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The Verdict Has Been Reached

Expecting to hear the decision in about an hour. Most people on social media are saying that a decision coming this quickly is bad news for Chauvin, we will see whether that is true or if Foot Locker is getting ready to have a 100% off sale.


  1. jl

    Surprise, surprise, surprise, guilty on all counts. Im shocked I tell ya. Next up,massive LEO resignations in 4, 3, 2, 1… Gonna be a hell of a summer. I predict the summer of '20 will look like. Girl Scout cookout by comparison.

  2. Anonymous

    There was a premature celebration here on tony Long Island this morning, when one Gabriel DeWitt Wilson shot up three employees of a Stop 'n Shop grocery store (our version of the Piggly Wiggly, ya might say). Not sure if this meets yours, or anyone else's definition of a Diverse Mass Shooting, but there are all the right elements, if not the numbers: Three-named disgruntled ex-employee, black handgun of dubious origin, Chuckie Schumer sending his prayers to grieving famblies while vowing stricter gun control, more wounded than dead, and predictably, no mention of the perp's race until he was caught and the cat was well out of the bag.

    Check out his smiling visage on I laughed out loud when I saw how happy this brown clown looks.

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