Monday, April 26, 2021

Is That Why We Fail?

On /ourside/, being doxxed is a very real threat. If you are saying things outside of the elitist mandated Overton Window, you risk losing your job like Lt. William Kelly, a cop in Norfolk, Virginia who donated $25 to the defense fund for political prisoner Kyle Rittenhouse and was fired. I assume he will sue the crap out of the department and get his job back or at least a significant settlement but the chilling effect is real. The political speech representing the beliefs of half of America is now grounds for termination. I could never work in the corporate world again, my public statements on any given day would cause a recruiter for globo-homo to run to the fainting couch. 

It doesn't stop with losing your job. Your family can cut you off. You can lose access to social media and internet platforms. Your ability to use banking services can be limited. Even that is not all there is. To the Left your family is fair game and in many ways is the preferred target. Many, if not most, of us are usually armed for self-defense, are familiar with the use of our preferred firearms and have trained to some extent. We are not a soft target. Of course we are susceptible to being sucker punched or something but with a modicum of warning we are prepared to defend ourselves. Our families? Not as much, especially if we aren't around. We can't always be there. We all have to sleep. Most of us have extended family living in other areas who may not even be on board with what we believe. It doesn't matter because terrorizing the weak and defenseless is a favored tactic of the Left. Every Marxist regime that has ever existed kept control of the population not by delivering their promises of a workers utopia but through terror, torture and murder. Their contemporary progeny thinks throwing a Molotov cocktail into your house while your children sleep is perfectly acceptable behavior. 

Even though I don't shroud my identity behind anonymity, I don't get much in the way of threats. Perhaps because of that, you can't shut me up by revealing my real name as I use it openly. But it happens to others on a regular basis. No matter how anonymous you think you are, if you are on the internet someone can figure out who you really are and that can put your family at risk.

Big Country Expat had an experience in this area just recently that he talks about here: A Busy Saturday (and now it's Sunday) Bottom line, someone called his mom and was asking questions about him. That obviously pissed him off and upset his wife and that is what these people want. They love to try to frighten people into silence. Obviously BCE being BCE, this is having the opposite effect but many others are cowed into silence out of fear. 

It is hard for us to understand. My perspective is that the last thing I want is for the Left to shut up. If they would just quietly do their work behind the scenes, they would be in a much better position but these shitbags can't help themselves, they have to announce their plans and crow over every little victory and that is waking people up. The more they talk, the better. Even more difficult to understand is the threatening of people's families. There are a ton of repulsive Leftists and plenty I would have no problem punching in the mouth but their kids? I can't even comprehend threatening someone's children because I don't like their politics. Kids are off limits. If some soyboy dude wants to square off with me, let's get it on, but I wouldn't go after his significant other because that is fucking cowardly. 

But it BCE's post got me thinking. Is this why we lose so often, and why we are on the verge of losing it all?

Back in WW II, the "good guys" had no problem firebombing cities like Dresden and Tokyo, or dropping nukes on the Japs. We burned to death untold tens of thousands of women and children. If the Axis had somehow turned things around and won the war, Eisenhower, Truman and Churchill would have been tried as war criminals, found guilty and hung. Rightly so. Firebombing Dresden and other cities in Germany and Japan were acts of terror to break the will of the Germans and Japs.

The aftermath of the Dresden bombing

Are we too squeamish today? Are we too soft to wage total war?

I am not at that point, not yet, nor am I close to that place. I don't want to become like our enemy. However I know this for sure. If our commitment, our zeal doesn't match that of our enemies we will lose. Our understanding of the rules and what are we obligated to obey needs to change. I talked about this a couple of years ago in Fighting In A Cage Using The Queensberry Rules

"But by lowering yourself to fighting by their rules, you become what you hate! If we don't keep our principles we are no better than the Left!"

When you are in a fight for survival, all that matters is survival. If someone is threatening me or my family I am not going to challenge them to a "walk 10 paces turn and fire" style duel. To protect my family I will fight as dirty as I need to fight in order for them to survive. I'll shoot an intruder in the back if I have to. I won't feel much better standing at the graveside of my child by consoling myself with the knowledge that at least I played by the rules.

That is even more true today. In March of 2019 even a pessimist realist like me didn't see what was coming in 2020 and how swiftly things would go sideways. 

We must be ready to do what must be done before what the Left thinks must be done happens to us. All the nice rules about discourse and debate are garbage today and we can't fight a war restricted by rules imposed on us by our enemies, rules they cheerfully ignore and flaunt. The kindler, gentler days of Quisling Republicans like George W. Bush and Mitt Romney are over. Today we need to be channeling Genghis Khan and George Patton. 

Their motto is "By Any Means Necessary". If we don't operate the same way, we will lose.


  1. Good write-up !!
    I've been telling friends the same thing for several months. The left is as brazen as they are because we have not answered with greater violence. Turning the other cheek just means the rest of your teeth get knocked out. If they want a fight, we have to give it right back. Harder.

    1. I wish it weren't this way but it is and these times call for realism if nothing else.

    2. It's Game of Thrones, baby !
      We win or die.
      It sucks, but that's as simple as it gets.

    3. We just need to get more of our people to understand this.

  2. I am not the one who wouldn't leave others alone.

    I am not the one that will not allow others to just go about their life.

    I am not the one that requires public obedience at all times in all areas.

    I am not the one who thinks that removing food, housing, medical care from someone and their family is a good idea.

    I am not the one attacking others for their beliefs. (and i do mean physically).

    I am not the one who declared total war.

    Thus, those are the rules that THEY CHOOSE. So be it, the terms are acceptable. I doubt they are going to like the new rules.

    They wanted total war, they got it. There is only one rule. Don't Lose.

    I kept telling them that they wouldn't like me (and millions of others like me) as a criminal.

    1. Like I said in a prior post, they once feared us and with good reason.

    2. They just don't get it.
      When they riot, they burn down their own cities.
      In the past, when we "rioted", we burned down continents.
      When the fight comes to me, it's victory or death.

    3. Point of order, those aren't their own cities. We built those cities from nothing and then they migrated in and turned them to shit.

  3. I am so damned sick of us White, Christian men being "decent", and it goes waaaaay back to the beginning. Any guy who grew up with bratty-ass sisters learned very early on that in any sort of conflict, you, as the physically more capable male, are required by whatever authority is in control (parents, sometimes older siblings) to pull your punches. Better still, let the little bitch hit you with everything she's got and don't you dare hit her back. You are even responsible if she injures herself taking a swing at you and missing.

    Its the same shit today with "adult" feminists, or minorities, or disadvantaged "youths". The rules only apply to you, Mr. Privileged White Guy, but don't you dare complain about how absurdly unfair the deal is. That 16 year old "baby girl" with the butcher knife is still too young and fragile to be expected to comprehend that slashing another living being over some petty slight isn't the proper way to address grievances. And woe betide the poor cop who permanently neutralizes her in the act (why can the homies spray 40 rounds in a crowded house and hit absolutely nothing while the White cops have such unerringly accurate aim? Its a mystery.)

    The Marquess of Queensberry is going to have to just STFU with his gentlemanly rules of engagement. Sumbitch never dealt with the kind of savages we do today.

    1. Most of the ghetto gunslingers buy a guy and never bother to learn to shoot so they are shooting one handed, over their head or turned sideways. I couldn't hit anything holding a gun that way either. Imagine if they learned a decent shooting stance, the murder rate in the country would skyrocket.

  4. Good writing today Sir. Much to consider. I was taught as a young man to NEVER instigate a fight, but if one came to me, there was no such thing as "fair". One is to fight as tho their life depends on it. I hadn't really thought about that since my last actual hand-to-hand fight, around 1983 or so in high school... Thanks for the timely reminder. It applies to our current state of affairs quite broadly.

    Genghis Patton, my new "spiritual guide"!

    1. Ah I remember high school in the 90s where knife fights were a daily occurrence. Good times!

  5. On the topic of defense, what would another Rittenhouse face if he had been critical of the jews?

    "If some soyboy dude wants to square off with me, let's get it on, but I wouldn't go after his significant other"
    Why not? His boyfriend won't respect a fair fight. And his butch polyamorous bi-queer Mistress might decide she wants to go straight if you decked her.

    The antifa fags are nothing. The doxxing and harassment are really only important for controlling the sheep right now. There are no half-measures in what is coming. It's not political, but biological. Nature tells us what to do. It will be either win, or disappear forever. What we do doesn't matter, only the outcome. What we think of it now doesn't matter. Our values must be what is in service of what is necessary.

    When I think of what you wrote, one saying keeps coming back to me. Nits make lice.

    1. There is a reason they have tried so hard to stamp out masculinity in White men for decades and the main reason is fear.