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Are You Getting The Picture Yet?

This is fine….

You can’t really be on the fence about this. While it is privately funded, it is being administered by the city apparently and the city government has declared that poor White people are just shit outta luck. Bootstraps for Whites, handouts for blacks and mestizos. Hopefully someone sues the city for this but that won’t change the fact that from the top on down, the government of the people, for the people and by the people no longer exists and all that remains is a criminal enterprise that punishes those who fail to comply enthusiastically enough and rewards those who do it’s bidding. This is epitomized in the Usurper Joe Biden’s “administration”. Even the most ardent partisan knows that Joe is lost as sea. There are people running the country but Joe Biden ain’t one of them.
For decades people on what passes for the Right, those calling themselves conservative or libertarian, people who hold to traditional Western values whether culturally or religiously, all have been trying desperately to not only ignore what they see right before them but to pretend that it doesn’t exist and that in fact the opposite of what they observe is true. This once great nation of Europeans who discovered, settled, conquered and who finally raised our people to the pinnacle of humanity is bleeding away into fecklessness, chaos and violence. This is happening not because we have the wrong laws but because we have changed the people. The givers are being swamped by the takers, the builders by the destroyers. 
The seemingly harmless farce we participated in where we proclaimed that our values were universal and worked regardless of the people has fallen apart and been shown to be far from harmless. Today to be part of the people who made this country is to be accused of being the worst aspect of the very society that we built while those not only had no part in building our society but at every turn have held us back are now exalted and sit in judgment of us.
If you are one of my people, heritage Americans of European descent, your own government is actively seeking your ruin and when they grow weary of simply stealing from us and haranguing us about our “crimes”, it will be a natural next step to seek our extermination. That this nation cannot exist without us is a ironclad fact that they ignore out of religious zealotry. 
All of the political squabbles, the skirmishes in the culture wars, the petty fights, all are just small skirmishes in a war for survival. There is no second place in this fight and if we lose and they prevail, we won’t get reservations or a negotiated peace. This only ends one of two ways.


  1. jl

    Sad but true. The Oakland payout doesn't surprise me much. Lots of "woke" morons (but I repeat myself) are convinced they can bribe their way into acceptance. Never. Gonna. Happen.

    I live about an hour south of Oakland, and go there a couple times a year. 95% of the city is what I'd consider feral. If you live there and are NOT a bipoclmnopxyz, you need to have your head examined. EVERYONE living there knows where the "nice" area is and that target rich environment will be a smoking crater within 36 hours once things become unchained. And consider there are several smaller cities that share borders with Oakland that are as bad or worse.

    But in the meantime the woke yuppies that got stuck there because they don't make enough to live on the other side of the bridge in San Franslummo can feel nice and smug about their great contributions to humanity. Until Tyrone and his colleagues kick their door down and have their way with them, that is. I spent two months working a construction project on the (fully occupied) Oakland County Jail pre-Silicon Valley tech revolution and it was a garbage heap of humanity back then. Anyone with tech money that chose to move there since, deserves everything they've got coming their way. Their "reparations" wont mean diddly squat when things go sideways.

    In a twisted sort of way I encourage this kind of jack-assery. It will just speed up the inevitable demise of this cancerous "culture".

  2. Arthur Sido

    The acceleration argument makes more sense every day. If things are inevitably going south, might as well speed it up while I am young enough to do something and we still have the numbers.

  3. Anonymous

    I came to the same conclusion 4 or so years ago, but I admit acceleration still seems strange, and hard to articulate to anyone who isn't already fully aware of what is happening. But I also can't find any arguments against it.

    "There is no second place in this fight… This only ends one of two ways."
    I've been saying that for years as well, but the negotiated peace part – I don't know how to express it but that seems to really drive it home. Only people with something like WWII on their mind might understand that, even if that comparison doesn't go far enough for what is coming. Too many people think they can bargain or weasel or find some way that they can be left alone.

    "The seemingly harmless farce we participated in where we proclaimed that our values were universal and worked regardless of the people has fallen apart and been shown to be far from harmless"
    I formerly tried to be a peacemaker (at least not fighting about religion with whites) but this point has indirectly brought me into conflict with every single serious christian or Science! atheist I've talked to.

  4. Arthur Sido

    The squabbles over religious preference have been the most crippling aspect of European civilization for five hundred years, perhaps more. I don't care if you worship Jesus or Odin or a tree or nothing as long as you are on our side in preserving our people.

  5. Anonymous

    I agree, and I'd go back even further in time. I just haven't found anyone who is more than nominally christian whose value system allows them to preserve our own people.

    It's like having an old friend and you've got his back, but you know that when things get tough, he doesn't really have yours.

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