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Might Be A White Guy

The shooter in Indianapolis has been identified as Brandon Scott Hole. From audio of phone calls it sounds like a 19 or 20 year old White guy who was “known to police” as a threat. According to The Sun eight people were killed and over 60 wounded, that is the first time I have heard that many wounded. They are also reporting he had “two assault rifles”. 

Buckle up fellas, this might be the one we have been expecting. A young White male with multiple “assault rifles” who seems like he is unstable magically snaps.


  1. Anonymous

    Two assault rifles, 60 wounded but only 8 dead?!? What was he shootin', Nerf darts? Liberals love to add zeroes to holocaustic statistics, but if it really was Chad Whitebread behind the trigger, we're gonna have to revoke his pale privilege for lousy aim. What, did he take a cue from the brothas and hold the rifle sideways?

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