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For everyone who still thinks we can vote our way out of this:

Even when Republicans do win, they invariably do stuff like this. While I am not an expert on Arkansas law, I can’t imagine there are any Federal laws that really would protect law enforcement and the public seeing as:
A)  all of the bad things one would do with a gun are already illegal in every state. The point of the legislation is to pre-empty un-Constitutional gun laws from being enforced in the state. This is part of what we call “Federalism”.
B) The people doing bad things invariably already get guns even though Federal gun laws prohibit them from doing so.
Voting Republican has been an enormous waste in most cases and it certainly isn’t going to help us now. Republicans have failed at every turn to protect this country when they were in power and nothing indicates they will do differently when (if) they next get into power.
Absolutely useless.
We aren’t voting our way out of this and no one is coming to save us.


  1. John Wilder

    I heard about this one and shook my head. Guess we know which side he's on. I'm sure he was worried about the NCAA not hosting an event in Little Rock (or something similar).

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