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The Other Side Of The Coin

On the flip side of the “Justice” Department seeming to focus entirely on alleged misbehavior by cops, there is a completely unexpected, no one saw it coming, how could this be situation in urban police departments. The problem? Not being able to find new recruits. From our local Fort Wayne Lugenpresse “news”….

Fort Wayne Police Department leadership say they’re facing a hiring crisis. They’re attributing this largely to a damaged reputation of policing as a job.


FWPD currently has about 460 officers, and some of those will be leaving soon. The force wants to build up to 485 officers. But Rosales-Scatena says there’s a distrust of police that’s hurting the size of their application pool.

“Obviously, there’s a sentiment around the nation in law enforcement and a lot of people are not considering this as a career opportunity,” she said. “You see it all over social media. ‘Who’d want to do that job?’ ‘Why do you do that job?’ There’s just a lot on both sides of the aisle. We have to take this challenge and we have to show people exactly what this job is and it’s not easy. It’s not for the faint of heart at all, but you can do it.”
I wonder why in a red hot labor market with skyrocketing wages for even the simplest jobs, people are not flocking to a job where you are in serious danger of injury or death from the moment you clock in and where doing your job in high stress situations with violent criminals can mean that instead of the bad guys going to jail, you go to jail.
There are already enough bad cops, assholes with guns and badges who took the job because they want to be able to hurt or kill people and get away with it, like Francis from Stripes.

Making the job more difficult and dangerous and less appealing will attract less qualified candidates. The real impact will be downstream as this goes on for several years and experienced cops retire or get sick of it and quit.
All the more reason to get out of the cities.

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