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Here is a hot take from “conservative” Scott Adams.

A best case scenario where a man trying to do his job is facing decades in prison because a drugged addled violent criminal died resisting arrest.
Well that is one for the record books.


  1. Anonymous

    Scott Adams should stick to drawing loser office drones and affletes should stick to dribbling and fumbling. No one asks an anonymous fireman or landscaper what they think about current affairs. Why should a career entertainer's opinion matter?

  2. Kid

    There should have been some consequence for Chauvin for not allowing EMT access, but the verdict is ridiculous. No way that jury wasn't threatened into it. Defense closing statement -all I saw of the entire thing- indicated the defense did a piss poor job. Maybe intimidation there too.

  3. Arthur Sido

    I kind of think the judge was intentionally helping to set up an appeal. Maybe he should be fired and face some minor charges but murder? The only way that makes sense is if the jury was in fear for their lives.

  4. Anonymous

    Democracy and the rule of the majority against the individual . The republic that once stood for the inalienable rights of the individual is dead. If no republic then there is no reason to aid and abet the usurpers in their democracy

  5. Anonymous

    Now watch as the police force has a problem with people leaving and not showing back up. If you are white and a policemen your days have been numbered. This is their JustUs they want to supplant our Justice system.

  6. Karl

    Could he mean that three guilty verdicts for one death is an easy one to turn over? He's a smart guy, and this might be meant to tweek the left.

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