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Genuinely Suprised

Very little shocks or surprises me these days but this did. You probably already know that last month set a new all time record for background checks ( Moar Gunz =/= More Gun Crime ) but I saw something today that breaks down gun sales by states. The number one state in the Union last month, by a huge margin, with over 1 million guns sold accounting for 30% of all guns sold in March?
What? Illinois? That state has horrible gun laws and is by most accounts very gun unfriendly but they are buying guns like crazy. The next closest state was Kentucky with 330,000 then Texas with 222,000 followed by my state of Indiana with 206,000. Sure Illinois has twice as many people as Indiana but they bought 1.4 million guns last month or like 7 times as many guns as we did. I am pretty embarrassed by that. I had to check out the raw data from the FBI and sure enough it tracks. What is more, it is not just last month but every month this year Illinois is way ahead of the rest of the states. Already in 2021 Illinois shows over 3.3 million sales…

Kentucky is the only other state with over 1,000,000 and barely so, Illinois has around triple their sales.
It is still possible to surprise me, I would have guessed that Texas or Florida would have way more in sales. Who knew?


  1. jl

    I'm not all that surprised considering Chicongo is within their borders and their .gov seems hell bent on burning the whole place to the ground. I would think CA would be high on the list too. In the places where its already difficult to get them citizens should be turning out in droves before its "too late". My usual shop already had terrible hours of operation and since the plague hit every time Ive gone over there Ive encountered a line wrapped around the building, so I just kept driving. The shop closest to my work place is now "by appointment only" and appointments have been over a week out.
    I'm glad I have what I have now, I dont see much coming our way, unless through the "spoils of war".
    My focus has been on spare parts as that is the only thing that's been available for the last 7-8 months now, and even those are slim pickings… But yes, if I didnt already have a decent set of tools in my possession I would be one of the millions standing in line for hours to get my hands on something rather than nothing.
    I consider every new firearm sold a win for the Republic and a poke in the eye of the government.

  2. Arthur Sido

    It has to be driving the oligarchs mad that each month millions of firearms are sold while doddering Joe drools and refuses to kick the bucket. March was a decent month for us, better than February but no where near January which was insane for sales.

  3. Great Scott

    Really Illinois? That is odd. Messed up gun laws in Chicago and all. I used to live there. Now I only like down state or Western Illinois. Even Wisconsin is changing unfortunately.

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