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What A Disaster

This is what a once proud but no longer serious nation looks like in a single photo.

One woman cock gobbled her way up the political ladder and looked the whole speech like she was thinking “Just die already old man”. The other chick looked like she was trying not to think of her bladder full of the finest chardonnay from her 5 glass dinner. The old d-bag kept blathering on, occasionally adopting his pedophile whisper when he wanted to seem super serious and stuff. 

Everyone in the room has been “fully vaccinated” but they still were sitting way apart, wearing masks like a bunch of imbeciles. The Dems applauded on cue and many of them were clapping like retarded seals.
The speech itself? A rambling, incoherent mess where Biden swung from one topic to the other without pause, from bragging about vaccinations that were already happening before he took office to talking tough about facing down Putin to promising everyone a million bucks and a free pony. The speech was written for him and he still couldn’t deliver, stumbling over words and losing his train of thought completely a couple of times. 
And who the hell wrote that hot garbage? One moment he is talking about his “infrastructure” plan and how the millions of jobs it will magically create won’t require college or even associates degrees and then telling us how critical it is for everyone to go to college.  That is just terrible speech writing, or perhaps the 14 year old intern who wrote it, selected because of her pet-able hair and lovely scent, realized that no one was paying any attention to the ramblings of this old fool. 
While Biden meandered through his speech about White supremacy and banning “ghost guns”, you know that Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping were laughing their asses off. I assume the Russians were having a drinking game, taking a slug of vodka every time Biden said “jobs”. With this speech, the race to replace the U.S. is now officially underway.
Buckle up folks, this bumpy ride is fixing to go straight into a tailspin.

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  1. Anonymous

    I have yet to meet a genuine fan of former vice president Puddin'head Poopy-Pants. Even those in my universe who admit to voting for him are quick to say that they really only voted against President Trump. Not that it would have mattered, but couldn't they just cast a ballot for Mickey Mouse, instead of letting this alzheimered old fart think that he has some sort of mandate? If he is the 'lesser of evils' in the Democrat world view, its sobering to consider just how much they must burn with loathing for DJT, a former Dem himself, and liberal contributor to Hilary in bygone years, if memory serves.

    Since they can't lead with love, they seethe with hate. Sad little commies.

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