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Not Really Surprised

Derek Chauvin found guilty of all three charges in Minneapolis and the Left scores a great victory for the efficacy of jury intimidation and mob violence. The message is clear, if you interfere with a black committing a crime, it is more likely your freedom will be lost instead of his. Look at this tweet and the replies as people giggle gleefully as the family of Sergeant Jonathan Pentland is forced to flee because he confronted a weird black guy who was sexually assaulting women. So of course a mob has run him out of his home and that is a huge win for justice or some bullshit.

Fam. We have ran Jonathan Pentland out of his own community. 😂

— gregarious (@mistergeezy) April 15, 2021

Hilarious! Not a one of the people in that crowd or his replies would dare talk shit to Pentland to his face but when you threaten his family and his neighbors? Suddenly the mob feels tough. 
You are only one incident away from being in that chair hearing “guilty” because some piece of trash black guy, loaded up on drugs and suffering from heart disease, dies while you are in the vicinity. The new highest law of the land in America:
Thou shalt not interfere with a black man committing a crime.
This verdict is not going to be seen as “justice”. That isn’t the sort of people we are dealing with. They see this a sign of weakness, that a jury would convict a man because they were terrified of seeing their city burn. I expected the six black jurors to vote to convict but the six White jurors were clearly intimidated into a guilty verdict. Now anytime a jury is considering the guilt of a White accused of any act against a black or of a black accused of any crime, the threat will be there. 

Violent people don’t see our capitulation as a reason to lower the temperature, it is seen as an incentive to turn it up. Having successfully managed to convict a man who was by any reasonable measure not guilty by filling the jurors with terror, they will do it again. We are dealing with idiots who think Communism was a swell idea and their low IQ, violence loving shock troops, all the while with a cabal of puppet-masters pulling their strings.
At this point why would any sane person want to be a cop in any area with more than zero blacks? There is almost nothing good that can come from getting out of your patrol car. They should either quit and go be a cop in Mayberry or they should just stay in the car and eat donuts while driving really slowly to any calls. Good people will stop joining the force but the need for cops will only grow, meaning that the ranks of the police force will be filled with the unsuitable and ill-trained. I am sure that will help. 
Already this evening there was a police shooting of an armed 15 year old black girl in Columbus and an angry crowd is gathering. Sure she was trying to attack someone and was armed when they shot her but we have already established that you can’t interfere with blacks when they are committing a crime and no matter what they are doing or whether they are armed you can’t use force to intervene. Of course the inability to police blacks will mostly hurt people in the black community but that doesn’t matter to the Left. The same people bellowing about justice for George on social media would have been terrified of him when he was alive. He was just a handy pawn in advancing their agenda. 
Remember at all times that there isn’t a functioning justice system in America and you are on your own, you can’t depend on the law to protect you and you can’t rely on the justice system to save you. 
You can only rely on yourself. 


  1. Anonymous

    " The republic is dead , Long live the Democracy" it is a sad day for the civil and moral that the uncivil and immoral will celebrate for decades.

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