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This Is Fine

Really, how many of the most powerful people in the world can navigate a staircase when it is breezy? That is asking an awful lot from someone just because he has the launch codes for thousands of nukes.

In all seriousness, someone who accidently tripped would wave and laugh it off, Joe was just desperate to get in the plane before he fell again and/or pooped his pants.


  1. Jim Wetzel

    Well, to give the senile devil his due: at least in this video, his hand didn't pass, ghostlike, through the handrail, and I didn't notice any greenscreen fringe, a pixel wide, around the edges of his image. And, this time, he didn't mutter "salute the marines;" instead, he actually executed a (goofy-looking) salute.

    Unrelated thought. I wonder about the racial and gender distribution in the Pretender's Secret Service security force. I assume there's plenty of morbidly-obese, marginally literate negresses and ugly guys in dresses and clown makeup? No doubt …

  2. Anonymous

    If this had happened to Trump during his reign, it would have been headline news. The harridan Pelosi would have been screaming about invoking the 25th amendment, despite her own wobbly, vodka-fueled performances. But since its pResident Poopy-pants, its already down the memory hole.

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