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All Part Of The Plan

Gas prices continue to climb without any signs of slowing and if anything that is likely to get worse. More great news this morning, if you are an oil producer that is, but not if fuel is your biggest expense….

Fuel prices drive cost for a lot of items. That fresh fruit you like from the store when it is out of season? That has to be trucked in from somewhere warmer and higher fuel costs mean higher food costs. This is already in the works (see: Food inflation: a growing threat to us all). Rising fuel and food costs will impact those at the lower end of socio-economic spectrum the most as they typically have less wiggle room in their budget. Good news though, the energy policies being pushed in the name of former Vice-President Joe Biden should make this even worse in the coming years! See also Fuel Prices Are About to SKYROCKET. Here Are the REAL Reasons Why.

Inflation is coming. We can’t keep injecting make-believe money into the economy without it driving up prices and inflation is one of those problems that are very difficult to arrest once the ball starts rolling. The rising prices will sap buying power and this will fuel (pun intended) demands for even more “stimulus” long after the coronavirus pandemic has become old news. More money will be printed and injected into the economy, prices will keep going up, the demand for more money will continue ad infinitum

The thing is, this is part of the plan to continue to push Americans into a deeper dependence on the state. Your mission will be to find ways to avoid this by sidestepping the bogus currency marketplace, whether that is by bartering or raising your own food or operating a small business that is not tied to the global economy. 
There are plans within plans unfolding. You had better have a counter-plan of your own or you will get swept up and find yourself living in a concrete box in the city, eating bug paste. 


  1. Anonymous

    You over react. The people getting government checks, paychecks or welfare or unemployment, who sit in their suvs with the air conditioner running while people give them free food will NEVER not be able to afford things.

    It can't happen here.

    Actually, I'm too disgusted by the whole thing and those type of people to go to such places, but it would be nice to get free shit to feed to my chickens. Sadly, the ones I've seen on tv appear to have produce that is better than what is available at any store nearby.

  2. Arthur Sido

    We used to get food being thrown away from a local food pantry and fed it to pigs, you would be shocked (or maybe not) by the sheer volume of food they pitch because it is past the expiration date.

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