldiers wouldn't be quartered in our homes, on and on. It is not a stretch to say many Americans in those days, and still among older Americans, viewed the Constitution as a sacred document on par with the Bible.

The Constitution was designed to restrain the worst and unfortunately most common impulses of men. It was intentionally formed in a way to create boundaries around the government and to make it both difficult for the majority to oppress the minority as well as nigh impossible to change. The standard for amending the Constitution is extraordinarily high for a reason. It is not supposed to be changed on a whim and requiring the states to ratify any amendments prevents the bigger states from steamrolling  the smaller. By requiring 2/3 of both chambers of Congress and then 3/4 of the states to ratify any amendment means that when it comes to ratifying the Constitution, a state like California or Texas is no more powerful than Wyoming or Rhode Island. This is the design. 

It also means that for the Left, the Constitutional form of government is their Kobayashi Maru, the no-win scenario.

How this works in a practical sense is that it is hard to change the way the government works. It drives the Left crazy that no matter how many mestizos they pack into California, California only gets two Senators and only gets a certain apportionment of votes in the electoral college. The fact that the diverse utopia of California gets two Senators and a racist White supremacist state like Wyoming also gets two Senators offends their belief in the tyranny of the majority (at least when they have the majority).

At this juncture in 2021, after having successfully stolen the last two major election.  the presidential in 2020 and the subsequent Georgia run-offs, and with their demographic displacement strategy seemingly on the cusp of complete victory, one would think they would be pretty happy. They aren't. They are not happy because the rules are still in place and they constrain them from running roughshod. So in the spirit of young Cadet Kirk at Starfleet Academy, they are simply changing the rules. 

That dastardly Supreme Court still upholding stuff like the right to keep and bear arms and freedom of speech, and maybe even threatening to strike down the Most Unholy Sacrament Of Abortion? Just add a bunch of justices to swamp the old appointees!

Freedom of expression getting you down and making you sad? Simple, declare "racism" to be a "public health crisis" and then you can stamp out free speech in the name of "public health"! 

Pesky groups promoting traditional morality like the Boy Scouts and churches? Infiltrate their ranks with homosexuals and partisans pushing critical race theory to gut them from the inside out!

People exchanging ideas about politics and even advocating for unapproved politicians, but you can't do anything about it because of that damn First Amendment? Just subcontract censorship to social media companies! 

A 50/50 split in the Senate? Why not add a couple of "states" that will reliably elect two leftist Senators each!

For the last hundred or so years the Left has been waging a war against the Constitution, desiring to remake America and the West in their own image. From the New Deal to the Great Society and now the Great Reset, they have waged war against stubborn notions like individual freedom and responsibility and limited government. They have won far more than they have lost, Reagan and Trump notwithstanding, but still they find themselves thwarted too often for their liking by the Constitution. That final barrier that has stood the test for hundreds of years is about to be lost.

What comes next will be very different. The U.S. is entering a post-political period where the political process will no longer work, not even as poorly as we have come to expect. More and more people are saying what people like me have been saying for months, that we have seen the last pretense of a free and fair election in America and that the ballot box is useless. The rallying cry is more often that we aren't voting our way out of this. There are still many holdouts who refuse to believe that it is over but it is. They have changed the rules and now all bets are off.

It had a good run but the end is here. We can learn from what the Founders failed to account for, and how could they have imagined all that has happened since the 18th century? We can vow to do even better the next time around. All of that is true but first we must again pass through the fire and hope we come out on the other side. Many of us won't but to quote Admiral Kirk

...How we deal with death is at least as important as how we deal with life

Saturday, May 29, 2021

Speaking Of Chicago

While checking on the tally for the weekend, I stopped over at the Chicago Sun-Times. Still a long way to go to match last year with 94 shot, 30 fatally and it wasn't even a long weekend. Anyway they ran a piece titled: Praying, marching and cooking out: Violence prevention workers fan out for Memorial Day as shootings continue to rise in Chicago. When you live in Chi-town, you brace for the mass violence while normal people are planning vacations and grilling burgers. The article is full of quotes from "faith leaders" trying to explain why they need more money for their "ministry" while studiously ignoring the main problem. Like this fella, a "Jahmal" Cole: 

“Gun violence is a reflection... of a lot of things — racial and economic injustice, high incarceration rates, high unemployment rates, poor neighborhoods and under-resourced schools,” said Jahmal Cole, founder of My Block, My Hood, My City. “If you have those five things, that’s the perfect conditions for gun violence.”

For the second year in a row, the nonprofit is funding dozens of events over the long weekend on the South and West sides, investing nearly $50,000 in community groups.

I have to wonder how much money "Jahmal's" group raised versus the $50k they are throwing to friends and family of "Jahmal" totally deserving recipients? His group My Block, My Hood, My City (also known as "Role Model Movement Inc, NFP dba My Block My Hood My City") has at least 16 employees from what I can see, most with college degrees so you know they are pulling in some scratch including this guy, one DeNairio Bolton listed as Executive/Personal Assistant to CEO and he definitely is not gay....

Yep, I am sure he is totally straight. Plus he has a "BS in Physical Education specializing in Exercise Science" and an MS in Nonprofit Administration and is working on a PhD in "Organizational Leadership" from the Chicago School of Professional Psychology. What the eff is "exercise science"? That seems like a lot of education to be a executive/personal assisatant to Jahmal and I am sure that isn't a euphemism for something homo. Um anyway....

A better question, does anyone really believe that the five factors he lists ("injustice", mass incarceration, unemployment, poor neighborhoods, poor schools) is what causes all of the shootings? There are tons of poor Whites in bad home situations with high unemployment but you just don't see this level of gun violence.

One of the unremarked and infuriating results of the endless violence in urban areas is the rise of the parasite class of clergy and "activists" that latch onto the violence for their hustle. They stand around and look solemn and maybe pray a little, perhaps sporting a bowtie to add gravitas to their grift. They claim that the problem with gun violence in the black community can be solved with a steady stream of donations to their "non-profit" organization that mostly seem to pay for expensive suits, watches and cars for the heads of these non-profit groups. 

Community organizers, social justice activists and most black clergy seem to have cynically, although perhaps understandably, given up on things ever getting better in their communities and instead have settled for hustling gullible White people and corporations in a bid to avoid gainful employment. They profit from the misery of their own people and that makes them scumbags in my book. 

This weekend will see a massive casualty count and a few handouts from Jahmal and his "team" won't make a damn bit of difference but he will probably raise lots of money and avoid getting a real job while his fellow blacks lay bleeding in the streets. 

Off To A Rocky Start

According to HeyJackass! there were only three shootings on the Memorial Day weekend Friday night. It was freaking cold and rainy in NE Indiana all day yesterday so I am assuming it was worse in Chi-town. There probably hasn't been a Friday with only three shootings in Chicago for months, even in winter. That means we have a long way to go to get my guess of 87 shootings this weekend.

Come on fellas, I believe in you!

Friday, May 28, 2021

Justice Is Served I Guess

Earlier this afternoon the jury returned a guilty verdict in the murder of Iowa girl Mollie Tibbetts, despite the attempt by the defense to employ the Jussie Smollett strategy of blaming two gunmen who forced him to kidnap her. Shrewd lawyering right there.

Ms. Tibbetts was a 20 year old White girl out jogging in Iowa when she fatally encountered an illegal alien from Mexico, one Cristhian Bahena Rivera who was here illegally in our country. Mr. Rivera rolled up on Mollie, who was cute and White, and apparently propositioned her. She told him to get lost and of course he just drove away. Just kidding, he grabbed her, stabbed her multiple times (9-12 times) and dumped her body in a cornfield. There was always a great deal of secrecy over the details of her death but based on crime scene photos she was wearing a sports bra and black jogging shorts. Clearly he was trying to hook up with her, because what every 20 year old cute college girl is looking for is to hop in bed with an illegal alien, but it appears that in some manner there was a sexual assault as her shoes, shorts and underwear were found separated from her body. The media has almost never mentioned that Mollie Tibbetts was likely raped or sexually assaulted by Rivera because that might make people recall what Trump said about rapists coming over the border. After all, Orange Man still Bad.

So now this piece of shit has been found guilty and probably spends the rest of his miserable life in an Iowa prison, at enormous expense to tax payers. In a serious country her dad would be given the opportunity to walk this trash outside and put a bullet in his head. I would be happy to volunteer as a substitute if he couldn't do it. 

What makes this all worse is that it should never have happened because Rivera should never have been here in the first place. There is plenty of blame to go around, from politicians who have never lifted a finger to enforce border and immigration controls to the business owners who knowingly employ illegals like Rivera. Some of the greatest blame falls on those closest to Mollie Tibbetts, people who failed to teach her what the real world was like. I wrote about this in 2018 right after her body was found: Lethal Self-Loathing

The December before she was murdered by an illegal, Mollie tweeted that she hated White people, even though by all accounts she surrounded herself with almost exclusively other Whites. I don't blame her entirely, she was a dumb young girl who had been taught by those around her this weird self-loathing. Because of a piece of shit Mexican she never got to grow up to find out that the world is not what she saw on social media. 

Mollie was failed by lots of people and institutions and because of that she is dead. It was an unnecessary and ugly death, just another in a long line of dumb and ugly deaths because our elites and overlords don't value the lives of the American people. 

Rivera got what passes for justice but it is not a cause for celebration. The system finally sort of working at the end of this process doesn't make up for all of the failures that led to a pretty 20 year old White girl left brutally murdered in a corn field.

All Politics Are Identity Politics

Human beings as we know them have been around for a while, tens or hundreds of thousands of years. We are found all over most of the world and we come in pretty distinct races. Within those races there are ethnic subgroups. In most cases there are also other significant divisions based on things like religion.

It has also been the case that for almost all of the existence of humanity, there has been constant and bloody conflict over resources. Human life has usually been marked by scarcity of things like land, fresh water, shelter and food. Even now we deal with scarcity. How many wars have been fought in the last century over access to oil, and not just recent wars on behalf of Our Greatest Ally? It is likely we are headed toward a new era of food insecurity and access to fresh water will be a problem again, bringing with it new conflicts. 

In times of plenty we can worry about whether an orphan in Bangladesh has enough to eat because our own kids are eating way too much. But in times of scarcity? Screw that orphan in a country most people can't locate on a map. My kids need to eat. 

When you peel away all the layers of the human experience, our lives really boil down to staying alive and passing on our genes through our progeny. All the stuff we think is important, music and sports and binge watching Netflix, that stuff only matters to us because right now we mostly have the whole staying alive thing under control. We have plenty to eat and fresh water on demand. We have shelter and no one is trying to kill most of us at any given moment. We have the basics locked down to such an extent that our leisure industry generates untold billions in revenue every year.

What no one seems to understand is that this state of existence is a tiny aberration in human history. The Great Depression and the Dust Bowl were just a century ago in America and famine and genocide are contemporary issues in much of the world. This state of life without much in the way of danger other than driving too fast and eating too much is almost completely without precedent in human history. Life is far more often solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short than it is Disneyworld vacations and standing in line to get the newest iPhone. Thomas Hobbes was depressingly correct when he wrote in 'Leviathan':

What the natural state of mankind has led to and is leading to again at breakneck speed is tribalism and what NormieCons decry as "identity politics". Tribes have fought against other tribes to gain their resources or to just eliminate a competitor forever. Think about it. If you have limited resources, who are you going to feed, your own children or the children of some random person 100 miles away? Or who are you going to protect, your niece or some girl living in Bolivia? More relevant to this conversation, people support politically the things that are important to them and that benefit their extended family.

We sort of forgot this for many years thanks to the relative homogeneity, affluence and safety of living in America and now we think that this condition is the norm rather than a very weird outlier in human history. When White people do see racial and ethnic tribalism appear, it startles us and offends the carefully crafted narrative we think everyone else believes in. Thing is, they don't. That whole MLK "content of their character, not color of their skin" spiel? That is bullshit and always was. The only people who ever bought into that were White people and now it is biting us in the ass and making us have the sadz. As Americans rapidly slide into minority status in our own country, all of the other groups are making quite clear their intent to loot and pillage what they can, while they can, for their benefit. Why wouldn't they, it is one of the most basic human expressions to provide for your own even at the expense of others.

"Identity politics" is here to stay, mostly because it has always been here and never went anywhere. If you don't understand this, you don't understand anything about human nature or how politics works and you probably should keep quiet about most issues. Normiecons who wail and gnash their teeth and rend their garments over "identity politics" are worse than useless. They should be roundly mocked for being dumb and then promptly ignored in the same way you should treat libertarians. 

If you don't stand for your own people, no one else will and we will perish.

Thursday, May 27, 2021

The Scandal Of The Century

I don't write much specifically about the Chinese bioweapon known as the coronavirus or Covid-19 because the whole thing is such a farce. Not a farce in the sense of it not being a real virus that is dangerous to a statistically small but still significant percentage of the population but a farce in terms of the response to the coronavirus that was politicized and weaponized as soon as it became a thing. 

If the response was just gross incompetence, that I could maybe understand because the people running the show are some of the dumbest fucks to ever draw breath but it wasn't strictly incompetence but instead also a healthy dose of malice.

They knew where Covid-19 came from and it didn't come naturally from bats living in the wild.

They knew most people weren't in the slightest danger from the 'vid

They knew the masks most people wear are at best useless and at worst themselves dangerous.

They knew locking down the country wouldn't accomplish much other than sending the economy into a tailspin and scaring the shit out of the lower information voter, for the purpose of torpedoing Trump.

And now we are finding out that not only did they know that it came from the Wuhan lab but that the U.S. under the Obama-Biden administration had helped fund the very lab that the ChiComs were using to create bioweapons that were certainly intended to be used on the U.S. in the event of a war. Fauci has been repeatedly exposed as a hack and a quack who should be dispensing opioids at some free clinic in a shady neighborhood, not being treated as a serious medical professional. 

In a serious country with a functioning media, this would be the scandal of the century, eclipsing Watergate. But we don't live in a serious country and haven't had a functioning media in my lifetime. We are left with Youtubers with goofy hair to expose what is going on.

Never fear, they are already prepping for the second wave of the Chinese coronavirus or some other contrived, pre-planned "crisis" to advance the cause (see: Pandemic Phase Two). By the end of summer I expect to see widespread bloodshed in urban areas and some sort of new crisis that will be used as a pretext to clamp down on freedom and pave the way for the Great Reset. By this time next year, the 2020 coronavirus might well be forgotten as our "leaders" obsess over a new "crisis". 

Dear 2nd Amendment Community: Stop Being Dumb

Fudds gonna Fudd
It is 2021 and the gun community at large still thinks it is 1951. 

The main weapon being used as a pretext for gun control is gun violence. We get the whole "won't someone think of the children?" crap all the time. The Left never says what they are really scared of, gun owners with the means and will to use those 400 million guns that we own. No, they always fall back on "the epidemic of gun violence" or some other slogan that always, always, ALWAYS, ignores the truth of the "gun violence epidemic". 

What is worse, a lot of supposed "Second Amendment" champions are always trying to avoid talking about the jogger elephant in the room. Like this guy, Tom Knighton, trying to blame the wild escalation in gun violence on lockdowns: Roanoke Leaders May Have Hit On Why Violence Is Surging

We spent the better part of a year locked in our homes. Our only interactions with people outside our families were via a computer screen where it’s easier to spout off without consequence.

Now, we’re back to seeing folks face to face, and a lot of people simply don’t remember how to function.

People forgot coping skills. They have shorter tempers after a year of ongoing stress that reset their defaults to a much shorter fuse. As a result, people are losing their crap a whole lot easier. For some, that means they’re more likely to become violent.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not excusing anything. People still have to keep themselves in check before they become violent, after all. Further, I believe those who have committed acts of violence are people who were likely to carry out such an act before the lockdown.

The issue is that now it’s more likely to explode outward with little provocation, creating an environment where violence seems to be everywhere.

As I pointed out to Tom, we were all locked down but only one group seems to have responded with an increase in violence:

That is making excuses because all of us were cooped up for a year but only one racial group has decided to "cope" with that by gunning each other down by the thousands. White people have been locked up, Asians have been locked up, but we aren't committing mass shootings. The real root cause is that the cops have backed down from enforcing the law, and who can blame them, and a significant chunk of the black population is responding by pulling out guns at every provocation. Look at the areas where gun violence is skyrocketing and then look at the demographics of those areas and you will see the same thing over and over. People in the 2A community need to wake up and stop tip-toeing around the facts.

Is Tom suggesting that only blacks lack the coping mechanism to not respond to frustration by shooting each other? That sounds kinda racist.

The insistence of far too many people and groups who claim to be defenders of the 2nd Amendment to pretend that the 2A and gun control debates can be had in a vacuum without recognizing the impact of other issues like immigration and race is the great weakness of the movement. 

There can be no discussion of gun rights apart from the issue of demographics, race and immigration.

Sure the 2nd Amendment applies to all citizens of the United States, regardless of race, and further the natural human right to defend yourself, your family and your property is inherent to all people everywhere. I support blacks and mestizos and Asians arming themselves to defend their families.

And sure there are a handful of black pro-gun guys like Maj Toure and Collins Iyare Idehen Jr., aka Colin Noir, who are solid guys on the 2A but in general this is the truth:

When the Second Amendment is finally destroyed, it won't be because of White liberals but because of demographic displacement. 

The Constitution as a whole and the 2nd Amendment in particular are pretty unique in the world and are the product of a European intellectual tradition. In general terms the idea of gun rights isn't really all that high on the priority list of people of non-European backgrounds. Yes there are exceptions as I mentioned but gun rights are like the pro-life movement, mostly of concern to White people. Even though abortion claims the lives of a huge number of black children, there really aren't that many outspoken black clergy opposing abortion. Black clergy talking about "black lives matter" because of a handful of sketchy police shootings? They come out of the woodwork because that is where the money is. Millions of black babies murdered in the womb? Nah, no one gives them money for that.

You would think blacks would be big supporters of the right to keep and bear arms for a couple of reasons.

First, they are only in this country because the government that established America was to some extent OK with chattel slavery for the first century it existed and blacks are convinced the current government (that gives them free money and preferential treatment) is based on "White supremacy". If I thought the government was actively working to oppress and commit violence against my people, I would want to be armed. As it just so happens, I do think that and I am.

Second, most blacks live in black neighborhoods and those are the most violent areas in America. That is not a coincidence. If you are black in America you are in a lot of danger, all the time, and mostly from other black people you choose to live near. I would guess that most blacks own guns. Whether they bought those guns through legal means or even if they are legally permitted to own them doesn't seem all that important. Again, I am speaking using broad strokes here and "Well I know this guy...." doesn't change that. 

The fact of the matter is this. People in America, in our Republic, express what is important to them by the way they vote. As I outlined in some detail in a prior post, The Single Issue Focus Of The Gun Rights Lobby: Both Their Greatest Strength And A Fatal Flaw, it is clear from the voting patterns of blacks and mestizos, as well as Asians and Jews, that gun rights are just not a priority to them as they vote consistently and overwhelmingly for the political party that champions banning guns and restricting the 2nd Amendment while the party that at least pays lip-service to gun rights only wins on the strength of White votes. You express your opinion for real in two ways, how you spend your money and how you vote and based on the latter, gun rights are not that critical to non-White voters as a whole.

So please stop with the excuses. Violent crime in places like Roanoke and everywhere else it is on the rise is not the result of lockdowns and people forgetting over the last year that we shouldn't shoot each other, because only one group of people in America are driving the meteoric rise of gun violence. Essays like the one from Tom Knighton are just dumb, written by someone who apparently is either dumb or cowardly or both and in the fight we are in, we don't need "allies" who are dumb and/or cowardly. No one is impressed with your virtue signaling or pretending to be "color blind" in the middle of a race-based tribal Cold War.

Stop being dumb. 

Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Weasels Gonna Weasel

David Chipman, the asshat being put forward as Biden's choice to head the ATF, itself an agency full of asshats, is being his usual weaselly self during his confirmation hearings. Stephem Gutkowski has a great thread here following the hearings. This was a telling exchange, either Chipman doesn't know what an "assault weapon" is or more likely he is just being evasive about how they are defined right after he said he would like to see them banned.

This guy is trash but he is dangerous trash.

In a totally unexpected and shocking turn of events, there was a mass shooting today, the same day that David Chipman was testifying before the Senate, with at least eight people dead so far.

The alleged shooter, who is dead and apparently set his house on fire, is a 57 year old man named Samuel Cassidy. I would be willing to bet he used an "assault weapon" and based on his name there is a decent chance he is a White guy. The White House wasted no time in putting out a statement:

In Washington, D.C., principal deputy press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said the White House will continue to stay in close contact with local officials in San Jose, before using the shooting as an opportunity to call for Congress to strengthen background checks.

"The White House is monitoring the situation, and our hearts go out to the victims and their families," Jean-Pierre said. "We still don't have all the details, but what is clear, as the president has said, is that we’re are suffering from an epidemic of gun violence in this country, both in mass shootings and in the lives that are being taken in daily gun violence that doesn't make national headlines." 

Not mentioned is that this happened in California, a state that already has some of the most restrictive gun laws in the country, a fact that did nothing to stop these eight people from being killed. That is truly some curious timing.

I was pleasantly surprised to get an email from one of my Senators, Mike Braun, expressing his opposition to Chipman. Here is the text of his letter...

Braun must be getting nervous about re-election.

Chipman will likely be confirmed, placing an outspoken advocate for infringing on the Second Amendment at the head of the ATF. This little reprieve in gun and ammo availability will be short-lived, don't waste this opportunity. 

Private Potato Answers The Call

This is actually less silly than the actual Army recruitment videos. 

Tuesday, May 25, 2021

The Bare Necessities

We live in a world of plenty. Unlike most of human history, we not only have everything we need but we mostly have too much of what we want. While most of human history is an endless pursuit of sufficient calories to keep yourself and your family alive, in modern times obesity is more of an issue than starvation. 

Despite abundant food and clothing and shelter, we are also in a place where the gap between the wealthiest and the rest of us is growing by leaps and bounds. Bill Gates and his wife announced they are divorcing after 27 years of marriage and will have to somehow get by with about $65 billion each. This comes on the heels of Jeff Bezos of Amazon divorcing his wife. The two wealthiest women in the world both got rich by marrying wealthy men and then getting half of the wealth those men created in a divorce. Feminism! 

At the same time the wealth gap is growing, economic instability is also looming. Small disruptions can interrupt the supply chain and lead to sudden shortages. A container ship blocking the Suez canal had huge ramifications for global supply. A bioweapon virus that posed very little threat to 99% of people caused widespread panic leaving stores stripped bare of things like toilet paper and bottled water. 

You can live without toilet paper, unpleasant though it may be, and bottled water, something relatively unheard of until fairly recently. Most other consumer goods are completely non-essential. There are a couple of things that are not optional if you want to go on living and right after air on that list is water and food. 

Water is the most critical, not only do you need to drink enough water to stay alive but we use water for a lot of our cooking and basic sanitation. I have never been in a situation where I was concerned about having enough water, and that is true for virtually all Americans but that might not be true forever.

Lack of available water is going to likely soon be a serious issue. Check out these two videos....

As a thought exercise, where is your nearest source of water if the power goes out and can you safely drink it? 

Most people give no thought at all to water because it comes out of their tap like magic. If they opened the tap and nothing happened? They would be as befuddled as prehistoric man trying to explain the internet. 

Food is the other gotta have essential. I have been talking about this for a while but food price inflation and food instability is a significant threat in the near-to-intermediate future. 

The Argentina government announced its suspension of beef exports for 30 days on May 17, citing increasing demand from top-buyer China over recent years.

“Prices have experienced a sustained rise as a result of the growing demand for these products, mainly from Asian markets,” the Argentinian government said in the official gazette. “There is a price distortion that goes beyond the general inflation rate for food and prevents the normal supply of food products to consumers in the domestic market.”

Did you know that the price of corn has risen 142 percent in the last 12 months?  Of course corn is used in hundreds of different products we buy at the grocery store, and so everyone is going to feel the pain of this price increase.  But it isn’t just the price of corn that is going crazy.  We are seeing food prices shoot up dramatically all across the industry, and experts are warning that this is just the very beginning.  So if you think that food prices are bad now, just wait, because they are going to get a whole lot worse.

These are just a couple of the articles that are popping up all over.

Food instability is more complicated for most people, I can find water to filter in lots of places around here but food requires you to either raise it up from seeds, kill and butcher an animal, or if we are being honest, take it by force. It is not coincidental that Mark Zuckerberg is buying up a ton of land in Hawaii, away from mainland. Nor is it a coincidence that the world's billionaires are snatching up farmground (see: Like Feudalism Without The Peasants) Without a certain amount of land, you can't feed yourself and you then become vulnerable and that is right where they want you.

This is for certain, food and water is going to keep you alive or it is not, and the difference between surviving and not surviving will come down to water and food. As Bison Prepper wrote, there are two golden rules for survival. 

The first is from Ol Remus and it is to stay away from crowds. The more people around you, the more likely someone means you harm.

The second golden rule is simple: It Is All About The Food.

Following those two rules is not enough to keep you alive but failing to follow either one means you are dead.

It should go without saying that having stores of food and access to clean water isn't much use if things go sideways without the means and will to protect what you have. You might think your neighbor (or you) would never kill someone else and take their food or water but if your kids and your wife are starving? I don't know about you but I know about me and I know that I would do whatever I had to do to keep them alive. I mean anything and everything is on the table. 

Pay attention because the wealthy oligarchs have their greedy eyes on the sources of our most basic necessities. Their vision for a new, better world doesn't have room for you and they have shown time and again that they are perfectly content to kill you to see their vision become reality. The most counter-cultural thing you can do is survive and live long enough to see them against the wall.

Bison Sighting!

Bison Prepper has a post up, worth your time to peruse...

Biggest takeaway:

Every single famine in history saw cannibalism. True story.

Predator or prey, whatcha gonna be? Check it out...

Monday, May 24, 2021

Place Yer Bets!

This upcoming weekend is the long Memorial Day holiday weekend that traditionally kicks off Murder Season in our cities, so I am going to see who among my handful of readers can come the closest to the actual number for Chicago in the categories of:

1. Total Shootings
2. Murders

I am going to say 87 total shootings and 17 murders. That is a pretty lofty goal. 

In the spirit of full information, here is the current weekend forecast for the Windy City for Memorial Day weekend...

Not great weather for large gatherings on Friday and Saturday but better on Sunday and Monday. 

Sure this seems macabre but what else are we going to do? Thoughts and prayers that they won't shoot each other? 

What are your guesses, the winner gets....well nothing other than being right.

Sunday, May 23, 2021

The United States Of Murder

From Steve Sailer:

Sounds like some mainstream liberals are worried that the media can't keep a lid on America turning into Murderopolis while the Feds chase "White supremacists". Sailer quotes Ezra Klein (yes he is) worrying about "spiking" murders.

Klein seems mostly worried in his thread about the rise of "law and order" conservatives more than the carnage in the black and mestizo community. Then again Klein doesn't live in those neighborhoods. Sailer further quotes:

Yet, the most extraordinary fact of 2020 is that for the seven-plus months from George Floyd’s death to the end of the year, the United States averaged 50.5 murders per day, up 41% from the 35.7 per day during the same long period in 2019. The consistency of the gap between 2020 and 2019 during the Racial Reckoning is striking.

It is really, really bad. I read this morning that Columbus, Ohio just saw it's 77th murder of the year when a 16 year old girl was killed along with five others under 20 who were wounded. What the hell happened to Columbus? It used to be a nice city, sure there was a lot of property crime around campus, bikes and cars stolen, that sort of thing, but 77 murders before Memorial Day? Here is a little clue:

I attended Ohio State from 1990-1991 before transferring. When I was there the city was around 74% White. Now it is under 60% White and dropping fast in just 20 years, probably faster as crime gets worse and Whites flee to the suburbs. 

Elsewhere in the Buckeye state, two adult men were murdered by "juveniles" in Maple Heights. One of the men murdered spoke at a black Lives Matter rally for George Floyd but based on this picture of yoofs accused in his murder, he was worried about the wrong black lives.

Fight the power and all that.

Meanwhile there was a mass shooting in Youngstown, Ohio with three dead and eight injured after an "altercation" led to gunfire. Based on the video from the news, I think we can make some assumptions about the shooter(s). That is just Ohio and just the last few days.

Conservatism is plummeting into electoral irrelevance but if there is a glimmer of short-term hope, it will be if the GOP goes all in on getting tough on crime. Every Republican candidate from President down to dogcatcher should be talking about violent crime and locking people up. It won't save them long term, demographics will guarantee that, but it might be enough to win a couple of election over the next few years.

Temporarily Permanent

Oh boy.

DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas announced on Saturday that the extended protected status will be applied to Haitians who have been in the US since at least May 21, due to “social unrest, an increase in human rights abuses, crippling poverty, and lack of basic resources, which are exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic” in their own nation.

Haiti is always in the middle of social unrest and crippling poverty so you can assume that their "temporary amnesty" will become permanent, not to mention the innumerable new "Americans" they will continue to create via copulation and delivery on U.S. soil.

Haiti is a basket-case and always will be for one primary reason: it is full of Haitians. As I have mentioned before, I went to Haiti on a mission trip and it is a hopeless cause. The problem isn't that they need Jesus or more money or more White missionaries giving them handouts. The problem starts and stops with demographics. Haiti as a nation could be prosperous with different inhabitants. Haitians as a people would be a ghastly failure anywhere they lived. That sounds harsh but pretending it is otherwise isn't doing anyone any favors. Haiti could maybe be OK with a different ruling people who could keep things under control but with independence has come chaos. 

The Haitians got rid of the European population via the sword two hundred years ago and have been adrift ever since. While most African nations gained independence in the 20th century after decades of European influence and infrastructure, Haiti became independent at the beginning of the 19th century. The difference is stark. 

What is the utility of 100,000 Haitians becoming de facto permanent residents of the U.S.? The conditions in Haiti will never improve so they will just linger here in a legal limbo until a "path to citizenship" is passed and we get another 100k voters who fled from their own country because they couldn't handle freedom.

What could possibly go wrong?

Saturday, May 22, 2021

Serious Police Work Afoot

From Scotland....

What kind of civilized country has hooligans putting up controversial stickers on lampposts? Buncha damn savages they are.

Mass Shooting Mayhem!

The temps are heating up and so are the mass shootings! 

First a little local flavor.

The shooting occurred in one of the typical diverse neighborhoods where most shootings in Fort Wayne take place. Shockingly a suspect has been arrested, one Jamarion Thomas. I will guess Jamarion is a black fella. Then to New York state....

Another suspect arrested, the cops are having a great weekend:

Albany police have arrested Jhajuan Sabb, 21, of Schenectady

Jhajuan Sabb? Another Swedish guy apparently. 

Then to Northern Mogadishu, aka Minneapolis...

Minneapolis has very quickly devolved from a nice Lutheran city into a violent urban hellhole. According to the report:

The shooting involved a dispute between two people who both pulled out guns and started shooting at each other, according to Minneapolis Police Department PIO John Alder.

A dispute leading to two groups blazing away at each other. Gee that doesn't sound like pretty much every other urban mass shooting ever or anything.

As a non-mass shooting bonus:

The subheading:

Suspects targeted Jade District, a program run by the Asian Pacific American Network of Oregon

Clearly more White supremacist violence toward Asians!

Investigators described the suspects as being as many as four Black males and one Black female, all of whom are believed to be teenagers. 

Oops, never mind! 

There'll Be a Hot Time in the Old Town Tonight....and the rest of the summer.

Medical Madness

This is a topic that hits close to home, as the son of a physician and for other reasons I will explain one day. 

Getting into medical school was historically one of the most difficult academic achievements in our educational system. Anyone can get accepted to a college and most people of modest intelligence can get into post-grad programs, especially in low rigor fields like education and the liberal arts. But medical school demanded a very high GPA, outstanding MCAT scores and lots of extra-curricular activities. No surprise, this has resulted in a skewed racial distribution among medical school students (click to enlarge):

Out of 94,205 enrolled in medical school, 45,718 med students are White or just shy of half. As White people are about 60% of the population, and about 100% of the people who founded medical schools and colleges in America, that means we are slightly underrepresented in medical school. On the other hand, no shock here, there are 21,505 Asians enrolled as of this chart or about 23%. However Asians of all kinds are only 6% of the U.S. population and are therefore drastically overrepresented. On the other side of the equation, there are only 7,125 blacks enrolled in medical school (61% female) which is about 7.5% while blacks as a whole are a around 13.5% of the U.S. population. Mestizos make up around 6.6% of the med school population yet they are 18% of the population. Some of that is likely due to many mestizos being first or second generation and still struggling to assimilate, much less go to a professional school. 

Bottom line, Whites and Asians make up most of the professional medical professions like physicians, as well as veterinarians and pharmacists. Mestizos and blacks are significantly smaller percentages, well under their overall racial percentage. In general, most people are quietly OK with this because a doctor isn't like a barista with a sociology degree in that their competence matters. Like in a life or death kinda way.

Of course this being 2021, we can't have disparity no matter what. Here comes the American Medical Association with their 1000 employees. The AMA is supposed to be the main trade group representing doctors but that hasn't been the case for decades, even back when I was young and my dad was still a practicing physician. Today? The AMA is completely off the rails. Behold the madness....

If Youtube nukes this video, here is the original at Bitchute. You can also read the transcript and see the charts Jared mentions here: The American Medical Association Goes Insane

This isn't really new. Like most college programs, medical schools have been giving preferential treatment to non-White/Asian students for a long time in order to have enough non-Whites in their promotional photos. It is not a stretch to say that the standards for admission for blacks and mestizos are completely separate from those for Whites and Asians. This is the data from The AAMC, the organization that pretty much runs the medical school admission process, from the MCAT test to the admissions process. Prospective students apply through the AAMC portal to the schools they want to attend and then later use a different system to apply for residency. 

As you can see,  there is a significant difference in the academic achievements of medical school students related to their race. 

I highlighted the science GPA for a reason. It is easy to pack your schedule with easy social science courses to boost your GPA but your science GPA tends to be more revealing of your academic abilities. Chemistry and biology are, or at least used to be, based in measurable factors. The composition of water is H20, regardless of how it makes you feel. The average black student had a mean science GPA of 3.17, a mediocre average barely above a B. Asians on the other hand had an average of 3.53 and Whites 3.57. That would suggest a lot of blacks in medical school had below a 3.0 average in their undergrad science classes, before heading off to medical school where the academic rigors are much higher. More on that in a second.

It doesn't seem like a huge difference in MCAT scores but you have to keep in mind that the range is more narrow than this would indicate. In the most recent MCAT testing, the scores ranged from 472 to 528 so each point was around 1% difference. With a mean MCAT of 498.3, that puts blacks well in the bottom half of MCAT scores. As an interesting side note, mestizos had a higher mean MCAT score of 501.1, still lagging Whites and Asians but mestizos are less represented in medical school compared to blacks while being a larger percentage of the population.

By both major academic metrics used for medical school admission, GPA (esp. science) and MCAT scores, blacks trail other races by significant margins. 

I am sure there is already a quiet push to get rid of the MCAT, just as many schools are no longer using SAT scores, because as long as there is an objective test measuring academic preparation, blacks will lag far behind the other races in admissions. 

What about on the other end, graduation rates? We already pointed out that blacks make up about 7.5% of the accepted students in medical programs. How does that translate on graduation? There is an answer to that as well:

You will need to click the picture to see the details but here are the key takeaways:

- While blacks are 7.5% of admissions, they are only 6.2% of graduates. I would take that to mean that over 18% of blacks don't graduate. This is in line with college in general where blacks have very poor graduation results. 

- Mestizos are 6.6% of those entering medical school but only 5.3% of graduates, also showing a significant failure to graduate. 

- On the other hand, Whites are slightly less than half of new medical school students (48.5%), but they are 54.6% of the graduates indicating that Whites do very well in the high pressure, high achievement world of medical school compared to other races.

- Asians are a slightly smaller percentage of grads, 21.6%, compared to admissions, just shy of 23%.

In other words, Whites thrive in medical school as a whole suggesting that there are likely many White students who don't make it to medical school because a preferred minority got their slot but that they would have likely done at least as well as the minority.

What this means is that we are no longer getting the best doctors we can from medical school because the admissions process is skewed toward racial preferences and rapidly away from pure academic excellence. While there is more to being a doctor than being smart, a doctor must possess a certain level of intelligence and ability to understand complex issues simply as a baseline. Being smart isn't a sufficient feature to be a good doctor but it is a necessary one. 

Something else rarely noted about this is the impact it has on black and mestizo doctors who did earn their way into and through medical school. Understandably it will be assumed that they too were accepted into medical school on the basis of their race rather than their credentials. There are black applicants with very high MCAT scores and outstanding GPAs from challenging schools who would be accepted even with a "color blind" admissions process but their M.D. will be tainted with the assumption that they only got in because of racial quotas. We can see that a lot of blacks do excel in medical school and the vast majority do graduate but the stigma of being considered a diversity selection will always be there and if I was a black doctor I would resent the hell out of that.

If your Stabucks barista with a grad degree in Prehistoric Latin American Sex Toys screws up, you get the wrong coffee. If your surgeon screws up, you could die. We are past the point where we can just brush off racial preferences in academia as being mostly unimportant. Now we are seeing a push for "equity" in medicine, science and engineering. This absolutely will lead to disaster and the people pushing this know it, but simply don't care. 

Find yourself a reliable White or Asian doctor in his late 40s or older and get care established. They might still be screw-ups (what do you call the guy with the worst grades in his medical school graduating class? Doctor.) but the odds are better than you will get with a doctor who only got into med school so their school could bolster their "underrepresented student" percentage.

Friday, May 21, 2021

Staying Ahead Of The Stasi

I sense a wave of massive censorship is on the horizons. The sudden red box warnings many of our blogs recently had was a harbinger of things to come. Most blogs, mine included, are on the Google Blogger platform or the Wordpress platform. Google is infamous as being unfriendly to /ourside/ and Wordpress isn't much better, having nuked Western Rifle Shooters back in June of last year (see: Free Speech Is Cancelled) Even though I have my own domain, it is owned through Google and that makes it vulnerable. I would love to move to a different host that I could just transfer the whole site to with the same format, if anyone has any expertise let me know!

Seeing that Facebook has not only suspended me for a month but long ago blocked sharing any links from my domain, and the blog itself might not be long for this world, I have started to mirror most of my posts on Substack, a kind of stripped down blog platform. You can make people pay to see your stuff but I just have mine for free. You can check out my posts on my Substack site here

Another Promising Physicist Harassed By the Po-Leese

A charming local story from Fort Wayne:

The upstanding citizen in question is one Shaquille Rowe.

Apparently he hit this 17 month old child, Aiden M. Clark, so hard that it killed him...

According to WREG, the autopsy found that the child suffered from a fractured sternum and the affidavit said that "his heart was ripped in half." The boy had a massive amount of hemorrhaging from a torn pericardium sac and hemorrhaging around his left kidney and pancreas from supposed blunt force trauma to his midsection.

Even with a child that small, it would require a pretty significant blow to cause that kind of lethal damage. It sounds like the mother left for some reason and placed her twin boys under the responsible care of Shaquille. I am shocked it turned out badly, it normally is super safe to leave children alone with an unrelated malcontent. 

With any luck one of his fellow inmates will kill him in the lockup and save the taxpayers the cost of housing this useless trash for the next 60 years but what should be done is a summary execution after a fair trial and then hanging his corpse in the public square for a month to let the birds have their way with his corpse. Maybe that would discourage these fellas from killing toddlers because they were bothering him.

Warmongers Gonna Warmonger

Back in 2000 and 2004, George W. Bush pretended to be something other than what he was. He yammered about his faith and "compassionate conservatism". He sounded so sincere and seemed too stupid to be lying to us. It was only later that we found out that he lied about Iraq and to an extent about Afghanistan. This September will mark the 20th anniversary of 9/11 and according to Bush we still can't extricate ourselves from the two messes he created decades ago.

Meanwhile the scales have fallen away and Bush for all of his bullshit fake folksy talk was exposed as just another globalist, a religious sounding huckster. He is completely in lockstep with the rest of the globalist elites, buddies with the Obamas and the Clintons. The Trump presidency really exposed what a piece of crap George W. Bush really is, his outrage and disgust with the American people was palpable. Now as the two wars he started are apparently coming to a close, Bush is super upset that the children of American kulaks are not going to be dying in sufficient numbers:

I am sure he is super concerned. He clearly wants us to permanently occupy Afghanistan for <reasons> and would love to see us invade Iran, for different <reasons> that rhymes with "Israel". The children of the same people who believed him when he stood in a pulpit and lied about the "war on terror" are just pawns in whatever game he is playing. I can only plead youth and inexperience to explain my votes for this asshole.

They are all the same. Bush and his fellow Skull & Bones member daddy. Clinton. Obama. Gates. Bezos. Soros. We are cattle and cannon fodder, to be used and cast aside like a Kleenex. 

Remember their names when the time comes.

Thursday, May 20, 2021

Returning To Normal? A Little?

The gun business has been wacky for everyone the last year or so. For those of us who thought it would be smart to start a firearms business right as coronavirus kicked off? Even more so. It has been a year of selling whatever you could get in while at the same time not being able to get your hands on anything at all. Distributors stopped answering calls and emails and then stopped accepting any new dealers at all. The really popular stuff was impossible to get or if you could order it, you were looking at a very long wait. For example something I ordered from CMMG in July of 2020 just arrived today in mid-May 2021. I would just keep hitting refresh on tabs, hoping to catch something in stock. That worked more often than you would think. The best of times, the worst of times.

For consumers it has been just as bad, everyone is out of everything and prices skyrocketed. If you do buy a gun, you can't get ammo for it. might be starting to let up. Here are a couple of anecdotal examples....

1. Classic Firearms sent out an email a couple of days ago talking about all of the Glocks they had for sale, and not just that shitty Glock 44 in .22. Most of the top faves were on the list, prices wildly inflated but available and that is saying something.

2. Backordered items at one of my distributors seem to be getting cutting loose for smaller operators. That means that the big shops aren't eating up all of the supply. We aren't back to the place where you can go online and order whatever you want but that is an improvement. 

3. Stag Arms has started to offer dealer pricing again after a long hiatus where we didn't get much offered to us. Today my rep called, I wasn't able to pick up the call but I knew it was him and having a rep call you is something that happened back in the quiet days of 2019.

Ammo is also starting to appear, still outrageous prices but available. I even started hearing from some wholesalers.

A nice little reprieve but one I am certain is only temporary. Maybe take this opportunity during the slight lull to upgrade your gear, replace old stuff or just get something new.

Wednesday, May 19, 2021

About Those Blessings

Now the LORD had said unto Abram, Get thee out of thy country, and from thy kindred, and from thy father's house, unto a land that I will shew thee: And I will make of thee a great nation, and I will bless thee, and make thy name great; and thou shalt be a blessing: And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee: and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed.
(Genesis 12:1-3 KJV emphasis mine)

Ask the average American evangelical and they will tell you this means that if you bless "Israel", God will bless you because obviously what God was talking about 12 chapters into the Bible was the modern secular nation-state called Israel. If you point out the myriad problems with their interpretation of this passage that requires slavish devotion to modern day Israel, well you are obviously an anti-Semite and probably like Islamic terrorism. So if Israel is dropping bombs on Palestine and little Palestinian kids die, that is just tough shit for them because God says if we want to be blessed we have to agree with everything Israel does. No matter what. Besides who cares about a bunch of little brown kids when compared to protecting Our Greatest Ally™? 

What is interesting about this idea is that the U.S. has been blessing the hell out of Israel to the tune of billions of dollars every year and yet we don't ever seem to get any blessings. Instead by most any measure things are far worse. Check this out from Ramzpaul...

He kind of rambles a bit but the point is valid.

Israel is not our ally. Israel is not our friend. Many of the most powerful and influential Jews in the world are actively working to undermine Western civilization and supplant White Europeans for the preeminent position in the world's power structure. While I no longer have a dog in the fight, Christian Zionism is both an oxymoron and a heresy. In the big picture, globalist Jews are a greater threat to White people than Islam, blacks or mestizos.

Call it anti-Semitism or whatever else you want but name calling doesn't make it less true. Everything we touch in the Middle East turns to shit because we are always working for one nation at the expense of everyone else.