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That Is Some Orwellian Shit Right There

Do the mask cultists ever wonder why we apparently need a mask to “protect” the vaccinated? What then is the point of this untested, not at all super sketchy “vaccine”? 
I know they don’t understand that this mask thing is mostly a matter of forcing compliance. Why else do schoolkids and people driving alone in cars wear masks?
One big psyop. Vaccines that don’t really vaccinate but you have to get it anyway. Masks that don’t do anything but must be worn. It is a sign of “respect” to cover your face without the faintest clue why you are doing.
Paging George…


  1. Anonymous

    Since I have to wear a mask for you to feel good. They do not respect you until they offer to do your exercising for you , then everyone can be healthy and be better for it.

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