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He Had A Good Run

Tucker Carlson is in hot water for mentioning the unmentionable: The Great Replacement. You know, the wild eyed right-wing conspiracy theory that is also celebrated by the Left. He brought it up and was attacked so he brought it up again.

I suspect Tucker is on the way out at Fox, at least on their main channel, so he DGAF at this point. He is also not just right but what he is saying is so patently obvious that even the most neophyte of political observers knows it is true….
Demographic change is the key to the Democratic party’s political ambitions. Let’s say that again for emphasis because it is the secret to the entire immigration debate. Demographic change is the key to the Democratic party’s political initiative. In order to win and maintain power, Democrats plan to change the population of the country.
We all know it but we aren’t supposed to talk about it, just as we all know that blacks commit the majority of violent crime in this country but we are supposed to pretend that they are just getting hassled by the man for no reason whatsoever. 
Anyway, he is 100% correct, at least in part. He still tries to frame this as something other than what it is, which is racial tribalism, and instead frames it as a voting rights issue with some convoluted argument about imported voters diluting his vote but everyone including Tucker knows that this is 100% at the core about race. White voters are too unpredictable and stubborn, too difficult to control and unreliable to bribe. We do stuff like elect Trump and that messes up the globalist timeline. So we have to go. Notice that there is never a push from the Left to import mass numbers of Russians or Ukrainians or Poles. It is always brown and black people from south Asia or Africa or Central America. Why is that? Simply because Europeans are just not reliable when it comes to doing what they are told. Trying to talk about this issue while dodging the race question is dishonest.
The Democrats main political strategy is not Obamacare for all or universal basic income or combatting climate change. Those are all carrots to get liberal White votes and matador capes for normie-cons to charge at. Rather their main strategy is and has been for decades to replace the American people with new “Americans” who will be easier to manipulate and control. I have been saying this for years and more people are finally waking up to the truth. We have it all backwards. Once Whites are no longer a majority, the Left can pass whatever they want and they know, and I know, and Tucker knows, that they are very, very close to that goal. Tucker talking about this in prime time on Fox News is dangerous because a lot of the people who don’t understand what is happening watch his show and might start to ask the wrong sort of question. That is dangerous and so Tucker must go.
Leading the charge calling for Tucker to be “cancelled” is the Anti-Defamation League. No shocker there. Even if I didn’t know who was at the forefront of this, I probably could have guessed and the ADL would have been on the shortlist next to the Southern Poverty Law Center.
I am not saying every Jewish advocacy group is involved in degenerate and/or anti-White behavior but I am saying that behind every degenerate and/or anti-White behavior there is usually someone with dual citizenship. It is understandable. The Jews and Whites have had a very rocky and often violently unpleasant co-existence for centuries. Jews living in America have always had a chip on their shoulders and seem to, like many non-White racial and ethnic groups, ground their identity in their tribe rather than in being American. White people don’t call themselves “White-Americans” or “European-Americans” because being American was always associated with being White, retconning notwithstanding. It also seems clear that Jews mostly see heritage Americans as competition rather than as countrymen. Replacing us removes a competitor and that sort of makes sense.
So when Tucker calls out the open plan to replace Whites, it isn’t a shock that the ADL is out in front in condemning his statements. The ADL is a de facto arm of the Democrat party and therefore the aims of the Democrats are the same as the goals of the ADL which explains why the ADL is more outraged by mentioning the Great Replacement than they are by increasing numbers of anti-Semitic attacks being carried out by blacks. 
The Great Replacement is real and the only people who don’t understand this are normiecons who want to pretend that race plays no part in American politics, the kind of people who still believe the nonsense about mestizos being “natural conservatives” and think that Texas will always vote Republican. It is also true that mentioning the Great Replacement is a great way to find yourself unemployed. 
This is the grand strategy of the globalists and it is working. Our people find themselves on the ropes and outnumbered. Rather than despair, now is the time to embrace this new great challenge we are facing. Always in the past, whether exploring the globe or carving a nation from the American wilderness to landing men on the moon, our people have risen to the challenge and overcome the obstacles. I have faith we can do so again.


  1. Anonymous

    Indeed. I do not shout from the roof tops I am white American or even Irish American, maybe I should. However this article brings a question to mind; Is jewism a religion or ethnicity? I posed that question once and the jewish guy was very puzzled.

  2. Arthur Sido

    He will land somewhere else behind a paywall but his reach will be diminished to only people already on board. His value at Fox was that he was speaking to the mass of normiecons who don't normally stray from the orthodox circles.

  3. Arthur Sido

    Being Jewish, at least in America, is mostly an ethnic tribal identity. The religious aspect is secondary. Lots of secular Jews who never attend temple nevertheless are deeply rooted in their ethnic identity.

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