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Can We Focus Here?

Ah, I see there is an ongoing pillow fight on /ourside/ over the topic of secession. Well that is swell and does a ton for the movement. While the Commies are planning on multiple fronts to undermine and overthrow our society, our guys are having an online slap fight. Awesome!
While I support and advocate for dissolving the Union and going our separate ways peacefully, I don’t have much hope of that happening. Any breakaway nation would be overwhelmingly White and even the far Left knows that they need us to keep the country running, not to mention being a convenient bad guy to keep the diversity from getting too out of hand. The Left needs people like me to point their fingers at and say “that’s the bad guy”. Thus sayeth the prophet Tony Montana, praise be unto his name.
So a secession of a peaceful sort, no matter how much sense it makes, is unlikely to happen. What does happen? I have no idea and neither do any of the keyboard experts. What seems most likely is a slow burn, a gradual breakdown of order as FedGov loses control over the interior of the country, cities get out of hand, state governments start to ignore dictates from Coruscant. Rather than a sudden implosion, a slow collapse like a barn that is unused and neglected. That is mostly a (mildly) educated guess. Anything else is amusing and a fun mental exercise but nothing to get in a twist over. I like doom porn as much as the next guy but it is not much more serious that most science fiction. 
Whatever happens, I expect 95% of the people in America to be observers. Also important to understand, I personally have very little say in how things come apart and I don’t have much interest in being the 21st century Gavrilo Princip. My sphere of influence is very, very limited and so is yours no matter how many blog views you get. Is it really useful to spend a ton of time telling people why they are wrong about something neither of you has control over? 
Anyway lest I be guilty of the same thing I am complaining about, I’ll leave it there. Worry about your own area of operation, the meatspace you can influence. Concern yourself with your family and neighbors. In the end, that is all that will really matter.


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