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What Double Standard?

Just gonna share this one:

RWTW but the tl;dr is that in 2018 Hunter Biden was banging his dead brother’s widow, she found a gun in his truck and dumped it in a trash bin, she went back later to get it and it was gone. It turned back up eventually but in the meantime the freaking Secret Service went to the gun dealer and asked for the paperwork from the sale to Hunter Biden to cover up that he owned the gun in case it was used in a crime later and the gun store owner refused (rightly so). The ATF and FBI got involved. Also it turns out that Hunter Biden lied on the 4473 when he bought the gun and that is a felony but of course nothing is going to happen to him.
We live in a two world and the rules don’t apply to people like Hunter Biden.


  1. jl

    The Usurper Admin needs to focus on the Crackhead Loophole, immediately!
    And I wouldn't be in the least bit surprised if that .38 was one of several that he got by lying on his paperwork. Do you suppose his pop knows about his ar15? Perhaps even with the dreaded bump-stock?

    But seriously, Because they havent been able to fully clamp down on the saga of Hunter, I have a deep suspicion that poor, helpless Hunter will be found "unresponsive" and wind up DOA at some hospital. My prediction is this will happen within a week of the release of his book. That way the problem goes away, but The Family still gets to reap the financial rewards. It will sell 100x the copies if he's dead upon publication. Then of course, Slo will have to take some time off the job to "heal" and ol' kneepads finally gets her dream of ascending to the throne.
    God bless America!

  2. Anonymous

    Some where in America thee is a two year old child with a stripper for a mom , a crack head for a dad and his grand Pa is President.

  3. Arthur Sido

    My theory still holds that Hunter is a poison pill and sooner or later they will unveil that daddy knew about his China money as a way to push Joe out if he doesn't cooperate by dropping dead in the next month or so.

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