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Speaking Of Idiot cOnSerVaTivEs

Lots of people think Ben Shapiro is like super smart cuz he totally owns da libs on college campuses and if outsmarting a 19 year old girl who has never had to engage in critical thought isn’t a sign of being super smart and stuff, what is?

A “natural economic boom”? What “booming” we have going on is driven by a firehose of fake money. Even during the Trump years, the national debt was exploding. 

The “economy” is driven mostly by consumption and that consumption is mostly driven by imaginary “money”. Shapiro here trying to own the libs by apparently not understanding basic economics. 
Then there is this guy:

Delusions of grandeur. An overly inflated sense of importance. Paranoia. 
Cernovich is wandering into cult leader levels of insanity here. They are all out to get him, making movies about him but he totally has street cred. Oh, and he thinks Bruce Jenner changing his name and wearing a dress makes him a woman. I have always found him cringe but lately he is going completely insane. 
It isn’t bad enough that most “conservatives” are shills and grifters, but they are also incredibly dumb. Stop supporting these people and stop taking them seriously. This is all a hustle to them.


  1. Arthur Sido

    I admit to a certain macabre sense of anticipation even though I know that the reality is going to be ugly but can it be worse than this slow descent, what Robert Bork called slouching toward Gomorrah?

  2. LGC

    Zman is totally right about the conservatives are just grifters. Losing apparantly pays.

    Also, Ben Shapiro (((tribe))) yeah…………… we'll just say no more on that.

    One thing you have to admit the left has done pretty well has clear their side of internal enemies. They are all on one (crazy and effed up) side, all working together. Go ahead, tell me how many times one of the "liberal" supreme court justices rules against "their" side. Never happens, never has. It's always one of "our" side that sells us out. And after Jan 6th, the controlled opposition presence of the Republican party should be totally evident.

    There's no point in even worrying about these "politics", there's no saving this system. There's nothing to save. It all has to burn down and we are going to have to rebuild. We might as well spend our efforts on building something new to aspire to. The rest of it is a waste of time and energy. (although TBF I really really want to see it all burn down)

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