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Protected Not Granted

The House Of Representatives is holding a series of little floor speeches about gun control ahead of votes on those bills. Republicans are trying some delaying tactics but don’t have the votes. This seems like a good time for a brief reminder that the right to keep and bear arms, without qualification as to type or magazine capacity or ability to attach a chainsaw bayonet, is inalienable human right. 

The 2nd Amendment doesn’t grant me any rights, it recognizes the natural human right to keep and bear arms and restrains the government from infringing on that right. Laws that seek to infringe on that right are a violation of my natural rights and a violation of the United States Constitution and as such are null and void. 
Standing firm on this question is going to be critical. The bills being considered right now by the House are simply first steps on low hanging fruit. The real fight is going to come soon, most likely after a false flag shooting, when wizened bat Diane Feinstein starts pushing for an “assault weapons” ban. You need to understand the philosophical foundations of the 2nd Amendment, as well as the 1st Amendment, and you need to talk to other people about it. A million of us refusing to compromise on the 2A is great but ten million of us is better. 
Don’t be distracted. Listening to Schumer and Jerry Nadler this morning, you can hear the glee and triumphalism in their voices. They can feel it, victory is so close on this issue. Pay attention and prepare yourself for what is going to be coming.


  1. Anonymous

    Seems there are truths that are no longer self evident. If so then there is no good reason to fund this illegal cabal of anti Americans currently in charge.

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