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Building Up To The Big Finish

Just last week we had sex addict Robert Aaron Long’s shooting rampage in Atlanta and within hours we had pictures of the guy and his whole life story. Last night a new guy showed up at a King Soopers grocery store in Boulder, Colorado and shot and killed at least ten people. No name, no information on the guy, just a picture of him walking out of the store in cuffs in his boxers. According to witnesses, he didn’t say anything before he started shooting. The place looks like the town in First Blood after Rambo shot it up with an M60.

The media is all over this, our local news in Fort Wayne even has it on the top of their webpage and you can be sure that one of the statement monkeys in the White House will put out a tweet from Joe shortly after sun-up expressing outrage and calling for gun control. 
This guy seems completely random. The sex addict guy at least made some sense, he was addicted to porn and hookers so he decided to shoot up some rub-n-tug joints and was on his way to do the same to a porn producer. Crazy as a hell but at least it makes sense. What reason would you have to randomly shoot up a grocery store? It can’t be politically motivated, if I wanted to make a political statement there are thousands of soft targets that would make more sense. So either this is another of Big Country Expat’s loons that slipped the leash early or this was a trial run to practice the law enforcement and media reaction. Also of note, Biden falling up a staircase three times suddenly is gone from the news. Curious. 

Not coincidentally I have been slowly working through a relevant book: Poisoner in Chief: Sidney Gottlieb and the CIA Search for Mind Control looking back at Sidney Gottlieb, a CIA guy who was obsessed with poisoning and was instrumental in the attempts to perfect mind control, including being the head the MKUltra program. I’ll save you the trouble of looking up Gottlieb’s background, yes he was. Anyway, the CIA and the U.S. government in general was into some pretty sketchy stuff way back in the 1950s and the experiments were as bad as what you hear about the Nazis doing. The difference is that the Holocaust-Industrial Complex controls Hollywood so you only hear about the Germans doing this crap.

If the government was doing experiments in mind control back in the 50s, do you think they stopped? Or is it more likely they kept on doing it and have been perfecting the process?
You already know that answer.


  1. Anonymous

    The deafening silence about this latest loon's identity has my spidey senses tingling like mad. Hispanic? Jewish? Gay? All I am certain of at this point is that he was not a heterosexual Christian White Male (HCWM) for otherwise we would be blanketed with the guy's life story.

  2. Arthur Sido

    That is a solid hypothesis, this guy doesn't tick the right boxes or he ticks some of the wrong boxes. Notice the focus on the cop who was killed instead of the shooter.

  3. Anonymous

    10 for 10 in the body count, with the gunman himself as the only injured but surviving member of the party, certainly does argue for White man and/or military-trained. Some sources are testing the waters with the absurd narrative of a homeless loser. But that is some hard-core sniper skill, picking them off between the cans of creamed corn with a 100% kill ratio. This isn't some homeless bum fresh off the pavement. The whole thing stinks like last week's fish dinner.

  4. Marina

    It's unfortunate the porn guy didn't start with the porn producer. It would be harder for them to still push as they do the racist angle.
    Even here in Montreal last weekend and reports vary from a few hundreds to 3K, protests claiming anti-Asian hate that they're scared for their life ! Utter garbage, just want to jump on the victim bandwagon.

    Re Gottlieb: Check out Dr. Ewen Cameron at the Allen Memorial Hospital, CIA operation. Leonard Cohen was a patient or maybe an operative. There are strange things that occurred on the Greek Island and he suffered from depression. The official story is he went there at first for money as a student but….Lots of people had their minds fried forever.Grants from Rockefeller…. Type in cia allen memorial hospital and all sorts of things come out. Also Ewen Cameron of course. Sample:

  5. Marina

    They experimented on people as if they were cattle without any concern for them. They've done it many other times and as you noted we only only know some of them.

    Was reminded yesterday of the Deagel site and went there again. There is now a disclaimer from Sept 2020 that explains their 2025 forecast. Population decreases I calculated: US 70%, Canada 30%, Australia 40%, France 40%, UK 78 % ! Sweden 30 % along with very big decreases in purchasing power. Disclaimer is at the vey end of the list here.

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