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Spiciness Intensifying

It was a busy Friday night. I am seeing reports of at least three significant mass shootings last night.

One is getting some play in the media, at least so far, from Virginia Beach, VA:
According to reports, one of those shot and killed was shot by a cop. These kinds of chaotic shootings are getting more common in vacation spots.
Next from the City of Brotherly Love, Philadelphia, a frequent stop over the last year or so on the mass shooting tour….
Another “altercation escalating to gunfire” incident.
Finally to the old standby Chicago…
One dead, seven wounded. Combining these the three shootings and you get 22 people wounded and only 3 killed, one by a cop. That level of accuracy points to a diverse set of shooters. In general it has been a pretty busy week in Chicongo according to Hey Jackass!….

Same source reports that there have been 690 people shot and wounded so far in 2021, less than a full three months into the year, and 132 shot and killed so Chicago is averaging a little over a murder and a half per day in the winter and over 8 people shot per day.
Number of shootings prevented by strict gun control laws: zero.

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