Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Watch Out For That Rake

The other bit of news that is being overshadowed by the mass shooting in Boulder is the disaster at the border. This has led to a great deal of glee from Republicans who see this as a chance to score political points off of the Usurper. 

As is always the case, we are about to see conservatives steps right on the rake and get smacked in the face.

The GOP are the Sideshow Bob's of American politics. 

Everyone can see the border is a disaster with untold thousands of "kids", many who are late teens or not teens at all, being housed in detention facilities meant to hold far fewer people. So the conservatives are playing gotcha! with Biden's people, thinking they are scoring some big victory.

They aren't and it will backfire on them. Watch as they collectively trip on their own dicks here.

So we have a "crisis" on the border and them poor li'l babies, as Kneepads called them, are being housed in giant plastic hamster cages and sleeping on the floor. Everyone agrees this is bad. Everyone also knows that Biden is in the White House and Democrats control both chambers of Congress. What are we going to do about this worsening problem?


What we should do is put these "kids" on busses, take them back to Mexico and make them deal with the problem and if they don't like it, we can shut down the border for commerce and bleed the Mexican economy until they relent. Of course we won't because we are pussies and if we couldn't get that done with Trump and a Republican majority in both chambers, we sure as hell aren't getting it done now.

What likely will happen is two-fold.

First, the American people will get to foot the bill for building enormous holding facilities on the border complete with medical care and schools. These will become de facto permanent housing for these poor li'l babies until they turn 18 and get cut loose and/or are offered citizenship for their "suffering".

Second, a bunch of these minors will get sent into the interior of the country to stay with "relatives" who may or may not be related, something we can't prove either way, and will then get dumped into our school systems. A bunch of poorly socialized, third world kids who don't speak English and likely have a minimal education if any. That means extra teachers and huge expense. When they become adults, they will be completely unprepared for anything other than the most menial of labor and will add nothing of value to America but as they hit sexual maturity and start popping out babies, those babies will magically become "American" by virtue of being born inside our borders.

Huge cities of migrant kids on the southern border requiring endless upkeep, food, medicine, education and of course a significant security force to keep little Jose from raping little Lupita. Tens of thousands of loose migrant kids wandering the interior of the country with no way to track them. More anchor babies. It will cost billions but Republicans can't say no because won't someone think about their children?

How is this a win for Republicans? Democrats don't care about a little bad press, their goal is to get as many brown people over the border as possible leading up to a general amnesty and path to citizenship. Republicans won't get anything in return except some vague promises of enhanced border security than everyone knows will never happen. They are going to get outmaneuvered again and most of them don't even realize it, and the ones who do realize it don't care because they are beholden to the cheap labor lobby anyway.

Watch and see if I am not right. Again. 


  1. Just when you think things are really comes Arthur to take us just a few more steps down the tracks to show us its FAR worse than we initially thought. How I miss ignorance sometimes... Can't help but think I'm running headlong into black-pilled territory. No U-turns ahead.

    1. Sorry to be a Debbie Downer but on the other hand it can be incredibly freeing to be black pilled and stop worrying about stuff you can't control.