Friday, April 30, 2021

Two Movie Reviews In One: Midway

Another movie I have been wanting to watch is the 2019 version of Midway. I grew up watching the great WW II flicks: Tora! Tora! Tora!, A Bridge Too Far, The Longest Day and of course Patton. Midway was one of my favorites, the 1976 version with Charlton Heston, Henry Fonda, James Coburn, Robert Mitchum and many more, including a young Pat Morita playing a Japanese admiral long before he was Mr. Miyagi or Arnold in Happy Days. It featured a lot of cobbled together actual war footage and in 1976 was only 31 years removed from the end of WW II so it resonated very differently to the audience. The acting was kind of wooden and the effects were typical for the time, so they weren't great. Still it was a great film if you aren't one of those people who notices that some of the scenes apparently included British and German planes.

The 2019 Midway "remake" featured a less distinguished cast but still has some big names: Woody Harrelson, Dennis Quaid and Ed Skrein who I just know as Ajax from Deadpool. The plot is basically the same, viewing the lead-up to the battle of Midway that turned around the Pacific campaign and put the Japanese on the defensive. The acting wasn't great, the dialogue was a little forced and some of the accents were terrible (looking at you Ed Skrein)

Unlike the slower pace of the earlier version, the 2019 Midway has too many loud and over the top battles. The Pearl Harbor scene in particular was downright silly. Movie producers apparently think people need endless CGI explosions or they stop paying attention. Mind you, I am not saying they are incorrect.

One thing they did capture well in the new Midway was a glimpse of how horrifying it would have been to fly a torpedo plane straight into gunfire or screaming in a dive bomber at the deck of a carrier in the face of withering anti-aircraft fire. When you are coming right at a ship full of people shooting at you and there are Japs in Zeros shooting at you at the same time, you have to be made of stern stuff to keep going.

The film did make some minor efforts to show the absolute cruelty and viciousness of the Japanese. We know them now as polite people with no crime and no military who make weird cartoons but in the WW II era they were as inhumane as anything humanity has ever witnessed. It must be an Asian thing, my very kindly neighbor where I lived while growing up fought in Korea and said that the Koreans and Chinese had absolute no regard for human life. 

Probably the most powerful part was the Doolittle raid. Those boys had balls you would have to haul around dump trucks, flying shitty planes that weren't meant to take off from carriers to drop three whole bombs each on Tokyo knowing that they wouldn't have enough fuel to get back so they would either have to ditch in the ocean or parachute into occupied China. Absolute kings. The whole thing was just a morale boosting fuck you to the Japs and they risked everything to complete the mission. 

Two movies made over 40 years apart covering the same historical event. For all of the advancements in technology that have done things like make a great adaptation of the Lord of the Rings possible, film-making in general has grown poorer, more prone to flash and sizzle and less to story and character. Studios today are cowardly and timid, scared to do anything new or risky. The 2019 film was a money loser, costing $100 million to make and only bringing in $126 million worldwide

I can't say I was disappointed because I didn't expect much but it is still jarring how crappy "entertainment" has become. 

I am going to rewatch the older version of Midway this weekend and remember when films were still entertaining without CGI.

Wise Words

From the king running the Fenix Ammunition twitter account:

I am sure whoever wrote that line in Joe's speech thought it was hilarious but we will see how hilarious they find it when they find out first-hand why the 2A was written. Spoiler: it wasn't about deer hunting. 

Thursday, April 29, 2021

The Perpetual Ritual Mortification Of Derek Chauvin

As with any religious system, Western neo-Marxism has it's own set of rituals, a liturgy that expands with each passing year. Some of it is fairly innocuous like putting #believewomen or of course #blacklivesmatter in your social media bio. Or changing your social media avatar to a picture of you wearing a mask because you care. Other rituals are less innocent, like looting local stores when a jury verdict goes a way you don't like. Worse yet, mutilating the genitals of young children so parents can brag about their "trans" kid on social media or murdering your own child in the womb in the name of "Choice".

Other religions have similar rituals, from abstaining from meat on Friday during Lent to digging up the bones of long dead John Wycliffe for the "heresy" of translating the Bible into English, burning his remains and then throwing his ashes into a river (see: The New Heretic Hunters). 

One of the weirdest comes, no surprise, from Islam where they engage in the Stoning of The Devil, the Islamic ritual of taking a break from throwing stones at women by throwing stones at a walls to smite the devil. This is a ritual the Left often replicates in their own perverse way (see: The Stoning Of Trump) and now they have a new scapegoat upon which they can place the collective sins of White people for endless condemnation and ritualistic sacrifice: Derek Chauvin.....

This comes on the heels of the Feds digging up an old case where Chauvin restrained an African youth which is obviously racist because the yoof was black and Chauvin is White and then just yesterday I reported that the three men accused in the death of construction enthusiast/jogger-extraordinaire Ahmaud Arbery were being charged with Federal "hate crimes" before they even have their criminal trials. 

As an aside Steve Sailer reported today that the Feds were waiting to arrest Chavin if he was found not guilty by the jury to try to stave off the looting and mayhem. 

Sort of like throwing a virgin into a volcano to appease the angry gods, the Left now intends to continue to ritualistically punish Derek Chauvin for the crime of restraining a black man loaded up with a lethal dose of drugs. It sort of worked, the guilt verdict placated the angry Africans temporarily so Minneapolis didn't burn to the ground. Sure violent crime is rampaging in Minneapolis (see from Michael Tracy: One Year After George Floyd, Minneapolis Is “Murderapolis” Again) but as long as they got their pound of flesh from a White cop for the death of one black man, it is OK that dozens or hundreds of additional black men will perish. From Tracy's essay:

This is especially true in Minneapolis, where the tumult of the Floyd episode and its fallout has now lasted for nearly a full year. Because it simply cannot be disputed that the prevalence of unjust killing and violence in the Twin Cities area has vastly increased since last summer’s protests and riots. Minneapolis recorded its second-most homicides ever in 2020 — after only 1995, when the city was ignobly dubbed “Murderapolis” in national media. And the trend has continued to escalate in 2021: between January 1 and April 25, the number of homicides increased by 92% compared to the same period in 2020. More than 80% of the shooting victims in 2020 were black.

If 80% of 2020 shooting victims in Minneapolis were black in a city that is less than 20% African, that certainly seems like a problem but noticing that is itself racist. Oops. 

As with all primitive violent gods, the gods of Marxism demands a sacrifice to appease their wrath but they also require these sacrifices on a regular basis. Having expended their sacrificial lamb with the Floyd trial, now there is an opportunity to keep scourging him for the crowd. A "hate crimes" trial is a great opportunity for the Feds to rend their garments and gnash their teeth. Maybe they can hire some professional wailers to mourn the passing of a violent piece of shit? Whatever it takes to keep the lid on the pot.

You can see where this headed. Hating Derek Chauvin, screaming at him in his orange prison jumpsuit and frothing at the mouth like the Two Minute Hate from 1984 is a high, holy obligation. Can we be far from the point where April 20th, the day Derek Chauvin was found guilty, will be declared a national holiday where we celebrate the guilty verdict? Maybe we can get rid of a racist holiday like Independence Day to make room. 

But as the ritualistic punishment of cops gains steam, the angry gods of Marxism will demand even more sacrifice. If you think the other three cops accused in Floyd's death are going to get a fair trial, you are crazy and the Feds are already preparing hate crimes charges against them as well. Pretty soon the demand for more sacrifices will outpace the supply of sketchy police killings and the standards for "murder" and "hate crimes" will expand. It won't be long before a black man who dies in a high speed pursuit while driving a stolen car and shooting at the cops will be a new George Floyd and the cops pursuing him will be tried and summarily executed for murder.

At least Derek Chauvin will probably be safe in prison, he is far too valuable as the newest shaitan to be allowed to get shanked in jail. Dead he becomes a martyr, alive he is a warning and a totem to be rolled out whenever needed.

This shouldn't surprise anyone. As America imports the third world it is inevitable that we will see our society regressing back to a more primitive age. It might be a wise investment to stock up on goats and sheep, anything that can be sacrificed easily, because if there is one thing that primitive religions are known for, it is an insatiable thirst for blood.

A Bison (Prepper) Sighting!

A rare post from James Dakin aka Bison Prepper who is mostly disconnected from the internet: April 2021 Update & Article

Check it out. I have to say sometimes I envy his disconnect because there is nothing good happening on teh intrawebz. He is pushing the cheap land thing, which I also get. I was browsing around the listings at that he recommended and there are lots of great opportunities out there to own property in out of the way places for not that much money. You won't be able to commute to some shitty wage slave cubicle job but you shouldn't be doing that anyway. Bottom line, you need to at least have a getaway plan and holing up in your suburban home five minutes from ferals is not a plan

Check it out, James is one of the originals I started reading back when, good information all around.

What A Disaster

This is what a once proud but no longer serious nation looks like in a single photo.

One woman cock gobbled her way up the political ladder and looked the whole speech like she was thinking "Just die already old man". The other chick looked like she was trying not to think of her bladder full of the finest chardonnay from her 5 glass dinner. The old d-bag kept blathering on, occasionally adopting his pedophile whisper when he wanted to seem super serious and stuff. 

Everyone in the room has been "fully vaccinated" but they still were sitting way apart, wearing masks like a bunch of imbeciles. The Dems applauded on cue and many of them were clapping like retarded seals.

The speech itself? A rambling, incoherent mess where Biden swung from one topic to the other without pause, from bragging about vaccinations that were already happening before he took office to talking tough about facing down Putin to promising everyone a million bucks and a free pony. The speech was written for him and he still couldn't deliver, stumbling over words and losing his train of thought completely a couple of times. 

And who the hell wrote that hot garbage? One moment he is talking about his "infrastructure" plan and how the millions of jobs it will magically create won't require college or even associates degrees and then telling us how critical it is for everyone to go to college.  That is just terrible speech writing, or perhaps the 14 year old intern who wrote it, selected because of her pet-able hair and lovely scent, realized that no one was paying any attention to the ramblings of this old fool. 

While Biden meandered through his speech about White supremacy and banning "ghost guns", you know that Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping were laughing their asses off. I assume the Russians were having a drinking game, taking a slug of vodka every time Biden said "jobs". With this speech, the race to replace the U.S. is now officially underway.

Buckle up folks, this bumpy ride is fixing to go straight into a tailspin.

Wednesday, April 28, 2021

The New Enemies List

Like I have said repeatedly, the sole remaining purpose of the Federal government under the occupational junta is to weaponize the various agencies in a jihad against the heritage White population of America. A new phase has started, one that was already running but is now coming into the open: creating new enemies lists and actively punishing political dissent and terrorizing potential dissidents before they can make waves.

Exhibit A:

America First manlet Nicholas Fuentes has landed on the Federal do-not-fly list. 

I don't care for Fuentes, I think he is a clown and completely unserious making him unsuitable to be considered any sort of leader. This whole thing seems like a lark to him, something to do instead of working part-time as a barista. But his "crime" was being present at the January 6th shenanigans and as far as I know he has not been convicted of any crimes for those events. Still he says the wrong things and upsets the wrong people so now he cannot fly domestically in the United States. 

Exhibit B:

The FBI raid on Rudy Guiliani

The FBI showed up at Rudy Guiliani's apartment, searched it for a couple of hours and left with multiple electronic devices. Allegedly this has to do with whether Rudy was involved in influencing U.S. policy on behalf of the Ukraine. What it really is about is going after a Trump ally and sending the message to others: cross the junta and you will go to jail. Meanwhile there is no investigation of influence peddling in Ukraine by the Biden crime family, or China for that matter.

Exhibit C:

The three White men arrested in the killing of jogger/burglar Ahmaud Arbery have been hit with Federal hate crimes charges. 

This just came down this evening. Travis McMichael, his 65-year-old father, Gregory, and William "Roddie" Bryan, haven't even had their day in court yet and already they are being harassed with trumped up "hate crimes" charges. Again the message is clear: even if a jury of their peers finds them not guilty, they will still go to jail because no matter what you cannot interfere with a black man committing a crime. A lawyer for his family said as much on Twitter:

A "fail-safe to the state prosecution" is just code for gaming the system to guarantee the results they want.

Meanwhile the "new and improved" military is being prepared to enforce the dictates of the globalist order as the police have been proven unreliable and likely to have their hands full with feral gangs of diversity shooting each other and smashing up Chuck E Cheese "restaurants". From Matt Bracken on Gab:

The money quote:

Thereafter, the U.S. military will only need to be powerful enough to suppress and purge conservative nationalist patriots at home, performing this mission as their globalist duty. For this purpose, a military comprised of "woke" radicals, anti-white angry minorities and sexual deviants will be perfectly suited. They will conduct the purge of conservatives (aka "white racist domestic extremists") with self-righteous fury.

Yep. Transitioning trannies. Overweight women who get into cat fights with each other. Various diversity troops. Fat kids in air conditioned offices carrying out drone strikes. This is the new military, unsuited for fighting real wars but probably good enough to launch hellfire missiles at dissidents between nibbles of jelly donuts.

Hold on you might be saying, astute reader that you are. The U.S. military is prohibited from carrying out activities like that within the borders of the United States. The Posse Comitatus act and all that. 

Ah but don't forget this grasshopper: we have already established that civil liberties and the Constitution are rendered null and void in times of a "public health crisis". Remember as well that we have likewise established that "racism" and "White supremacy" and "gun violence" are all...."public health crises". 

The U.S. military is one of the most beloved institutions in our society with a proud tradition but like most of our venerable institutions, it has been utterly corrupted into something completely different. What it has become would enrage and sicken those heroic warriors of America's past.

The list of political prisoners in America grows daily. James Field. Travis and Gregory McMichael. Kyle Rittenhouse. The dozens of protesters from January 6th being held in solitary confinement. Be smart in your actions and focus on your personal area of operation. You won't do anyone any good locked up for life. The time is coming but not here yet.

The Other Side Of The Coin

On the flip side of the "Justice" Department seeming to focus entirely on alleged misbehavior by cops, there is a completely unexpected, no one saw it coming, how could this be situation in urban police departments. The problem? Not being able to find new recruits. From our local Fort Wayne Lugenpresse "news"....

Fort Wayne Police Department leadership say they’re facing a hiring crisis. They’re attributing this largely to a damaged reputation of policing as a job.


FWPD currently has about 460 officers, and some of those will be leaving soon. The force wants to build up to 485 officers. But Rosales-Scatena says there’s a distrust of police that’s hurting the size of their application pool.

“Obviously, there’s a sentiment around the nation in law enforcement and a lot of people are not considering this as a career opportunity,” she said. “You see it all over social media. ‘Who’d want to do that job?’ ‘Why do you do that job?’ There’s just a lot on both sides of the aisle. We have to take this challenge and we have to show people exactly what this job is and it’s not easy. It’s not for the faint of heart at all, but you can do it.”

I wonder why in a red hot labor market with skyrocketing wages for even the simplest jobs, people are not flocking to a job where you are in serious danger of injury or death from the moment you clock in and where doing your job in high stress situations with violent criminals can mean that instead of the bad guys going to jail, you go to jail.

There are already enough bad cops, assholes with guns and badges who took the job because they want to be able to hurt or kill people and get away with it, like Francis from Stripes.

Making the job more difficult and dangerous and less appealing will attract less qualified candidates. The real impact will be downstream as this goes on for several years and experienced cops retire or get sick of it and quit.

All the more reason to get out of the cities.

Be Careful What You Wish For

Second Amendment advocates were all excited when it was announced that the Supreme Court is taking up a New York case that could extend the right to carry a firearm outside of your home. As soon as I saw this and all of the excitement, I was worried that this might go badly. You shouldn't rely on SCOTUS to protect anything at this point because they are simply not reliable. Too often the court is ruling based on pragmatism, what will keep the lid on the pot, rather than the law. The sole exception to this is typically Clarence Thomas but he is getting old (turning 73 in June). 

Styxhexenmammer rightly sounds the same caution....

Let's wait to see what the court actually does. He is right that it is a good sign that they took the case at all but I will reserve judgment until the decision. Of course if they rule properly that the 2A extends beyond your home, it will also be cited as yet another reason to pack the court with new justices. 

The Supreme Court isn't going to save us. The Constitution isn't going to save us. I welcome the reprieve, if there is one, but ultimately this will be decided on the field, not in the courts.

Investigating The Cops Instead Of The Criminals

A sign of things to come, three news stories about jilted Supreme Court nominee, now Attorney General Merrick Garland and his Department of "Justice":

This is what we have come to. The Attorney General directing the Department of Justice to harass local police departments. Meanwhile we see stories like this:

46 shootings with over 50 people shot in a single week. Chicago is rapidly approaching the 200 murders mark, and might make it before May 1st...

Someone is shot in Chicago about once every hour and a half, and almost twice a day on average.

But the Harris-Biden occupational government doesn't care about that. Instead they want to make it harder for cops to enforce the law. I am sure that won't backfire on the people in the neighborhoods that suffer the most from rampant crime. The chief law enforcement agency in the Federal government seems mostly concerned about a handful of questionable police shootings instead of the rampant urban violence that plagues America. 

We are way past elections and bullshit like that. This is the stage where widespread social collapse is on the imminent horizon, planned by people who believe that they will come out on the other side as the rulers of humanity unencumbered by rules or laws other than those they dictate and their thugs enforce. The people who will suffer first are the blacks and mestizos, having outlived their usefulness but then they will come for us. 

Already a few months into the occupation government and we are seeing the entire Federal bureaucracy openly weaponized against White people. This is just the beginning. I anticipate major gains for the Democrats in 2022 and once they get that they will really go to town. While we point and laugh at feeble Joe stumbling around, the people really pulling the levers are making sweeping changes we haven't seen since the aftermath of 9/11 and these are even more striking. 

Again, it is the end of April and Biden has only been in office for three months. Just imagine what the rest of the year will be like.

Prepare accordingly.

Tuesday, April 27, 2021

That Is Not Good

This morning I had my van in at the dealership for an oil change (I had a coupon) and while I waited they had RFD TV on in the room. Lots of commercials for fungicide and tractors and rodeos. One thing jumped out at me and that was corn prices. They have spiked recently after a year long run up....

From under $3.50 a bushel last year at this time to almost $7.00.

So what, you might be asking. I don't eat that much corn.

The thing is, this isn't the corn you eat, not directly. This is field corn and it is the main ingredient in feed for all the critters you eat: hogs, cattle, chickens. It is also a significant component of many non-meat foods you eat. Look in your pantry at your food and see how many list some variation of corn syrup in the ingredient list. You will be surprised. It is also the main ingredient for lots of dog foods. Purina Dog Chow, maybe the best selling dog food in America, has corn as the first and third highest percentage ingredients. Other than water, high fructose corn syrup is the main ingredient in most pop, especially the colas. You eat lots of corn.

In other words, while you can't go out into a field of corn and eat the corn on the stalk, that corn is processed into most other food you buy. Soybeans are doing the same thing and they also make up a lot of your meat and processed foods. Wheat is up but not as much as corn and soybeans. 

Russia is temporarily halting exports of some food products in response to surging food prices, although they are still shipping a lot of wheat. Bolivia, a major beef producer, is halting exports of beef as well to make sure they have adequate supplies for their own country.

What all this means is that food prices are headed up and a lot. My wife was at the store and remarked that ground beef prices are already up significantly. Other foods will follow. A quarter here, $.50 there and pretty soon your shopping cart of groceries costs a lot more than it did in 2019.

One of the major factors that has kept our society mostly stable for hundreds of years is food security. Most people in America and the West, the overwhelming majority, have plenty of food and for most of us we have too much food, something fairly unique in human history. But food insecurity can lead to widespread social problems. If your wireless internet isn't as fast as your kids want, they might whine. If you don't have enough food to feed them? You will do whatever you have to do in order to feed them. 

Increased food prices will lead to demands for more food stamps to buy lobster increased food assistance for the poor, meaning more money whipped up from thin air. More food stamp money means less downward pressure on prices which means those food prices can keep climbing which will lead to demands for more food assistance. Rinse. Repeat.

More people are talking about inflation than at any time I can remember since that dipshit Jimmy Carter was President. The method of tempering inflation we are supposed to have would be to raise interest rates but doing that would crater a lot of the fragile economy and drastically increase the amount of interest owed on the national "debt". That only leaves some pretty drastic and catastrophic measures on the one hand or on the other hand letting inflation run out of control.

Welcome to Zimbabwe 2.0. 

Monday, April 26, 2021

Git Wut U Can Git Whilez Yoose Can Git It!

Pretty solid advice here, and something I have said before but need to do a better job of: upgrade what you can right now....

Magazines, rifle and pistol? Get more. I have lots, need more. Upgrade your firearms? Yes sir. More and better first aid supplies? Probably my most glaring weakness right now. Little pieces and parts for your firearms? I am ding pretty well on stuff for my rifle, pistol not as well. While I am a believer of the saying that the purpose of your pistol is to get you alive back to your rifle, you need to have the best, most functional pistol you can get.

It is easy to get caught up in the big stuff, the firearms themselves and expensive optics, but the accessories are very important. For a while I had rifles without slings so that is great as long as I don't need to carry them very far.

What about back-up knives? Knives can break or get lost. Same with flashlights and candles and....lots of stuff. Not everything is expensive. A pack of glow sticks is a couple of bucks. Kits full of springs and doodads that wear out and you can lose and need to replace are also not expensive and cheaper than having a non-functioning firearm because of a missing spring. These are just a few of the kits I have put into inventory over the last month or so. I also picked up some additional bolt carrier groups just in case.

I still try to get ammo where I can, so that I am not just replacing what I shoot but bringing in more than I shoot. Since the weather has been crappy as it always is in Indiana through April and I mostly shoot outside I haven't shot as much as I should but hopefully that is going to change.

Point being, you can still do something to improve your posture even when ammo is hard to get. No one is going to bemoan having too many magazines when they eventually get banned. No one is going to gripe about too much first aid material if someone gets hurt. Every day  do something to get better prepared.

Is That Why We Fail?

On /ourside/, being doxxed is a very real threat. If you are saying things outside of the elitist mandated Overton Window, you risk losing your job like Lt. William Kelly, a cop in Norfolk, Virginia who donated $25 to the defense fund for political prisoner Kyle Rittenhouse and was fired. I assume he will sue the crap out of the department and get his job back or at least a significant settlement but the chilling effect is real. The political speech representing the beliefs of half of America is now grounds for termination. I could never work in the corporate world again, my public statements on any given day would cause a recruiter for globo-homo to run to the fainting couch. 

It doesn't stop with losing your job. Your family can cut you off. You can lose access to social media and internet platforms. Your ability to use banking services can be limited. Even that is not all there is. To the Left your family is fair game and in many ways is the preferred target. Many, if not most, of us are usually armed for self-defense, are familiar with the use of our preferred firearms and have trained to some extent. We are not a soft target. Of course we are susceptible to being sucker punched or something but with a modicum of warning we are prepared to defend ourselves. Our families? Not as much, especially if we aren't around. We can't always be there. We all have to sleep. Most of us have extended family living in other areas who may not even be on board with what we believe. It doesn't matter because terrorizing the weak and defenseless is a favored tactic of the Left. Every Marxist regime that has ever existed kept control of the population not by delivering their promises of a workers utopia but through terror, torture and murder. Their contemporary progeny thinks throwing a Molotov cocktail into your house while your children sleep is perfectly acceptable behavior. 

Even though I don't shroud my identity behind anonymity, I don't get much in the way of threats. Perhaps because of that, you can't shut me up by revealing my real name as I use it openly. But it happens to others on a regular basis. No matter how anonymous you think you are, if you are on the internet someone can figure out who you really are and that can put your family at risk.

Big Country Expat had an experience in this area just recently that he talks about here: A Busy Saturday (and now it's Sunday) Bottom line, someone called his mom and was asking questions about him. That obviously pissed him off and upset his wife and that is what these people want. They love to try to frighten people into silence. Obviously BCE being BCE, this is having the opposite effect but many others are cowed into silence out of fear. 

It is hard for us to understand. My perspective is that the last thing I want is for the Left to shut up. If they would just quietly do their work behind the scenes, they would be in a much better position but these shitbags can't help themselves, they have to announce their plans and crow over every little victory and that is waking people up. The more they talk, the better. Even more difficult to understand is the threatening of people's families. There are a ton of repulsive Leftists and plenty I would have no problem punching in the mouth but their kids? I can't even comprehend threatening someone's children because I don't like their politics. Kids are off limits. If some soyboy dude wants to square off with me, let's get it on, but I wouldn't go after his significant other because that is fucking cowardly. 

But it BCE's post got me thinking. Is this why we lose so often, and why we are on the verge of losing it all?

Back in WW II, the "good guys" had no problem firebombing cities like Dresden and Tokyo, or dropping nukes on the Japs. We burned to death untold tens of thousands of women and children. If the Axis had somehow turned things around and won the war, Eisenhower, Truman and Churchill would have been tried as war criminals, found guilty and hung. Rightly so. Firebombing Dresden and other cities in Germany and Japan were acts of terror to break the will of the Germans and Japs.

The aftermath of the Dresden bombing

Are we too squeamish today? Are we too soft to wage total war?

I am not at that point, not yet, nor am I close to that place. I don't want to become like our enemy. However I know this for sure. If our commitment, our zeal doesn't match that of our enemies we will lose. Our understanding of the rules and what are we obligated to obey needs to change. I talked about this a couple of years ago in Fighting In A Cage Using The Queensberry Rules

"But by lowering yourself to fighting by their rules, you become what you hate! If we don't keep our principles we are no better than the Left!"

When you are in a fight for survival, all that matters is survival. If someone is threatening me or my family I am not going to challenge them to a "walk 10 paces turn and fire" style duel. To protect my family I will fight as dirty as I need to fight in order for them to survive. I'll shoot an intruder in the back if I have to. I won't feel much better standing at the graveside of my child by consoling myself with the knowledge that at least I played by the rules.

That is even more true today. In March of 2019 even a pessimist realist like me didn't see what was coming in 2020 and how swiftly things would go sideways. 

We must be ready to do what must be done before what the Left thinks must be done happens to us. All the nice rules about discourse and debate are garbage today and we can't fight a war restricted by rules imposed on us by our enemies, rules they cheerfully ignore and flaunt. The kindler, gentler days of Quisling Republicans like George W. Bush and Mitt Romney are over. Today we need to be channeling Genghis Khan and George Patton. 

Their motto is "By Any Means Necessary". If we don't operate the same way, we will lose.

Saturday, April 24, 2021

Quick Update

On Monday I mentioned the death of a 7 year old black girl named Jaslyn who was in a car at a McDonalds drive-thru. A man was just charged in her killing, one Marion Lewis, an 18 year old black man.

Nice face tats. I especially liked this one:

Aw how sweet, he has little feet tattooed on his face and yet he shot into a car with a 7 year old little girl. 

At 18 years old he is barely but still legally an adult. With murder plus a slew of other charges, he looks to be going away for most of the rest of his life. How many millions of dollars will this guy cost the taxpayers until he finally dies in prison? Hopefully as a child killer some actual badass in the slammer will open him up from top to bottom and let him bleed out. 

It Really Was Better

Everyone experiences nostalgia. It is the natural response of people to looking at the uncertain now with a fond and often rose colored view of the past. Teens often quietly remember when they were little and had less pressure and less responsibility. Young adults look think back on their school days and those long summers while they get ready to go to work and contemplate doing that for the next 40 years. People in middle age like me fondly remember our days as a young adult when you could get out of bed, or your chair, without groaning. It even means that music I hated in the 80s is still preferable to any of the synthesized crap being played today. There is a reason why we call them the good old days.

Nostalgia is often accompanied by regret for time wasted and opportunities missed. That often makes nostalgia suspect as an emotion and raises the question: was it really better back in the good old days or do I just think it was as a way to cope with current difficulties? 

One of our local classic hits stations asked the question a few days ago: Was life better before or after the internet? Most of the responses were from people my age and that makes sense since the people listening to that music would mostly be Gen Xers and the replies seemed overwhelming that things were better before the advent of the internet. Certainly some things are better now, or at least easier. If I see an actor in a movie and wonder where I had seen him before, I can just look on IMDb but it wasn't like you couldn't figure it out before the internet. My mom had a whole book that was like IMDb in paperback form. The problem is that the firehose of information was not accompanied by a subsequent increase in wisdom. In general I would say the average person is far dumber now than when we had to look information up in a book. More on this in Information Is Not Knowledge; Or Why People Are So Freaking Stupid Today

One thing that is becoming painfully clear is that things were generally better when we didn't know how shitty things were. When it comes to most of what fills our news, ignorance would indeed be bliss. Back in the 80s or even 90s, if a cop restrained a drug addled violent felon and he died in Minnesota, no one outside of Minnesota would know about. If a corpulent black teen tried to gut a different black teen like a trout and got rightly shot by the cops, no one would be offering their idiotic takes, especially not professional athletes. Our news was local except for the big stuff.

Something I often ask when it comes to progress is this: has it made people happier? 

For example, look at feminism. The feminist movement wins over and over again, getting what they wanted and then changing their demands and getting that as well. Women are in the workforce in huge numbers. Thanks to the pill and abortion women can sleep around without ending up with a baby. Women vote. They go to college in significantly higher numbers than men. Every career field is open to them, even though for some reason they don't seem to end up in the really hard or dirty or dangerous fields very often. 


Are women happier today? Are they more satisfied with life? Given the general state of endless bitching and the enormous volume of anti-depressant use by Western women, I would say no. Hell no. As it turns out, they already had what made most of them happy: being wives and mothers. Then all of that was snatched away from them in the name of feminism and now they can't even talk about it without being ridiculed. I spent enough years with career women who were guilty and depressed because someone else was caring for their children to know that women are far less happy today.

The same is true for most advancements. We live much longer but is the quality of our lives better? Wouldn't most of us rather live to 70 with a fulfilling and joyful life instead of eking out a miserable existence kept alive by a cornucopia of drugs that make us sad and depressed to age 85? It is pretty hard to imagine something that has improved in our general lives.

The internet brings the world to our fingertips but it makes real life connections more difficult and increasingly rare. It is no wonder people pop Xanax like candy when they are flooded with stories and images of how horrible humanity really is on a live stream 24 hours a day. I guess you can see your relatives via Instagram and Facebook but back in the day you could see actually seeing them.

Unfortunately we don't live in the 80s and we can't go back. We are never going to recover what was lost. That leaves us with dwelling in the here and now, no matter how much it sucks. Nostalgia still serves a purpose and that purpose should be to fill us with a white hot rage over what was stolen from us, a rage directed at those who orchestrated it and those who stood mutely by while it was done.  The horrific shit show we are living in is not the result of an organic change to the nation, it is the result of an intentional plan to rot from within the foundations of Western civilization and replace it with a Marxist society with a small elite ruling the rest. We know who these schemers are. It isn't blacks or mestizos, they are just tools and pawns being used and while it can be tempting to focus on them and their seemingly endless acts of violence, we must remember that behind every George Floyd or Ma'Khia Bryant there is a cabal of elites who created the environment that made them and then set them loose.

Our best days are behind us and the bright future we should have had was taken from us. I remind myself of this as much as you, make sure you remember who is ultimately behind this. Those are the ones who need to be dealt with when that time comes.

Friday, April 23, 2021

Speaking Of Idiot cOnSerVaTivEs

Lots of people think Ben Shapiro is like super smart cuz he totally owns da libs on college campuses and if outsmarting a 19 year old girl who has never had to engage in critical thought isn't a sign of being super smart and stuff, what is?

A "natural economic boom"? What "booming" we have going on is driven by a firehose of fake money. Even during the Trump years, the national debt was exploding. 

The "economy" is driven mostly by consumption and that consumption is mostly driven by imaginary "money". Shapiro here trying to own the libs by apparently not understanding basic economics. 

Then there is this guy:

Delusions of grandeur. An overly inflated sense of importance. Paranoia. 

Cernovich is wandering into cult leader levels of insanity here. They are all out to get him, making movies about him but he totally has street cred. Oh, and he thinks Bruce Jenner changing his name and wearing a dress makes him a woman. I have always found him cringe but lately he is going completely insane. 

It isn't bad enough that most "conservatives" are shills and grifters, but they are also incredibly dumb. Stop supporting these people and stop taking them seriously. This is all a hustle to them.


For everyone who still thinks we can vote our way out of this:

Even when Republicans do win, they invariably do stuff like this. While I am not an expert on Arkansas law, I can't imagine there are any Federal laws that really would protect law enforcement and the public seeing as:

A)  all of the bad things one would do with a gun are already illegal in every state. The point of the legislation is to pre-empty un-Constitutional gun laws from being enforced in the state. This is part of what we call "Federalism".

B) The people doing bad things invariably already get guns even though Federal gun laws prohibit them from doing so.

Voting Republican has been an enormous waste in most cases and it certainly isn't going to help us now. Republicans have failed at every turn to protect this country when they were in power and nothing indicates they will do differently when (if) they next get into power.

Absolutely useless.

We aren't voting our way out of this and no one is coming to save us.

Thursday, April 22, 2021

Little by Little

Just last week I brought up the additional child tax credit, Wondering Why You Should Work At All? That Is The Plan. Now a week later I see this story:

They haven't even started to send out the monthly prepayments and are already talking about extending the "credit". I'll repeat what I said last week:

Ultimately what this is all about is a backdoor means to a universal basic income, which is a fancy way of saying "paying people whether they work or not".

While we are distracted by the Chauvin trial and black girls trying to stab other black girls, the Left is moving on multiple fronts. An awful lot of people will get hooked on these payments, and the extension is conveniently aimed at running through the 2024 election but running out the next year. That will make it an election year issue, leaving the dumbass GOP with two choices:

A. Campaign against the monthly checks in the name of fiscal responsibility which no one cares about and facing attack ads with poor mothers wondering how they will feed their babies without those checks.


B. Go along with making the checks permanent, giving the Left an easy victory and then prompting them to pass even larger checks. It is a game of escalation they can never win, you can out liberal a liberal.

We better hope for some calamity because this slow death by 1000 cuts is getting serious.

Just Walk Away

Ramzpaul gets on board: get out of the cities....

That is really it. There is no place for you there. In most cities you can't arm yourself for protection so you are a sitting duck for packs of ferals. I don't care how much of a badass you think you are, if you are outnumbered 4-1 and get sucker punched, you are going to get beat down. You aren't Jack Reacher, able to beat up a dozen men single-handed. If you do defend yourself, even if it is clearly self-defense, you are likely to get arrested and you might even go to jail. 

His anecdote early in the video was something a lot of White people have experienced. When my wife was younger, she and another White girl were in Columbus, Ohio and minding their own business when they were accosted by a couple of black girls. There was no reason for it other than pure hatred.

To paraphrase London mayor Sadiq Khan, it is part and parcel of living in a diverse country. I doubt there are many of us who have not experienced the glaring and glowering from packs of blacks. While Hollywood would have you believe that blacks in rural areas are rightly in terror of White people, that just isn't the case and never has been in my lifetime. The opposite is true, most White people who live near a city know there are places in that city where you just don't go, or in the case of Detroit you just don't go at all.

Get out. We really are at that point I have been warning about since the 2016 election. We are slightly warmer weather and one questionable police shooting away from an explosion. 

Wednesday, April 21, 2021


Here is a hot take from "conservative" Scott Adams.

A best case scenario where a man trying to do his job is facing decades in prison because a drugged addled violent criminal died resisting arrest.

Well that is one for the record books.

What Has Changed?

They got their scalp. The great Saint George Floyd has been vindicated. The man who personified all that is evil about White men and the police has been found "guilty". Celebrities wept with joy, blacks put on a huge show of how euphoric they were that justice has been done. My wife and I were eating at a local restaurant last night and they had a TV on ESPN and of course they were getting hot takes from sports figures. Even though it was on mute, at one point a room full of blacks could be seen reacting to the guilty verdict by rolling around on the floor, capering about with eyes full of tears and generally acting like something really great had happened. 

So now what? 

It is the day after the guilty verdict and what has really changed? Are black lives somehow demonstrably better?

Of course not and no one thought they would be. That isn't what this is about. It isn't what the "activists" are concerned with. The way to keep the money flowing is to keep the outrage and anger at a fever pitch at all times. You don't get enough cash to buy four houses if you encourage people to calm down.

Blacks tend to be very emotional and those emotions are easy to manipulate. We saw this on display for the last year since the death of George Floyd. The average black person really seems to believe that cops are hunting them down and shooting them by the thousands for no reason and that White people are actively trying to keep them down when in fact we mostly want to stay clear of them.

So what changed? Nothing.

Nothing will get better in the black community because of this verdict and in virtually every respect things are getting much worse. Compounding the problem is that these worsening conditions in the black community are almost entirely self-inflicted and the loudest voices claiming to advocate for the black community are the ones making things worse. When you are afraid to have an honest conversation within your own group, things will never get better.

The race hustlers are already looking for a new George Floyd to stoke the fires of resentment. This will never end until the black community tells people like Al Sharpton and Maxine Waters to take a hike. That won't happen in my lifetime or yours. 

George Floyd will be forgotten, Chauvin will be locked up for many years unless his appeal is successful and things will keep getting worse in the black community. 

Nothing changes. 

Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Not Really Surprised

Derek Chauvin found guilty of all three charges in Minneapolis and the Left scores a great victory for the efficacy of jury intimidation and mob violence. The message is clear, if you interfere with a black committing a crime, it is more likely your freedom will be lost instead of his. Look at this tweet and the replies as people giggle gleefully as the family of Sergeant Jonathan Pentland is forced to flee because he confronted a weird black guy who was sexually assaulting women. So of course a mob has run him out of his home and that is a huge win for justice or some bullshit.

Hilarious! Not a one of the people in that crowd or his replies would dare talk shit to Pentland to his face but when you threaten his family and his neighbors? Suddenly the mob feels tough. 

You are only one incident away from being in that chair hearing "guilty" because some piece of trash black guy, loaded up on drugs and suffering from heart disease, dies while you are in the vicinity. The new highest law of the land in America:

Thou shalt not interfere with a black man committing a crime.

This verdict is not going to be seen as "justice". That isn't the sort of people we are dealing with. They see this a sign of weakness, that a jury would convict a man because they were terrified of seeing their city burn. I expected the six black jurors to vote to convict but the six White jurors were clearly intimidated into a guilty verdict. Now anytime a jury is considering the guilt of a White accused of any act against a black or of a black accused of any crime, the threat will be there. 

Violent people don't see our capitulation as a reason to lower the temperature, it is seen as an incentive to turn it up. Having successfully managed to convict a man who was by any reasonable measure not guilty by filling the jurors with terror, they will do it again. We are dealing with idiots who think Communism was a swell idea and their low IQ, violence loving shock troops, all the while with a cabal of puppet-masters pulling their strings.

At this point why would any sane person want to be a cop in any area with more than zero blacks? There is almost nothing good that can come from getting out of your patrol car. They should either quit and go be a cop in Mayberry or they should just stay in the car and eat donuts while driving really slowly to any calls. Good people will stop joining the force but the need for cops will only grow, meaning that the ranks of the police force will be filled with the unsuitable and ill-trained. I am sure that will help. 

Already this evening there was a police shooting of an armed 15 year old black girl in Columbus and an angry crowd is gathering. Sure she was trying to attack someone and was armed when they shot her but we have already established that you can't interfere with blacks when they are committing a crime and no matter what they are doing or whether they are armed you can't use force to intervene. Of course the inability to police blacks will mostly hurt people in the black community but that doesn't matter to the Left. The same people bellowing about justice for George on social media would have been terrified of him when he was alive. He was just a handy pawn in advancing their agenda. 

Remember at all times that there isn't a functioning justice system in America and you are on your own, you can't depend on the law to protect you and you can't rely on the justice system to save you. 

You can only rely on yourself. 

The Verdict Has Been Reached

Expecting to hear the decision in about an hour. Most people on social media are saying that a decision coming this quickly is bad news for Chauvin, we will see whether that is true or if Foot Locker is getting ready to have a 100% off sale.

Death BY 1000 Cuts

Yet another gun control proposal making it more expensive for Americans to exercise their 2nd Amendment rights. Along with the Biden admin proposing to turn brace stabilized pistols in short barreled rifles and requiring an NFA tax, along comes Jamie Raskin, a Democrat from Maryland who wants to increase the NFA tax 50%, from $200 to $300.....

Noting that the tax amounts in the NFA, established in 1934, have not changed since enacted – for instance, $200 in 1934 would be the equivalent of $3,925 in 2021 – Raskin's proposal would immediately bump the rates by 50 percent. This would make the basic $200 tax stamps on most NFA transfers $300 moving forward. After that, the rate would increase in line annually with the federal cost-of-living adjustment. 

The article suggests that could be a enormous amount of tax revenue:

With an estimated 10 to 40 million stabilizing braces and similar components in the hands of otherwise law-abiding gun owners, Raskin's move could theoretically see a fantastic $8 billion gleaned from the wallets of compliant Americans for items they already legally own.

The problem with that number is that you can make the NFA tax a million bucks and it won't matter because we aren't going to pay it. Here is Raskin...

You might be surprised to find that he belongs to an ethnic tribe that often tends to be behind this sort of anti-American behavior. Or maybe you won't be surprised. 

Be warned, this little by little death by a thousand cuts tactic is far more dangerous than an outright ban that would be challenged and likely overturned by the courts. If you can make it too hard to own, purchase or manufacture firearms, it starts to accomplish your goal without scaring the NormieCon Fudds too much.

Sneaky bastards. 

Never Not Lying

Remember Brian Sicknick, the Capitol police officer ruthlessly killed by "insurrectionists" on January 6th? He was a national hero slain by the followers of Orange Man Bad, honored in the Capitol rotunda. The media told us he was struck by a fire extinguisher and that he "succumbed to his injuries" when he died at 10 PM the evening of the 6th. His death was used in the "impeachment" of President Trump.

The only problem?

None of that was true.

U.S. Capitol Police officer Brian Sicknick suffered two strokes and died of natural causes the day after he confronted rioters during the Jan. 6 insurrection, according to Washington's top medical examiner.

The chief medical examiner, Francisco Diaz, said Monday that an autopsy of Sicknick found no evidence the 42-year-old suffered an allergic reaction to chemical irritants. Diaz ruled the Sicknick, 42, died from "acute brainstem and cerebellar infarcts due to acute basilar artery thrombosis."

He had a couple of strokes. The stress of that day "contributed" to the strokes but being in a scuffle doesn't cause a stroke. In other words he wasn't killed by the rioters, he died of natural causes. Still sad but not criminal. Three other people died from natural causes that day and the only person who didn't die of natural causes was Trump supporter Ashli Babbitt, a White woman shot while climbing through a window by a black Capitol Police Lieutenant who has still not been named, much less charged. Based on his awesome trigger discipline, it was only a matter of time before he killed someone. 

Notice the White cop has his finger off the trigger while the black cop has his finger wrapped around  the trigger with the muzzle of his handgun pointing at the back of the other capitol cops.

Months later the media is quietly retracting their lies but the rabid Left (but I repeat myself) will still continue to repeat the "violent, armed insurrection" narrative. 

Imagine if black Lives Matter had stormed the Capitol and a black woman was shot by a White cop. They would go ballistic. There would be Congressional hearings and the elites would be rending their garments. The cop would be named, he would have been arrested and charged with murder and his family would be in danger. A White woman shot by a black cop and no one cares. That is what White privilege means.

Kind of like the Russian bounties on U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan thing used against Trump in the campaign. The media told us that the Russians were paying Afghans bounties for killing U.S. soldiers and Trump was told about it and didn't do anything. Oh, that was a lie too.

A senior Biden administration official said the intelligence community only had "low to moderate" confidence in the Russian bounty story, meaning it is unproven and possibly untrue. 

The revelation came just as President Biden declared the Russia threat a "national emergency" and slapped new sanctions on Russian officials. The sanctions had been a result of meddling in the 2020 election, Russia's alleged role in the SolarWinds hack and the poisoning of Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny. 

"The United States intelligence community assesses with low to moderate confidence that Russian intelligence officers sought to encourage Taliban attacks against U.S. and coalition personnel in Afghanistan in 2019, and perhaps earlier, including through financial incentives and compensation," the official said. 

"Low to moderate" is government talk for "It was all bullshit, we made it up and we aren't sorry".

Nothing they are telling you is true. Some of it might be based in truth but it is all twisted by these pieces of trash wearing suits and muttering soothing lies into the camera. They are the enemy of the American people and they know full well that they are lying and think their lies make them noble. 

Soon it will be time to show them the error of that opinion.

Monday, April 19, 2021

Now It Makes Sense

The whole Bronie mass shooting in Indianapolis seemed a little odd, it wasn't enough people to really move the needle on gun control so why? I think I figured it out, Brandon Scott Hole was an attempted red flag law situation. 

After his mom called the police, they took his shotgun that he owned at the time but never had his hearing because apparently if they couldn't prove he was a danger, they would have to give his shotgun back but nothing in the law prevents him from buying subsequent firearms. As any idiot can get a credit card it was likely no problem for him to buy a couple of ARs, which he did buying a Ruger 556 and a HM Defense HM15F (never heard of that). So out of fear of him getting his .410 shotgun back, they didn't have the hearing so he was able to legally purchase to rifles. 

Here is the kicker from the article from Ryan Mears, the prosecutor for Marion County:

After explaining the steps his office did and didn't take, Mears again pointed to what he sees as limitations in Indiana's red flag legislation. He says it has been an issue he has raised both publicly and privately over the years.

He would like to see the law changed to prohibit individuals from buying weapons the moment a red flag petition is filed, and he would like to see the 14 days window extended.

You can bet that this incident will be used as an excuse to make Indiana's already onerous red flag law even more stringent and remove more of the due process involved in taking someone's firearms. 

This kid was clearly nuts and Hole is the kind of person that they always talk about using red flag laws on but red flag laws will invariably be used against political opponents and dissidents. It starts to make sense now.

This Lady Knows What Is Up

I missed a mass shooting in Shreveport, Louisiana where at least five people were shot but fortunately a woman was recording and let us know what the real problem is in America:

Tearing Ourselves Assunder

The nation is collectively holding our breath waiting for the outcome of the Chauvin trial. While it certainly seems like a slam dunk for the defense, it is not difficult to imagine that the jury could vote to convict out of fear of what will certainly happen if he is not found guilty. Closing arguments are today and the case could go to the jury as soon as this afternoon. 

Meanwhile the news is just chock full of good stuff.

A mass shooting in Kenosha, Wisconsin at a tavern with three dead and three wounded. 

The sheriff's department previously said the shooting appeared to be a "targeted and isolated incident." The suspect was described as a black male over six feet tall wearing a light-colored hooded sweatshirt. 

Other reports say there was an "altercation", the suspect left and then came back and started shooting. That is how a pretty significant percentage of American mass shootings start.

In Columbus, Ohio a mass shooting that wounded five and killed one, a black woman named LaToya Renee Carpenter who was just in her car driving by. A dark sedan shot into a crowd holding a memorial service at a strip mall for a different black guy, Jarrin Hickman, killed last year by yet another black guy, Varmunyah Dunor, in a drug deal gone wrong. Columbus is having an exciting year:

In Columbus, two more people were killed Sunday morning in separate shooting incidents in South Linden and on the Hilltop, bringing the total homicides committed in the city this year to 60. It's a benchmark not reached until July 2 last  year, the city's deadliest year on record with 176 homicides.

It isn't even summer yet! I lived in Columbus for a year when I was at Ohio State as a freshman and I don't remember any murders. I am sure there were some but not 60 by mid-April.

In Chicago a 7 year old black girl named Jaslyn was killed when she was hit multiple times by gunfire that seems to have been intended for her father, Jontae Adams. They were in line at McDonalds when two men got out of a car and fired into their vehicle. Police say it was "gang related", a euphemism for "black on black violence" and shortly after this shooting a man and woman were shot at a Popeyes while in the drive-thru in an apparently related shooting. Getting fast food in Chicago is dangerous and not just because the food is unhealthy. It was a pretty busy week in Chicago:

Two murders a day and the weather wasn't that great.

Meanwhile in Louisiana, a mass shooting in LaPlace at a child's birthday party. No description of the suspects but given the circumstances, "multiple people were shot when verbal confrontations during a child’s birthday party led to gunfire", and LaPlace being 50% black, it is probably a safe bet who was shooting and who was shot.

Then we have a manhunt going on a for a black ex-cop who already was in trouble for allegedly raping a 16 year old girl and is now believed to have executed 3 people, another black man and two mestizo women. He is on the run and it is thought that he might have hostages. 

In other words, just another weekend in America's diverse utopia. 

This is why I am not really that concerned about gun control. The cops can't even control the cities, you think they are going to come stumbling around rural America where people know a) how to shoot and b) how to dig a hole?

The Lugenpresse is trying to keep a lid on this outbreak of widespread diverse violence but they are losing control of the narrative. This country is at a boiling point and what happens in Minneapolis this week could kick off something huge and ugly, and I don't mean Lena Dunham. 

Sunday, April 18, 2021

Speaking Of Idiots In Congress

Ah the heady days of 1986 when Crocodile Dundee came out. You know it is an older movie because in this scene, two of the three would-be muggers are black. Today they would all be White guys and Dundee would be portrayed by a black trannie.

One of the dumbest human beings alive has once again opened her Crypt Keeper trap and said something that would get a White person arrested or impeached. 

Of course she did. And of course they will. Last night they were "protesting" in front of the home of Pete Orput, the attorney for Washington County....

Orput filed charges against Kim Potter who accidently shot violent criminal Duante Wright with her Glock instead of a taser and I guess these legal scholars are mad that she wasn't summarily executed. Speaking of actual armed insurrectionists...

The violent Marxist black Panthers are back on the prowl standing in front of the Brooklyn Center police station with AR-15s that look like they have never been shot. The whole kit for both guys looks fresh out of the box. Remember that we are told that black men are automatically gunned down if they "protest" while carrying firearms. 

So calls for violence. Armed thugs on the streets. Actual violence taking place. After January 6th Trump was "impeached" because some people entered the U.S. Capitol and a cop shot an unarmed White woman because it was claimed he "incited" violence but Maxine Waters goes into an already inflamed situation and throws gas on the fire and not a damn thing will happen to her.

White privilege means being treated like second class citizens in the country we built.

Wait. Wut?

Ted Lieu lower the bar for all of Congress with the worst thought out tweet in 2021 so far....

So let's recap, shall we?

1. Non-Whites are increasingly replacing White people via demographic displacement.

2. There is nothing you can do to stop it.

3. Saying that Whites are being replaced is a racist theory.

Based on everything else this guy has ever said, he is really just that fucking stupid and clueless. 

As always ask why people like this don't seem to understand that filling my country up with the same people his family fled from simply makes this into the same sort of country his family fled from in the first place. Don't ask Ted though, he isn't smart enough to figure it out.