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Moar Gunz =/= More Gun Crime

If you thought the gun selling craze of 2020 was over…..think again….

A new all time record in March, over 4.6 million background checks run and through last month over 12.4 million already this year. With nearly 400 million background checks run since 1998, not even counting the millions and millions of guns already in circulation, and you have way more guns than people in America.

Dats a lot of guns. 
Just to note, while not every background check run equals a gun sold as people are denied and some don’t complete the purchase, there are also lots of instances of a single background check being used for multiple firearms so I would guess than there were more than 12.4 million new firearms purchased in America.
What we also knows is that gun crimes are largely concentrated in the African population living in America and most of those crimes are committed using handguns that were not purchased legally.
In other words, if readily available firearms were the cause of gun violence, you would all be dead already.


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