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The First Wave Is About To Hit

It sounds like the first wave of gun control legislation is about to land. From Cam Edwards at Bearing Arms:

Both the National Rifle Association and the National Shooting Sports Foundation are ringing the alarm bells over impending moves by Democrats to ram through gun control legislation in the House in the coming days. In a tweet on Monday afternoon the NRA issued a warning that Nancy Pelosi plans to take up gun control as early as next week.
It sounds like there are at least two bills up front that are low hanging fruit and pertain to background checks. That makes sense, the vast majority of normies, Fudds and “no one is coming for your guns” types are all in favor of background checks but of course we already have background checks. One would provide for “universal background checks”, requiring everyone to submit to a 4473 and background check even to sell their firearm to a buddy. The other, H.R.1446 – Enhanced Background Checks Act of 2021. would stretch out the delay period for background checks to 30 days.

How it works now. I run the background check on the NICS system. I get one of three responses: proceed, which means they can purchase the gun and take it home today; denied, which means what it says, no gun for you; or delayed, meaning they have to wait while additional research is conducted. If they are delayed, there is a three business day window for the FBI to get back to me. So I run the check on Monday and the customer gets delayed. Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday are business days. If by Friday I still haven’t heard back, I can go ahead and transfer the firearm.
This bill would apparently stretch the delay period out to 30 days.
Today if someone gets delayed, I set the firearm aside until I get an answer back from the FBI but it is only a few days. Under this law, am I supposed to sit on firearms for a month? That creates an undue burden on gun stores.
If they want to improve the background check system, how about investing a couple of shekels so the thing runs worth a shit? The NICS system looks like a first year computer science major programmed it. In 1998. 
They won’t because the goal isn’t stronger background checks, it is simply making it more difficult to obtain a firearm and is all part of the incremental undermining of the Second Amendment. 
This is just the first wave, you can be sure more legislation will be moving soon.


  1. Anonymous

    Seems there is a set of individuals that do not understand the term "Shall not be infringed" as much as they do not understand the term "elected representative" . Illegal dictates against the supreme law of our republic can be ignored along with those that refuse to represent you and or your republic as designed.

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