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A Bison (Prepper) Sighting!

A rare post from James Dakin aka Bison Prepper who is mostly disconnected from the internet: April 2021 Update & Article
Check it out. I have to say sometimes I envy his disconnect because there is nothing good happening on teh intrawebz. He is pushing the cheap land thing, which I also get. I was browsing around the listings at that he recommended and there are lots of great opportunities out there to own property in out of the way places for not that much money. You won’t be able to commute to some shitty wage slave cubicle job but you shouldn’t be doing that anyway. Bottom line, you need to at least have a getaway plan and holing up in your suburban home five minutes from ferals is not a plan
Check it out, James is one of the originals I started reading back when, good information all around.


  1. jl

    Thanks for the tip on his "return"! Lord Bison and I go way back and I am now one of his monthly subscribers. In fact I think it was a comment you left on his blog that led me to yours. While his style isnt for everyone, his advice is priceless. Nobody like him in the "prepper" space. One of my all-time favorites!

  2. Anonymous

    After May 2022 James Dakin has not been heard from. He used to ship CD's by subscription but not anymore. No return contact by him on email correspondence either. I wonder what gives? Anybody know? Thanks.

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