Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Speaking Of No One Coming To Save Us

Deep down, most of our people are reliant on one thing when it comes to protecting themselves and their family: the cops. Thin blue line, back the blue and all that. Look how many middle aged and old Whites have some sort of cop benevolent association sticker on their car. We have an instinctive trust and reliance on authority and cops are the visible symbol of social order and authority. 

That reliance is misplaced and it is dangerous.

Please don't get me wrong, I have lots of cops who are customers and some that are friends. The ones I know around here are mostly good guys, dare I say even /ourguys/. If things kick off, they are going to be shooting the same people we will be shooting.

There are also lots of them that are power tripping assholes. Cops are people and like all people there are good cops, bad cops and everything in-between. My policy is pretty simple:

I back the blue when the blue backs me.

I have no obligation to respect or be deferential to a cop who is violating my Constitutional and natural rights. Same is true for the military. Follow your oath to defend the Constitution and we are good. Start following orders that violate the Constitution and you are no different to me than an occupying force.

In general most cops want to do their jobs and go home to their family after their shift and they have an ugly, awful job that I couldn't do without going Derek Chauvin on day one. In the last few years it has become increasingly difficult to do that without putting your job and even your freedom at risk. What cop in his right mind would get tangled up in a situation where he might have to pull his sidearm and shoot an African, something that will lead to death threats for him and his family at best and might lead to him being fired or even jailed at worst? Yes it is part of the job but the job isn't to rot in prison for trying to arrest a drug addled violent felon who dies of a heart attack. 

My point being this: you can't rely on the cops to protect you or even to evenly apply the law. A recent incident got a lot of play in Portland, Oregon. 

They guy is being attacked, his property damaged and he was clearly in reasonable concern for his personal safety. The cops didn't arrest the antifa attackers, they detained the old and outnumbered White guy. They must have realized the optics were bad....
...but again their first impulse was to arrest a man who was being attacked.

Big Country Expat has a spicy take on this same subject: Question of Self Defense? 

It depends a lot on where you live. In Portland the police are so cowed that they let antifa run roughshod over the city for the last year. That situation is one of the great untold stories of 2020, a Communist militant group has been actively trying to overthrow the government and no one is doing a damn thing about it, not even the known fascist dictator Donald Trump. In other parts of the country, most of the country in fact, the cops wouldn't tolerate the antifa bullshit in the first place. Yet another reason to get out if you live somewhere unfriendly to the cause. 

The other thing to consider is that law enforcement doesn't exist to prevent crime, other than via deterrence and that isn't really working either. In the event you are being victimized by a criminal, the best case scenario is that the cops show up after the fact, get your statement and then actually find the criminal. If someone breaks into your house and you call 911, it will be several minutes before the cops arrive if you are lucky. A deranged person can do a lot of bad stuff in five minutes in a house with women and children present. Your safety and the safety of your family is your responsibility and no one else. In the world we are living in and the far worse conditions to come, you are more and more likely to have to take decisive and perhaps kinetic action. The ratio of savages to civilized is rapidly skewing in a dangerous direction and this is the time to get your head wrapped around what you might have to do to protect what is your responsibility. Here is another example courtesy of Andy Ngo, a little more black-on-Asian White supremacist violence for ya.

The New York Police Department has an entire division that is supposed to keep things under control on public transit but that didn't help this guy. Notice the feral savage wasn't content to win the "fight", he pummeled the guy repeatedly when he was down and cowering and then proceeded to choke him unconscious and finally steals his shopping bag. Allegedly the smaller Asian called the black guy a nigger, which makes perfect sense in a subway car full of blacks. Also that apparently makes it OK to brutally assault someone and choke them unconscious before robbing them. Note as well that the subway car is full of people who stood there and didn't do a damn thing when that African could have easily killed this man.

The President of the New York Policeman's Benevolent Association warned subway riders last November that the cops can't protect them:

Where is Bernie Goetz when you need him?

This is a clown world, little wonder Joker was so popular. In clown world we are all Bernie Goetz now. You can be Bernie or you can be the Asian guy getting choked out. The choice is yours. 

All of our trusted institutions are rapidly failing us and many are already turned openly against us. This will only get worse. Get to know your neighbors and examine your situation. Failing to plan is planning for failure. 

Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Never Relax And Never Forget

If you know anything today, you ought to know this:

No one is responsible for your safety and that of your family other than you.

Just you. No one else.

This is a story that is repeated so often it threatens to become background noise.

A 47 year old woman named Julie Eberly and her husband Ryan from Manheim, Pennsylvania were driving in North Carolina. Their 6 kids were at home with the grandparents and it sounds like the Eberly's were heading to the beach for a nice vacation after celebrating their anniversary. At some point they strayed too close to a 2010 Chevy, upsetting the driver who then pulled alongside the passenger side of the vehicle where Mrs. Eberly was sitting, who of course wasn't even driving, and he then proceeded to shoot into the passenger window, killing Mrs. Eberly. The police have a description of the shooter:

"The suspect operating the vehicle was described by witnesses as an African American man with dreadlocks."

The story from Newsweek gives a description of the shooter but many other news outlets I perused just described the car. Mrs. Eberly looks like anyone you might know, a middle aged White woman who was looking forward to a vacation away from her six kids but would be likely be desperately missing them before the vacation was over. Her hometown of Manheim is in Lancaster County, PA and is 96% White, probably a very nice place to live.

She was snatched away from her children because a black man in a fit of rage chose to shoot her. It reminded me of another story from last September: Wilma Hochstetler: Say Her Name. Wilma was a Mennonite woman who was robbed along with her husband who was fixing their vehicle by blacks  at gunpoint in Indianapolis. The men took their phones and had what they wanted and appeared to be leaving when the men stopped, turned around and shot Wilma and her husband Jonathan. She died and he was severely injured. As far as I can tell, the black men who murdered her for no reason have yet to be arrested. 

The lesson is stark and brutal: you can never relax when in public. 

This is especially true for those of us who live in rural or suburban areas. It can be easy to slip into complacency, assuming that because your neighbors are nice and decent people that everyone else is too but they are not. Even in nicer suburbs you can't relax as the family of 13 year old Lucia Whalen Bremer found out the hardest way possible when this young White girl was gunned down in broad daylight in what appears to be a very nice and affluent suburban neighborhood.

I grieve with the family but this wasn't a "senseless act of gun violence", as if the gun just shot her. The identity of the juvenile shooter is being withheld but the Henrico Police sent out a tweet with the description we already knew:

screenshot taken by me, 3/29/21

A 13 year old White girl with what appears to be incredible potential, murdered by a black teen like so many others while walking in her own neighborhood. A White mother of 6 on her way to the beach shot by a black man. A 59 year old White man murdered over a dollar at the fair and then spit on by two black teens and the murderer got "sentenced to a long-term juvenile behavioral modification program". A White couple, Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom, held hostage for days, sexually assaulted and murdered by a crew of blacks including a woman who participated in the torture and rape.

The names and faces blur together as wanton violence and mayhem becomes more commonplace by the day.

As I have written before in Holding Back The Tide, what we know as civil society is simply holding the savagery at bay. It is an eternal struggle....

"... civilization is the endless task of manning the bulwarks and holding back the savagery and barbarism that is humankind's natural state. There is never a moment when society can rest, either it is actively pushing back against barbarism or barbarism is encroaching on society."

We know where we are today. The barbarians are inside the gates and we let them in.

What is worse is that they no longer have any fear of us.

The savages have always hated us but once they also feared us, and for good reason. Today they still hate us but hold us in disdain. You can't really blame them, we have let them invade our nations, shit in our streets, assault us and rape our women and generally muck things up for the last half century. Today we can't even safely travel in the very cities we built without fear of feral teens trying to kill us.

They have forgotten who we are and to our shame so have we. 

At one time the little island of England ruled colonies around the world, much of Africa and the middle east, parts of north and south America, Australia and Asia. What they didn't own, some other European power did. The European powers went where they willed and took what they wanted because they could. The Africans and mestizos and Asians would have done the same if they were capable but there have never been a people who combined mastery of arms with advanced technology quite like Europeans. If you were black or brown or yellow or red, when White people showed up it meant you were about to have a bad day.

Today no one is afraid of us. Sure you get morons like LeBron James talking about being hunted by White people but he doesn't believe that or he wouldn't live in an almost all White zip code. Decades of having the natural aggression of White people stamped out of us have left our people passive and weak. Worse still we are close to being outnumbered and being weak and outnumbered is a great way to get killed on an industrial scale. That is one reason why the 2nd Amendment is so important. It is much easier to starve millions to death or ship them off to the gulag when they are unarmed.

The savages have forgotten who we are and why they feared us. Worse yet, we have forgotten. 

Never relax around them and remember who we are. It is time they start to remember as well.

Monday, March 29, 2021

Virginia Beach Update

Hey remember the mass shooting in Virginia Beach that happened just last Friday? 


Little wonder. While we are still hearing about Atlanta and Boulder, the Virginia Beach shootings are fading fast. Maybe because some arrests have been made.

Police also took three men into custody. They were identified as Ahmon Jahree Adams, 22, of Chesapeake; Nyquez Tyyon Baker, 18, of Virginia Beach; and Devon Maurice Dorsey Jr., 20, of Virginia Beach, according to WAVY.

Ahmon, Devon and Nyquez you say?

Here is Ahmon....

And here is Nyquez...

I had to go back a bit to find a booking photo of Devon from February of 2019 when he was 18 and was arrested for armed robbery with a firearm....

Two years later and he is out shooting people. Nice justice system. But in searching for Devon Maurice Dorsey Jr. I also ran across an old story from 2010 about the guy who appears to be his daddy, Devon Maurice Dorsey, also of Virginia Beach, arrested for burglary and sexual assault.

Violent crime runs in the family apparently. From what I can see, daddy Dorsey gets arrested on a regular basis for possession, possession with intent to distribute, assaulting cops, resisting arrest, etc. 

So you can see why you won't hear anymore about the Virginia Beach mass shootings but you will continue to hear speeches about a sex crazed loon in Atlanta.

Sunday, March 28, 2021

That Spin

You probably have heard about this story, two black girls ages 13 and 15 carjacked an Uber Eats driver and drove off with him entangled in the car, killing him and then wrecking the vehicle. If you missed it, here is the raw video, it is very disturbing although not really shocking...

You have to appreciate the National "Guard" helping the carjacking girls while a man dies and the black girl being distraught not because she just murdered a man but because she left her phone in the car. The car she just stole. Not the man she murdered. 

Anyway, along comes CNN and in an echo of Ilhan Omar's 911 "some people did something" language we get this....

It makes it sound like there were two separate incidents. First some girls assaulted an Uber Eats driver, oh and then there was a completely unrelated accident in which a man was "fatally injured".

"Fatally injured" is what us poor, common folk call "murdered". 

The real story is that there are a ton of young, feral teens, almost all of them black, who are carjacking and killing people all over the country but no one is talking about it because it makes them feel sad.

Some other hot takes. First from the Mayor of D.C., a little victim shaming....

The video features some cheerful corporate background music while talking about how to keep black teens from driving off in your car, sometimes with you hanging on the vehicle until you suffer a "fatal injury". Reminder that D.C. wants to be a state.

D.C. is a 68 square mile swamp with 700,000 residents and the Metropolitan Police Department of the District of Columbia has 3,800 officers, the sixth largest police force in the country even though D.C. is only the 20th largest city in America. That works out to one cop for every 184 residents and 55 cops per square mile and they still can't keep teenaged black girls from murdering people.

Then race hustler Tariq Nasheed weighs in. This is the sort of racial solidarity that blacks have and Whites don't. Even when two black girls murder a man named Mohammad Anwar, Tariq has to turn this into an issue with White people.....

Apparently blacks don't even have agency in cases like this. They didn't mean to kill him. I guess that should comfort his family. 

Our capital city with 55 cops per square mile and surrounded by some of the most expensive suburbs in America is an utter shithole when you get away from the monuments and museums. Not surprising when you consider that the city is over 50% black and that something like 8.5% of the residents of D.C. are ex-cons.

The Lügenpresse is having to work overtime to spin the news away from the reality of violent crime in America but more and more people are starting to see through it. As Ol' Remus always said, stay away from crowds and that means where possible stay away from cities. More on that in the next post.

Saturday, March 27, 2021

Spiciness Intensifying

It was a busy Friday night. I am seeing reports of at least three significant mass shootings last night.

One is getting some play in the media, at least so far, from Virginia Beach, VA:

According to reports, one of those shot and killed was shot by a cop. These kinds of chaotic shootings are getting more common in vacation spots.

Next from the City of Brotherly Love, Philadelphia, a frequent stop over the last year or so on the mass shooting tour....

Another "altercation escalating to gunfire" incident.

Finally to the old standby Chicago...

One dead, seven wounded. Combining these the three shootings and you get 22 people wounded and only 3 killed, one by a cop. That level of accuracy points to a diverse set of shooters. In general it has been a pretty busy week in Chicongo according to Hey Jackass!....

Same source reports that there have been 690 people shot and wounded so far in 2021, less than a full three months into the year, and 132 shot and killed so Chicago is averaging a little over a murder and a half per day in the winter and over 8 people shot per day.

Number of shootings prevented by strict gun control laws: zero.

Oligarchs Gonna Oligarch


By the standards of sheer hubris, this rivals anything that Narcissist-In-Chief Obama managed. 

If you are keeping score at home:

1. Lizzie "Heap Big Liar" Warren just freely admitted that the U.S. Senate doesn't actually craft the tax laws, corporate lawyers and lobbyists do. Now we all knew that already but her admitting it publicly is pretty bold. I don't expect a corporation (or individual) to pay one more red cent than they are required to by law but if the problem is that lobbyists are writing the tax laws, maybe someone who is a United States Senator should do something about that?

2. Ms. Warren seems to think that only powerful people have the right to "heckle" aka "respond back to" United State Senators. She accused Amazon of paying "close to nothing in taxes". The rep from Amazon replied back with a little spice but factually in reporting that Amazon does indeed pay the taxes they owe based on the tax laws. She flew into a white hot rage at the audacity of a peasant speaking to her. What a pompous bitch. 

These are the people who rule over us, small and petty people who shouldn't be running a toll booth, much less the United States.

Oh, here is a bonus dumb tweet from the Secretary of Transportation, a man with an unhealthy obsession with train tunnels, Pete Bootygag:

Do you know why deer, squirrels and racoons get hit on the road? Because they are standing in the fucking road. Do you know why Indians and blacks get hit on the road? Same reason. Has Buttplug considered asking blacks and Indians to stay out of the road?

Friday, March 26, 2021

Are You Getting The Picture Yet?

This is fine....

You can't really be on the fence about this. While it is privately funded, it is being administered by the city apparently and the city government has declared that poor White people are just shit outta luck. Bootstraps for Whites, handouts for blacks and mestizos. Hopefully someone sues the city for this but that won't change the fact that from the top on down, the government of the people, for the people and by the people no longer exists and all that remains is a criminal enterprise that punishes those who fail to comply enthusiastically enough and rewards those who do it's bidding. This is epitomized in the Usurper Joe Biden's "administration". Even the most ardent partisan knows that Joe is lost as sea. There are people running the country but Joe Biden ain't one of them.

For decades people on what passes for the Right, those calling themselves conservative or libertarian, people who hold to traditional Western values whether culturally or religiously, all have been trying desperately to not only ignore what they see right before them but to pretend that it doesn't exist and that in fact the opposite of what they observe is true. This once great nation of Europeans who discovered, settled, conquered and who finally raised our people to the pinnacle of humanity is bleeding away into fecklessness, chaos and violence. This is happening not because we have the wrong laws but because we have changed the people. The givers are being swamped by the takers, the builders by the destroyers. 

The seemingly harmless farce we participated in where we proclaimed that our values were universal and worked regardless of the people has fallen apart and been shown to be far from harmless. Today to be part of the people who made this country is to be accused of being the worst aspect of the very society that we built while those not only had no part in building our society but at every turn have held us back are now exalted and sit in judgment of us.

If you are one of my people, heritage Americans of European descent, your own government is actively seeking your ruin and when they grow weary of simply stealing from us and haranguing us about our "crimes", it will be a natural next step to seek our extermination. That this nation cannot exist without us is a ironclad fact that they ignore out of religious zealotry. 

All of the political squabbles, the skirmishes in the culture wars, the petty fights, all are just small skirmishes in a war for survival. There is no second place in this fight and if we lose and they prevail, we won't get reservations or a negotiated peace. This only ends one of two ways.

Thursday, March 25, 2021

What Double Standard?

Just gonna share this one:

RWTW but the tl;dr is that in 2018 Hunter Biden was banging his dead brother's widow, she found a gun in his truck and dumped it in a trash bin, she went back later to get it and it was gone. It turned back up eventually but in the meantime the freaking Secret Service went to the gun dealer and asked for the paperwork from the sale to Hunter Biden to cover up that he owned the gun in case it was used in a crime later and the gun store owner refused (rightly so). The ATF and FBI got involved. Also it turns out that Hunter Biden lied on the 4473 when he bought the gun and that is a felony but of course nothing is going to happen to him.

We live in a two world and the rules don't apply to people like Hunter Biden.

New Gun Laws Will Totally Fix Things!

As the nation fixates on the Syrian mass shooter in Boulder and the sex addled mass shooter in Atlanta, the usual culprits in the hundreds of mass shootings a year haven't slowed down at all. Case in point:

The man in question is yet another White supremacist domestic terrorist...

He has a traditional Welsh name, Jonathan La’Cory Terrell Rogers, and as is so often the case the sequence of events is as follows: 

- large gathering of Africans
- drink is flowing
- an argument breaks out
- one of the Africans pulls a gun and starts blazing away
- random bystander is killed

In particular a 21 year old woman named Daisy Navarrete was killed and seven others were wounded, ranging in age from 18 to 46. No word if any of those wounded was the intended target of Mr. Rogers. The shooting took place at the Pryme Bar in Dallas. As you can see, it has a very....diverse clientele. 

Anyway, the accused shooter from the not-so-friendly neighborhood, Mr. Rogers, is a fine and upstanding young man with a bright future. At least if you ignore that at 21 he is wanted for murder and seven other shootings and also if you don't notice something else:

Rogers has previously been arrested in multiple shootings in Louisiana, according to media reports.

In April 2019, he was jailed on an attempted-murder charge in connection with a shooting at a Shreveport mobile-home park that left four youths, ages 11 to 19, wounded, the Shreveport Times reported.

Two months earlier, he was arrested on one count of murder in the slaying of a motorist in Shreveport the previous December, CBS affiliate KSLA reported. In that case, 24-year-old Tevin Washington was shot in the head while driving, authorities said.

So let's do the math here. A 21 year old black man was jailed in 2019 for attempted murder in a shooting of four "youths", which qualifies as a mass shooting, one of the youths being only 11.

Just two months prior he was arrested for murder for shooting someone in the head.

Why isn't he in jail?

Arrested twice for serious violent crimes over the span of two months in 2019 and yet here we are less than two years later and he is shooting 8 more people in Texas and as of this morning he is on the run. How exactly does someone with multiple arrests for serious violent felonies end up at a nightclub with a gun? At a minimum this guy has shot 13 people in a little over two years, killing two of them, and that is just the people we know about. He has also broken who knows how many laws other than attempted murder and actual murder.

Jonathan La’Cory Terrell Rogers is the face of gun violence and mass shootings in America: a young black man with a lengthy criminal history who should have been jailed forever a long time ago but it still on the streets committing violence using an almost certainly illegally obtained firearm. His story is familiar to anyone paying attention and the lack of attention it is receiving relative to the two recent high profile shootings is also commonplace. According to the Gun Violence Archive there have already been 106 mass shootings in America in 2021 in spite of bitter cold weather for most of February but you have likely only heard of a handful of these shootings. With temperatures warming up the number of mass shootings is only going to rise and people like Jonathan La’Cory Terrell Rogers are going to be the shooter in virtually all of those shootings.

What would the proposals being pushed by former Vice President Joe Biden do to reduce gun violence?

Absolutely nothing.

What would reduce gun violence levels?

Maybe not allowing people arrested for two different violent crimes, including a murder, wander around our nation where they can commit even more violent crimes.

Mr. Rogers should be in jail awaiting trial on these two crimes and if found guilty of the murder he should be swiftly and publicly put to death. For shooting four teens he should spend the rest of his life in prison doing hard labor. Whatever the specifics he shouldn't be on the streets, buying illegal firearms and shooting up nightclubs. 

We don't have a gun violence problem in America, we have a problem with violent young black men who respond to every conflict by spraying gunfire into crowds and we have a problem with violent felons being on the street where they can commit more crimes. 

Bring back the gallows and let people like this swing in public for everyone to see. Perhaps that would discourage the next La'Yummytummy from blazing away because someone stepped on his foot or wore the same outfit to a hookah lounge.

More laws restricting legal gun ownership won't reduce mass shootings and gun violence but they never were intended to do so in the first place. The government doesn't want to control crime. It wants to control you.

Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Braces Back On The Chopping Block

Yesterday I said that I wouldn't be surprised to see executive action on pistol braces and this guy agrees that is likely coming....

As I said late last year in A Brief Respite On Pistol Braces...

They ATF quit on this awfully easily. That makes me suspect the whole thing was a trial run and that once Biden is in office, he will issue an executive order of some sort and armed with that order the ATF will go back and try this same scheme over but for real this time.

Pistol braces are low hanging fruit and will absolutely be on the chopping block, especially if the Democrats repeat their success in stealing the 2020 general election via widespread fraud and taking the Georgia Senate seats. Enjoy the win while you can but don't think for a second this is anything other than a temporary reprieve. 

A lot of people on the 2A side were cheering our big "victory" but I don't think the ATF planned on doing it for real until 2021 in the first place and now with The Usurper in office there is nothing to stop them and plenty to encourage them.

There is nothing more lethal about AR pistols with braces versus a rifle with a stock, other than being slightly shorter and maybe easier to conceal but the Muslim shooter in Boulder just walked in and started shooting so it wouldn't have made any difference.

Oh, and everyone he shot was White but no hate crime here: Hate Crime? All 10 Victims of Boulder Shooting Suspect Ahmad Al-Issa Are White

Anyway, get your AR/AK pistols while you can boyz.

Watch Out For That Rake

The other bit of news that is being overshadowed by the mass shooting in Boulder is the disaster at the border. This has led to a great deal of glee from Republicans who see this as a chance to score political points off of the Usurper. 

As is always the case, we are about to see conservatives steps right on the rake and get smacked in the face.

The GOP are the Sideshow Bob's of American politics. 

Everyone can see the border is a disaster with untold thousands of "kids", many who are late teens or not teens at all, being housed in detention facilities meant to hold far fewer people. So the conservatives are playing gotcha! with Biden's people, thinking they are scoring some big victory.

They aren't and it will backfire on them. Watch as they collectively trip on their own dicks here.

So we have a "crisis" on the border and them poor li'l babies, as Kneepads called them, are being housed in giant plastic hamster cages and sleeping on the floor. Everyone agrees this is bad. Everyone also knows that Biden is in the White House and Democrats control both chambers of Congress. What are we going to do about this worsening problem?


What we should do is put these "kids" on busses, take them back to Mexico and make them deal with the problem and if they don't like it, we can shut down the border for commerce and bleed the Mexican economy until they relent. Of course we won't because we are pussies and if we couldn't get that done with Trump and a Republican majority in both chambers, we sure as hell aren't getting it done now.

What likely will happen is two-fold.

First, the American people will get to foot the bill for building enormous holding facilities on the border complete with medical care and schools. These will become de facto permanent housing for these poor li'l babies until they turn 18 and get cut loose and/or are offered citizenship for their "suffering".

Second, a bunch of these minors will get sent into the interior of the country to stay with "relatives" who may or may not be related, something we can't prove either way, and will then get dumped into our school systems. A bunch of poorly socialized, third world kids who don't speak English and likely have a minimal education if any. That means extra teachers and huge expense. When they become adults, they will be completely unprepared for anything other than the most menial of labor and will add nothing of value to America but as they hit sexual maturity and start popping out babies, those babies will magically become "American" by virtue of being born inside our borders.

Huge cities of migrant kids on the southern border requiring endless upkeep, food, medicine, education and of course a significant security force to keep little Jose from raping little Lupita. Tens of thousands of loose migrant kids wandering the interior of the country with no way to track them. More anchor babies. It will cost billions but Republicans can't say no because won't someone think about their children?

How is this a win for Republicans? Democrats don't care about a little bad press, their goal is to get as many brown people over the border as possible leading up to a general amnesty and path to citizenship. Republicans won't get anything in return except some vague promises of enhanced border security than everyone knows will never happen. They are going to get outmaneuvered again and most of them don't even realize it, and the ones who do realize it don't care because they are beholden to the cheap labor lobby anyway.

Watch and see if I am not right. Again. 

Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Lemons --->> Lemonade

You know that the oligarchs were deeply disappointed to hear that the Boulder shooter was a balding, 21 year old Muslim from Syria named Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa who didn't like Trump.

That simply won't do at all. But leave it to sunny Joe and his valiant team of mandarins! 

What could he do?

Lots of stuff, although not banning "assault weapons"....

Alan Gottlieb, founder of the Second Amendment Foundation, said that Biden could use the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) to tighten regulations. "What we’re expecting him to do is anything with foreign commerce -- if the firearm is being imported in or magazine or ammo is being imported in -- he could by executive order try to do something in that nature," Gottlieb said. 

Gun control advocates, meanwhile, are calling on the White House to take executive action to expand the background check system by redefining who is in the business of selling guns. They say they want to see the administration reclassify what is considered a gun in an effort to shut down the "ghost gun" market. Ghost guns are not subject to serial numbers or background checks because they are assembled from kits that include one unfinished piece, typically the receiver.

So called 80% receivers are probably going to get the hammer soon and expect to see AR/AK pistols reclassified as short-barreled rifles subject to the additional NFA regulations. Likewise he has some power over imported firearms, so I hope you have that Arsenal AK you wanted already.

Just wait until the real false flag happens and it is probably coming soon.

Meanwhile Big Country Expat is doing solid work on this whole shooting, here is the latest as of this post: Analysis of The Current Black Flag Op

Ah That Explains It

Boulder, Colo. Police officials updated the public regarding Monday’s mass shooting at the King Soopers grocery store that left 10 people dead, including the first police officer to arrive on the scene, revealing they have charged the suspect with 10 counts of first-degree murder. 

Police identified the suspect as Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa, a 21-year-old Arvada, Colorado man, though his motive for the attack was not specified at this time.

Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa?!

Fire up the memory hole!

Look for the same people who said last week that the shooting of Atlanta area massage parlors was proof that White men are dangerous to now screech that we can't judge all Muslims by the actions of one man.

All Shootings Are Equal But Some Are More Equal Than Others

While the nation fixates on the mass shooting in Boulder, no one seems to care about this:

The reasons for the difference in coverage is obvious...

1. There was more than one shooter and more than one incident in Chicago versus a single shooter in Boulder.

2. Mass shootings are common in Chicago, rare in Boulder.

3. The shooter in Boulder was apparently White, the shooters in Chicago were certainly black.

4. The White guy, as is usually the case, killed everyone he shot apparently while the brothers up in Chitown only achieved a 20% kill ratio. That is what happens when you randomly spray 9mm into a crowd holding a stolen handgun sideways (or over your head)

But I am sure there is a perfectly innocent explanation for why the media doesn't care about blacks shooting other blacks.

Building Up To The Big Finish

Just last week we had sex addict Robert Aaron Long's shooting rampage in Atlanta and within hours we had pictures of the guy and his whole life story. Last night a new guy showed up at a King Soopers grocery store in Boulder, Colorado and shot and killed at least ten people. No name, no information on the guy, just a picture of him walking out of the store in cuffs in his boxers. According to witnesses, he didn't say anything before he started shooting. The place looks like the town in First Blood after Rambo shot it up with an M60.


The media is all over this, our local news in Fort Wayne even has it on the top of their webpage and you can be sure that one of the statement monkeys in the White House will put out a tweet from Joe shortly after sun-up expressing outrage and calling for gun control. 

This guy seems completely random. The sex addict guy at least made some sense, he was addicted to porn and hookers so he decided to shoot up some rub-n-tug joints and was on his way to do the same to a porn producer. Crazy as a hell but at least it makes sense. What reason would you have to randomly shoot up a grocery store? It can't be politically motivated, if I wanted to make a political statement there are thousands of soft targets that would make more sense. So either this is another of Big Country Expat's loons that slipped the leash early or this was a trial run to practice the law enforcement and media reaction. Also of note, Biden falling up a staircase three times suddenly is gone from the news. Curious. 

Not coincidentally I have been slowly working through a relevant book: Poisoner in Chief: Sidney Gottlieb and the CIA Search for Mind Control looking back at Sidney Gottlieb, a CIA guy who was obsessed with poisoning and was instrumental in the attempts to perfect mind control, including being the head the MKUltra program. I'll save you the trouble of looking up Gottlieb's background, yes he was. Anyway, the CIA and the U.S. government in general was into some pretty sketchy stuff way back in the 1950s and the experiments were as bad as what you hear about the Nazis doing. The difference is that the Holocaust-Industrial Complex controls Hollywood so you only hear about the Germans doing this crap.

If the government was doing experiments in mind control back in the 50s, do you think they stopped? Or is it more likely they kept on doing it and have been perfecting the process?

You already know that answer.

Monday, March 22, 2021

Another Nutjob Off the Leash?

Another shooter, this time in a supermarket in Boulder, Colorado and it appears to be a White guy again....

Is it a coincidence that we have three shootings with White guys this close together when statistically they are very rare?

I think you know the answer. We will see what the news is reporting in the morning.

Sunday, March 21, 2021

Solid Gold Truth


Mental Illness Is Not A Hate Crime

The New York Times uncharacteristically provides some much needed context to the shootings at Atlanta area "massage parlors", aka "rub and tug joints run by Asians": Atlanta Shootings Live Updates: Suspect Had Visited Targeted Spas Before, Police Say

Screenshot of the article in case they memory hole it later:

Here are some critical passages from the article:

The police said the suspect had previously been a customer of at least two of the businesses where eight people were killed. 

Robert Aaron Long apparently didn't hate Asians enough to stop getting sex from Asian women but even still it doesn't sound like he had yellow fever so much as he frequented these places because of the ease of getting his taffy pulled.

Mr. Long, who is white, said he had targeted the spas because he wanted to remove a “temptation,” the authorities have said. A former roommate of his at a halfway house said Mr. Long had tried to stop acting on his sexual desires as recently as 2020 but had continued going to massage parlors for sex.

The motivation for the killing, deranged as it sounds, was to eliminate these sources of temptation as he saw them, not because the businesses were run by Asians but because the businesses were places someone like Long could go to pay for sexual gratification. I assume that a similar business run by Whites would have been just as appealing to Long or perhaps even more so but this particular business model seems to be confined mostly to Asians.

The authorities said he had been heading to Florida to commit similar violence at a business tied to the “porn industry.”

It is a safe bet that the porn business he was headed to was not run by Asians but more likely was run by Whites or Jews. Again this supports the belief that his motivation was not race based but rather his anger and violence was directed against the sex industry.

He said that Mr. Long had told the roommates, all of whom struggled with a form of addiction, that he had gone to spas run by people of Asian descent, and that other roommates in the halfway house asked him several times if that was intentional. He said he had chosen the businesses not because of the employees’ race, but because he thought the spas were safer than paying for sex elsewhere.

These are statements from people who knew Long prior to the shooting that confirm that he didn't frequent these establishments because of the race of the employees but rather the easy and apparently "safer" access they provided.

Taken together, this tells us:

A) There is ample evidence from multiple sources that Robert Aaron Long was motivated by a desire to inflict harm/remove temptation from purveyors of sex-related services. 

and also...

B) There is absolutely no evidence whatsoever that the attacks were racially motivated and/or a "hate crime"

That hasn't stopped the Usurper and his Whore from talking about anti-Asian hate crimes in reference to this incident without once mentioning that blacks are far more likely than Whites to commit acts of violence against Asians. Nor has it troubled the editors of the reliably revolting Washington Post from allowing pieces like this to run:

The people terrorizing Asians in America look a lot more like Jonathan Capehart than they look like me. Capehart isn't much of a writer but even he knows that the facts are against him, leading him to close with this nonsense....

We must not be cowed by the terror unleashed by White men drowning in the deep end of racism, xenophobia and misogyny. We must not be cowed by those who want to change the subject or lay blame elsewhere. And we must not let Asian Americans think for one minute they are alone. We’re in this fight together.

Lay the blame elsewhere? Like on the people who are committing the most violence against Asians, Capehart's fellow blacks?

Robert Aaron Long is a deeply disturbed, mentally ill young man. He was never able to get the help he needed, and perhaps there isn't much that could have helped him. He committed a heinous crime, and even if the people murdered were involved in sex trafficking and prostitution he still shouldn't have killed them. He ought to be put to death. But another crime is being committed in the aftermath, one that is not only never punished in America but often applauded, the crime of slandering White people.

The Asian community in America has been crying out for justice as the attacks on their community from mostly black assailants has increased in 2021 and no one seemed to care, not until a politically useful incident that wasn't even driven by race caught the media's eye. The Asian community should call out this double standard instead of sitting by mutely while their suffering is exploited for the purpose of anti-White propaganda.

This Was Always The Plan

Did you really think the sudden "border crisis" was a sign of mismanagement by the Biden administration? Come on. The plan has always been to flood the country, create a crisis at the border and use that as a pretext to release unlimited numbers of illegal aliens into the interior of the country. As the amnesty process moves slowly through Congress, the number of illegal mestizos swells and they end up in red states like Montana with government subsidies. Then with the stroke of a pen they are given amnesty, an easy path to citizenship and suddenly lightly populated states that usually vote Republican have tens of thousands of reliable Democrat votes.

Look at Montana in 2020...

Trump beat Biden by a whopping percentage but in terms of actual votes? Not so much, he only won by a margin of 98,816. More important than Montana's 3 electoral college votes are their two Senators, the same as Texas and California.

Daines won re-election by only 60,711 votes. Imagine the difference 50,000 new "Americans" could make in a Senate race without Trump at the top of the ticket. 

Don't allow yourself to get caught up in the political theater. Democrats defend Biden, Republicans denounce Biden, Biden falls down and poops his pants but behind the scenes this is all being planned out. As usual "conservatives" are impotently fighting whack-a-mole battles with the outrage du jour while the deep Left is working strategically to ensure that the victories they just won are permanent. 

This isn't a political fight, this is an existential fight against a slow moving genocide against our people.

Saturday, March 20, 2021

Good info

If you live out in the country, your water likely comes from a well and your well pump only works if you have electricity. So if the power goes out and you don't have a way to run the water. There are other alternatives but what is described here is a good, low tech way to get water in a pump. We are going to check it out and build one of our own.

Murder Among The Mormons

Due to the nature of my work, I often find myself parked for extended times with little to do but wait. I usually fill this time either reading or watching a downloaded video and this last week I watched the three episode Netflix series "Murder Among The Mormons". 

MATM focuses on two murders committed by Mark Hoffman, a purported dealer in rare mormon documents. He managed to hoodwink a bunch of people as he turned out to be a master at forgery, and his most successful scams involved the mormon church of which he was a member. As his scams began to unravel, Mark murdered a couple of people to throw investigators off his scent and ended up blowing himself up, badly injuring himself but surviving. The whole sordid affair gave black eyes to lots of government agencies, document experts and especially the mormon church. Hoffman eventually admitted to the murders in a series of jailhouse interviews, chilling for the casual attitude he had and absolute lack of remorse for the murder of two people for no reason other than to cover his tracks. He has a soft, almost effeminate voice and manner that belies the fact he is a murderer. 

Of all of the significant religions in the U.S., the mormons are especially vulnerable to this sort of scam. Mormonism was birthed fairly recent in the United States and the whole history of the cult is centered in a path from upstate New York to Salt Lake City, Utah. That means that unlike religions like Islam or Christianity, faiths that stretch back over 1000 years and were birthed in the Middle East, mormonism is all from the U.S. and their historical documents and artifacts are right here in the U.S., many still in existence and often embarrassing to the mormon church. The so-called "Book Of Abraham", part of the mormon canon, is especially embarrassing (see: The Book of Abraham Papyri and Joseph Smith). Also there is the issue of claiming to have "prophets" who clearly lack any sort of prophetic ability, thus making the church prone to snatching up the Hoffman documents in order to suppress them. The worst of the lot were the Salamander Letters which purported to give an alternate account of how Joseph Smith "found" the golden plates that became the Book of Mormon. While there have been a number of alternate versions of the discovery, the current official account is that Smith was led to the plates by an angel named Moroni. The Salamander Letters substituted the angel Moroni with a white salamander. That is a less credible story for young missionaries to tell prospective members so it was memory holed 1980s style: purchased by the mormon church and locked away.

I was of mixed feelings about the mini-series. On the one hand, I am suspicious of any obvious attempts to slander a conservative religion by the mass media. But I also have an equally deep suspicion of organized religion, and mormonism epitomizes everything wrong with organized religion. Not to mention our own personal experience in this cult, an experience that left me with a deep revulsion for all things mormon. Still it raised some interesting questions, and not just about the mormon church.

One person interviewed, Shannon Flynn, paraphrased something he said Hoffman believed, something very profound about the nature of belief.

"Mark said something that will give everyone pause. Because essentially, he said, if something seems to be true and becomes accepted as true, it becomes true."

Mormonism relies heavily on this. As long as you believe the story and don't ask the wrong kind of questions, mormonism becomes true despite the glaring problems. But the whole thing is a house of cards and once you pull a little on one card, the whole thing falls down. It is easy to point at mormonism and level this charge because it is so ludicrous. 

But what about other religions? In retrospect, I was a very devout and zealous believer in Christianity but it seems that mostly my belief was because I wanted to believe. I wanted it to be true and so it was. Sure it was all based on a book that contains zero direct writings from the people who are attributed as the authors and talks about a loving God who intentionally created billions of people who were headed for an eternity of unspeakable pain and suffering but I wanted it to be true and therefore it was true. There is a reason that so many people in the Christian church are more interested in arguing over points of theology with each other rather than engaging the work of apologetics or evangelism. Look at someone like Ravi Zacharias. He was a dynamite speaker, passionate and intelligent. He would engage unbelievers winsomely and convincingly. He was also apparently sexually abusing who knows how many of hundreds of women, and apparently owned several "day spas", aka massage parlors in the Atlanta area. Did he believe what he was preaching while behaving in a way contrary to those teachings? Who knows but he certainly sounded convincing. 

Ultimately the mormon church was able to be hoodwinked because like all institutions, sacred and secular, their main concern is staying in business. The letters Hoffman purported to have found were damaging to the church so they bought them to bury them. Anything to keep the hustle alive. They are far from alone in this. The Catholic church shuffled abusive priests around for decades or longer, knowing they were raping children, yet they were more concerned with saving face than protecting children. In the evangelical church in America, there is a stampede to embrace critical race theory and perform oblations to the race hustlers to avoid being "cancelled". Corporations will suck up to any group they have to in order to sell more product, whether homos or trannies or racial minorities.

There are some important lessons to be learned here about the nature of institutions, the human condition and in what we believe and why we believe it.

Meme Of The Millennium

Absolute truth.

Friday, March 19, 2021

This Is Fine

Really, how many of the most powerful people in the world can navigate a staircase when it is breezy? That is asking an awful lot from someone just because he has the launch codes for thousands of nukes.

In all seriousness, someone who accidently tripped would wave and laugh it off, Joe was just desperate to get in the plane before he fell again and/or pooped his pants.

Thursday, March 18, 2021

The Biden Economic Miracle!

How it started....

How it's going....

Another Nutcase Triggered Too Soon

I am starting to really get on board with Big Country Expat's theory that there are sleepers primed for a false flag shooting who are setting off prematurely. Here is another one...

The key here "was in possession". According to the Seattle Times, the gun and "unregistered ammo" were in his car. 

While the Secret Service detained Murray, officers from Washington’s Metropolitan Police Department tracked down his car, where they found a rifle and ammunition. The Secret Service then turned Murray over to the police.

It wasn't like he was setting up outside of the "official residence" for a shooting.

Also worth noting, Kneepads wasn't at the residence and hasn't even moved into the Naval Observatory in the first place. Not to mention this guy was a nutjob...

An intelligence bulletin from Texas had warned law enforcement about Murray, officials said. Murray’s mother had also warned the police that her son was in Washington, authorities said.

A 31 year old dude, Paul Murray, already known to law enforcement, and his mom dropped a dime on him. I am sure he is mentally stable. I am also sure this will be used to justify keeping the National Guard in D.C.

We are getting closer, this guy had the right weapon but clearly was off his meds....

An Important Reminder

In the wake of the mass shooting/mass murder events in Atlanta, the usual suspects are coming out of the woodwork to work their hustle. For example we see this from White liberals flavor of the day black "intellectual" Ibram X. Kendi

Pretty standard fare from him, the same word salad that he thinks sounds super smart but isn't fooling anyone but the White lefties who buy his books. I assume deep down even they know he isn't really all that bright, more that he is kind of clever like Obama and following him on social media gives White libs street cred with other White libs. 

Of course this isn't accurate at all. Table 14 of the 2018 Bureau of Justice Statistics Criminal Victimization report paints a very different picture:

Over 27% of the violent incidents against Asians in 2018 were committed by blacks. I would guess a significant portion of the 14% listed as "Other" were at least partly black. By contrast Whites committed 24.1% of the violent incidents, the same percentage as Asians themselves even though Whites are 62% of the population while blacks are around 12-13% of the population. In fact blacks commit crimes against Asians far out of proportion to their attacks on Whites and mestizos, I suspect because Asians are generally smaller and are more appealing as targets. Some may also be the tendency for Asians and blacks to overlap in urban areas.

Facts are White supremacy I guess.

This is part of the broader pattern of interracial violence and the general patterns of violent crime and race. Here is the oft quoted Table 12 from that same report.

Whites are significantly less likely to commit "violent incidents" and slightly more likely to be the victims, while blacks are dramatically more likely to commit violent incidents and oddly enough slightly less likely to be victims. With a population of around 33 million and a little over 1 million acts of violence per year, that means that about 3% of blacks commit a reported violent incident in a given year. Whites are less than half as likely to commit a violent incident. A violent incident could be anything from assault or rape to domestic violence or a fight in a bar. 

Meanwhile also contrary to the media narrative, the sort of mass shooting leading to mass murder that Robert Aaron Long is accused of is very rare among Whites, despite Whites being 2/3 of the population and widely panned for our love of firearms. From Steve Sailer....

Whites just don't commit mass murders or mass shootings all that often. Meanwhile there is a mass shooting every weekend in one or more major Americans cities committed by black shooters.

Be sure to point this out to anyone who claims that the shooting of Asian women at Atlanta area massage parlors is part of a wider pattern. The opposite is true, White men committing mass murder is so rare as to be noteworthy while mass shootings by blacks is commonplace, as are attacks by blacks on Asians.

Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Singing Like A Bird

The Atlanta massage parlor shootings are setting a record for resolution. The alleged shooter Robert Aaron Long apparently already fessed up to the crimes and claims he was driven by a "sex addiction" and not racial animosity. 

Police officials said the investigation is ongoing, but the events were not believed to have been racially motivated. Instead, they believe Long opened fire because he saw the locations as "an outlet for him" to succumb to purported sex-addiction temptations, Cherokee County Sheriff's Office Capt. Jay Baker said during a news conference.

"He apparently has an issue, what he considers a sex addiction, and sees these locations as .... a temptation for him that he wanted to eliminate," Baker said. 

Well that is plenty weird and opens him to charges of being an incel by people who don't know what that term means. That hasn't stopped Barack Obama from turning this into a race issue and demanding more gun control.....

The Great Uniter! No mention of the fact that the vast majority of violence against Asians comes from his fellow blaque pypo

On the other hand, he apparently used a generic 9mm handgun, lending support to the idea that this was just a dry run by a loon who definitely was not being influenced into taking violent action by Feds online.

This is either the best police work ever or this guy is a patsy with the case being wrapped up with a bow in less than 24 hours.