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Back At It

Following the passage of multiple gun control bills by the House, gun violence in America magically disappeared! 

Just kidding.
Gun control is aimed at disarming the mostly White and already law abiding population feared by the oligarchs and court mandarins in Coruscant. Actual gun violence is mostly committed by a different demographic.
Twice in the middle of the night we were awakened by our phones courtesy of an Amber Alert for a 6 month old child. When I got up this morning, the alert had been cancelled but it appears her abductor who is still at large is her father, one Malik Halfacre. 

It is not just you, he does look like a discount Tiger Woods.
As it just so happens, he also apparently murdered four people in Indianapolis last night, including a different child. I assume one of the deceased is the mother of the kidnapped infant. Just a few weeks ago in Indianapolis, a different black youth, one Raymond Ronald Lee Childs III, a 17 year old, was charged in the murder of six members of his own family, his mom and dad, two siblings, a pregnant teen apparently knocked up by his brother and her unborn child. He shot another brother who survived. The shooting stemmed from an argument with his father for staying out to late, an argument most teen-aged kids have had at least once, so the obvious solution is to shoot your dad. And your mom. And your siblings. And the girl your brother knocked up. What else would you do?
Unfortunately a 17 year old cannot be sentenced to death in Indiana, a gross oversight in my state, so this charming fella is looking at the better part of 60+ years as a guest of the state.
Meanwhile in the Windy City, yet another mass shooting. 

At least 15 people shot, 2 killed in mass shooting on South Side

At least 15, but likely more as the number has been climbing all morning. No suspects at this time, go figure.
Then our old pals antifa/bLM were up to their usual shenanigans, rioting and destroying in Seattle and Portland as well as an armed march blocking traffic in Louisville to commemorate the death of Breonna Taylor, an accomplice to her drug dealing boyfriend who was shot when her criminal drug dealing boyfriend started shooting at cops. 
But please tell me more about how right-wing White supremacist domestic terrorism is the real threat and how forcing law biding gun owners to go through a background check to sell a rifle to their buddy is going to reduce gun violence.


  1. Jim Wetzel

    No, sir, I think you're mistaken. Those all look like obvious MAGA guys to me, maddened by White supremacy.

    "Gun control is aimed at disarming the mostly White and already law abiding population feared by the oligarchs and court mandarins in Coruscant."

    While I was doing something else last night, for background noise and occasional distraction, I fired up the DVD player and put in "V for Vendetta." I thought momentarily about all that razor wire around the Capitol, and all those placeholder Troops, when I heard, "People should not be afraid of their government. Governments should be afraid of their people." That prison-y perimeter around our supervisors looks better to me all the time.

  2. Anonymous

    Seems DC needs a dictionary that correctly defines the term " shall not be infringed" correctly. All they are doing is negating their ability to tax people they refuse to represent. The uncivil and immoral have taken charge

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