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This Looks Kinda Bad

The video of the cops shooting 13 year old Adam Toledo in Chicago are out and it is kind of sketchy, one of those split second shootings that seem unreasonable when you watch it at your desk or in slow motion.

The kid did have a gun, it was around 2 AM from what I can see from other video footage and he was hanging around some other thug who was randomly shooting at cars apparently. Solid parenting. They should arrest his parents.
It also seems like this is the territory of the Latin Kings street gang and there are rumblings of retaliation from that group. 
So far it has been quiet in Chicago tonight but that might change and besides it is kinda cold and rainy in the Midwest this evening. 
With closing arguments expected from the Chauvin trial coming Monday, we could see a verdict next week and everyone is on edge. 
Keep your head on a swivel, your powder dry and for crying out loud stay away from crowds.


  1. LGC

    I'm currently torn between working towards vengeance/justice and sitting back with popcorn and an RC Cola and watching it burn just so I can say "I told you so".

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