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Oligarchs Gonna Oligarch

By the standards of sheer hubris, this rivals anything that Narcissist-In-Chief Obama managed. 
If you are keeping score at home:
1. Lizzie “Heap Big Liar” Warren just freely admitted that the U.S. Senate doesn’t actually craft the tax laws, corporate lawyers and lobbyists do. Now we all knew that already but her admitting it publicly is pretty bold. I don’t expect a corporation (or individual) to pay one more red cent than they are required to by law but if the problem is that lobbyists are writing the tax laws, maybe someone who is a United States Senator should do something about that?
2. Ms. Warren seems to think that only powerful people have the right to “heckle” aka “respond back to” United State Senators. She accused Amazon of paying “close to nothing in taxes”. The rep from Amazon replied back with a little spice but factually in reporting that Amazon does indeed pay the taxes they owe based on the tax laws. She flew into a white hot rage at the audacity of a peasant speaking to her. What a pompous bitch. 
These are the people who rule over us, small and petty people who shouldn’t be running a toll booth, much less the United States.
Oh, here is a bonus dumb tweet from the Secretary of Transportation, a man with an unhealthy obsession with train tunnels, Pete Bootygag:

Do you know why deer, squirrels and racoons get hit on the road? Because they are standing in the fucking road. Do you know why Indians and blacks get hit on the road? Same reason. Has Buttplug considered asking blacks and Indians to stay out of the road?


  1. Anonymous

    I noticed something years ago that is relevant to that graph on pedestrian danger. Hispanics literally live outdoors here in the 'burbs. No matter the season or time of day, they are out on the streets, or at least visible in their front yards, on their stoops, milling around on the pavement, etc.

    I live in a relative Whitopia where 97% of my immediate neighborhood is lily White or East Asian. And its a ghost town, even in high summer. The area teems with children – I see their privileged little White and yellow heads on the school buses or in mom's high-end SUV as she ferries the brats to and from their tightly scheduled activities. But the only youths I ever see walking or riding bicycles are browns and a few rare blacks passing through my area on the way to somewhere else. Whites in my town buy extravagant McMansions on exquisitely manicured properties and…stay indoors.

    There are probably a lot of reasons why non-Whites are so visible around this island. They tend to cluster in large numbers, a dozen or more per tiny rental. Despite their numbers, they have smaller household incomes, and hence, rely less on personally-owned vehicles (unregistered, uninsured, natch) and more on public transportation. And they certainly have more children per couple than us Whites. Its no wonder, then, that they spill out onto the lawn, the driveway, the pavement. Its too damned crowded inside their homes.

    At least among the hispanics, they tend to get drunk, a lot, out in public, making them prime targets for becoming pedestrian casualties. They gather outside the bodega across the street from the day labor hiring "halls", which are nothing more than parking lots. They dodge cars from morning til night, ostensibly waiting for work, but mostly socializing, drinking, fighting and staring openly at nervous White women who instinctively lock the car doors and accelerate as they hurry past.

    But don't let any of this anecdotal evidence change the conversation. Its White privilege to be immune from stepping out in front of a moving bus. Its ALWAYS White privilege.

  2. Arthur Sido

    There is certainly a cultural aspect to this, the moronic bravado that leads to wandering around in streets to force people to stop. Those little "victories" mean a lot to them. I imagine what Buttplug is proposing would involve a whole bunch of money invested to study the issue with nothing being done.

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