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Hoosier State Horror

Woke up to news of a mass shooting right here in Indiana, down in Indianapolis at a FedEx facility. What we know now is pretty limited, the shooting happened around 11 PM last night so as the morning progresses we should know more but as of right now it sounds like 8 people dead for sure and an unknown number wounded, and the shooter killed himself. No identification of the shooter at this time.
Something else in a Fox News report, an alleged witness said the following:
Jeremiah Miller told WISH-TV he was between shifts at FedEx when he heard several shots.

“This made me stand up and actually look out the entrance door, and I saw a man with a submachine gun of some sort, an automatic rifle, and he was firing in the open,” he said. “I immediately ducked down and got scared and my friend’s mother, she came in and told us to get inside the car.”
That could mean a lot of things but none of them good. 
From what we know I would bet this is a workplace disgruntled employee shooting, either someone with a beef or someone recently fired. Those tend to be committed by diverse employees but we will see. There will be a press conference at some point this morning, no set time as of now. The critical thing to watch will be the identity of the shooter, the longer they withhold that, the less likely it is to be a White guy. 


  1. LGC

    when there is doubt, there is no doubt. If it was a white guy (unlikely at a Fedex sort facility) it would have been put out 2 minutes after. But holding common info like this back? it's a jogger or some other import.

  2. Arthur Sido

    A couple of telling signs. They are at his house but no word on his identity and now they are distracting the readers by talking about FedEx workers not being able to carry cellphones.

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